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I thought about posting this later, but things are getting busy and I may not have time.  Not that it matters to most people, but I will be out of the USA and waaaaaaaay off in a rural land in North Asia starting the middle of next week and going on for a while.

Think "Gilligan's Island" set in Asia, except there's no rich people, no good-looking women, and no comedy plot.  Or maybe the "冷的山 Hillbillies", but there's no Elle May or Mr. Dreysdale.  Anyway, it will be rural, remote, and boring, so I will not be able to blog about it and even if I could, no one here would have any interest in it.  And Kevin would not take kindly to me chasing off the readers.   

Assuming I stay out of trouble, I should be back by the end of the month.




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No worries DJ, don't forget... (Below threshold)

No worries DJ, don't forget Barry and Hillary! have your back!

Er.........scrub that!

Make sure the musk ox has b... (Below threshold)

Make sure the musk ox has been broiled or pan fried.

Stay safe, and br... (Below threshold)

Stay safe, and bring some good stories back.

Make sure there are no dog ... (Below threshold)

Make sure there are no dog bones in the soup.

What irongrampa said. And h... (Below threshold)

What irongrampa said. And have fun, if possible.

Godspeed buddy. Be safe. ww... (Below threshold)

Godspeed buddy. Be safe. ww

That actually sounds pretty... (Below threshold)

That actually sounds pretty cool to me. Hope you have a great trip.

Watch out for the gor-damn ... (Below threshold)

Watch out for the gor-damn Mongorrians.

Stay safe D.J.... (Below threshold)
Steve H.:

Stay safe D.J.

Anyway, it will be rural... (Below threshold)

Anyway, it will be rural, remote, and boring, so I will not be able to blog about it

Wouldn't be too sure of that. You'd be surprised where you can get cellphone (and therefore internet) service...






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