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A second chance for golden voiced homeless man

This story has created a stir across the Internet and now many broadcast outlets:

A YouTube video of Ted Williams, a homeless Columbus, Ohio, man with a golden radio voice, has gone viral over the last two days. Williams has exploded into an overnight sensation. And a possible sports announcer.

He's been offered a job by the Cleveland Cavaliers. NFL Films reached out to the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, which profiled Williams, to hire him for voiceover work, says NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

NBC's Today Show, ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live and MTV are calling for interviews with 53-year Brooklyn native. By midday Wednesday, Williams had himself an agent who was fielding an avalanche of job offers and media requests.


The video that started it all was filmed next to a Columbus freeway as Williams panhandled for money with a hand-written sign (right). In the video, he says he has a background in radio but fell on hard times due to drug and alcohol problems.

The video (with 11 million views in less than 3 days to date) follows:

Let's hope the man has learned from his mistakes and will not succumb to them again.


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Comments (4)

I was glad to see that he g... (Below threshold)
James H:

I was glad to see that he got a job. And he does have a great radio voice.

Novelist F. Scott Fitzgeral... (Below threshold)

Novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald declared: "There are no second acts in American lives." I hope Mr. Williams will use his second chance at a decent life to prove Fitzgerald wrong. His voice would be a wonderful addition to any production.

That's the American spirit ... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

That's the American spirit in a nutshell!.

I would buy an audio bible ... (Below threshold)

I would buy an audio bible read by him.






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