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Almost Famous

I had an interesting day at The Day Job the other day. I met a couple of interesting folks. First, I had a nice chat with Gary Falwell. A couple of hours later, Bill Martin.

A few years ago, I got to chat with Malcolm Forbes.

No, not THOSE people. Just folks who, by quirk of fate or perverse parents, were saddled with the names (or almost-names) of famous people.

I've also had the opportunity to meet a few real celebrities. For example, John O'Hurley is tall and seems to be a genuine nice guy, with a very attractive wife. And Dan Butler? Shorter than you'd think, as well as very soft-spoken and thoughtful. Also a nice guy.

At least, during my brief dealings with them.

I got to spend a bit more time with the lovely ladies of the band Raining Jane, who gave me a copy of their CD. They're pretty talented, as well as also being pretty damned cool.

But as fun as it is to brag about meeting famous folks, I think it's more fun to "collect" the almost-famous. It must be interesting, to go through life with a celebrity namesake (or near-namesake). It obviously has its annoying things, but I'd like to think that the bennies and the sheer fun could outweigh it.

It certainly would beat having an awkward name. I once met a guy whose last name was "Virgin." Personally, I'd either change it, or run with it. "Hi, I'm a Virgin, and I'll be one 'til the day I die. This is my sister. She'll be a Virgin until the day she gets married. This is my father; he's a Virgin too. And this is my mother; she wasn't a Virgin, until she met my dad."


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As a teen, I hunted with Ro... (Below threshold)
Don L:

As a teen, I hunted with Roy Rogers who never shot a six gun or owned a palimino horse named trigger. Boy could he hit a bouncing cottontail with an open-sighted .22 cal.rifle.

One of the toughest guys I'... (Below threshold)
Don L:

One of the toughest guys I've met was a neighboring farm boss whose name was Pleasant Valentine.

Three very good friends of ... (Below threshold)

Three very good friends of mine like to play golf together. Although calling in to set a tee time can be a tough exercize for them as they're never taken seriously and when they arrive, they find that no tee-time was ever reserved for them.

Their names are Richard Petty, John Wayne and Rod Stewart

Went thru basic training wi... (Below threshold)

Went thru basic training with a guy who's name was Major. The DI's where all over him from day one.

Hmm, I talk on the phone a ... (Below threshold)

Hmm, I talk on the phone a LOT, its my job.

I've talked to the son's, daughters, grandchildren of more historically famous people than you could shake a stick at. Not so many celebrities although there have been a few and everyone was genuinely delighted and pleasant to speak with when I asked if they were somehow related to the name they had.

I work with James Bond and ... (Below threshold)

I work with James Bond and we jokingly refer to him as "007" when he's not around. He was born before the 007 movies came out and had the unenviable luck to be going through elementary and secondary school during the 60's and early 70's. He now prefers to be called Jim Bond, instead of his given "famous" name.

We also used to have a Patty Hearst and Charlie Chan working here, but they're now gone.






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