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Hyperbole vs. Hyperbole

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) recently caught a lot of flak from liberals over his assertion that the Obama Administration is "one of the most corrupt administrations ever."  It goes without saying that Rep. Issa was using a bit of hyperbole to illustrate a rock solid point, namely that in spite of Obama's promises to purge the influence of lobbyists from his administration, it remains chock-full of special interest and lobbyist domination.

Earlier this week, in an amusing effort to defend the Obama Administration from such charges, Newsweek's Jonathan Alter declared during an MSNBC round table discussion that "there is zero evidence" of corruption in the Obama Administration.  Perhaps in his haste to answer hyperbole with more hyperbole, Alter forgot the definition of corruption: "dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain."  Fortunately, the Washington Examiner's Tim Carney was more than happy to set Alter straight (video courtesy of Newsbusters.org):

(The expression on Alter's face as the video freezes at the end is absolutely priceless.)

The larger point that Carney establishes during the conversation is that the mainstream media apparently considers Obama's campaign promises to end corruption and lobbyist influence to be de facto truth, and consequently has scratched "corruption" off the list of things that it plans to investigate at the White House.

A similar observation can be made in the area of science and scientific research.  President Obama specifically promised during his inaugural speech that his administration would "restore science to its rightful place" -- an obvious dig at the Bush Administration's open skepticism about global warming science, and President Bush's adamant refusal to allow Federal dollars to be used for harvesting and experimentation on embryonic stem cells.  Naturally, the Obama Administration's absolute integrity with regard to scientific research also became de facto truth among the mainstream media.

That facade collapsed a couple of months ago with the release of a report that accused the Obama Administration of "downplaying scientific findings, misrepresenting data and most recently misconstruing the opinions of experts" in order to enact a series of policy initiatives based on last summer's Deep Horizon oil spill.  The report itself is pretty damning, but check out the opening paragraph:

The oil spill that damaged the Gulf of Mexico's reefs and wetlands is also threatening to stain the Obama administration's reputation for relying on science to guide policy. (emphasis added)

Reputation?  Based on what, exactly?  A campaign promise?  

And so once again, the myth of Barack Obama -- specifically his transcendent, almost other-worldly level of moral superiority (or perhaps "moral elitism" would be more accurate) which was somehow to be magically imparted throughout his entire Administration-- has been busted by reality.  Virtually the entire character of Barack Obama that was built up during his extraordinary Presidential campaign now seems to be little more than one hyperbole after another: a gifted intellect, a healer, a light-bearer, he will deliver us, he will change us, our planet will begin to heal, etc.

If it takes some good old fashioned hyperbole from Republicans to slap the mainstream media across the face and force them to look at all of the hyperbolic claims about Barack Obama that they have blindly accepted as truth, then please ... bring it on. 

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The MSM isn't interested in... (Below threshold)

The MSM isn't interested in "truth". They brought, packaged and sold Obama as the messiah. They've got a vested interest in polishing his halo.

Hey Nancy' Now that you hav... (Below threshold)

Hey Nancy' Now that you have more free time, how about draining the White House swamp of the stinking mud crawlers.

Laprarie knows what he is t... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Laprarie knows what he is talking about: blind faith and hyperbole...but what is the use? Anyway, I wonder if he has changed his tune, recalling his fulsome and embarrassing praise for big oil's unstinting concern for safety.

Who has been busted by reality? Compare Laprarie on May 11: and my comments the same day, in response to his post, threee weeks after the Deep Horizon accident of April 20.

Lapraire on May 11.

Unfortunately for the whacked-out minions of Daily Kos, Firedoglake, and Democratic Underground, this appears to have been a very tragic and costly accident, and nothing more.( sic- Sarah Palin type grammar)

Deep Horizon was a unique oil drilling rig, operating hundreds of miles off shore and drilling in water a mile deep. It also utilized a state-of-the-art motorized, satellite-controlled positioning system instead of being moored to the sea floor by anchors. The engineering feats required to position any floating platform over a tiny spot in the floor of the sea and actually drill an oil well are truly impressive. The engineers who design these systems design them to achieve a maximized combination of performance and safety. BP certainly had reason to celebrate what had been, up until the time of the accident, an extraordinarily successful venture.

Steve Crickmore:

Probably, the Deep Horizon accident was the accumulation of not one error, but of several flawed decisions, taken in a culture increasingly complacent, but one in which safety and environmental consequences were more and more taking a back seat to liftoff (as in the Challenger accident)or drilldown.

I suppose any one that suggests that this 'was anything but an unfortunate accident' to a company that always viewed 'safery to the max, "and nothing more" is still "a whacked out-leftist minion" after reading the official report, eight months after the accident.

Steve C ...Big oil... (Below threshold)

Steve C ...

Big oil had a 30 year pristine safety record in the Gulf prior to this accident ... I guess that means they didn't care about safety in your book ...

Tool ...

Big oil had a 30 year pr... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Big oil had a 30 year pristine safety record in the Gulf prior to this accident

Pristine That's debatable?

The official report:

The blowout was not the product of a series of aberrational decisions made by rogue industry or government officials that could not have been anticipated or expected to occur again. Rather, the root causes are systemic and, absent significant reform in both industry practices and government policies, might well recur.”

Shorthand of Report. Yes, They didn't care enough about safety in my book. and in anyone's or in almost anyones' book.

Our poster, Michael again, or at least in May: "This appears to have been a very tragic and costly accident, and nothing more".

Who is a tool?






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