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Spam, Spam, Spam, Egg, And Spam

With our forced move to Movable Type 4 last month there were a few kinks that had to get worked out.  We fixed all the major ones, and have a few minor ones still left to address.  Of the minor items to address, the author archives link is the most noticable feature not yet working.

This evening I had to install some code to block automated spammers.  This may affect you if you are using software that blocks Javascript, as that is now required for commenting.
I wish that step was not necessary, but to give you a sense of the scale of the problem, Wizbang has received over 100,000 spam comments (which were automatically junked) since Christmas Day.  Unfortunately most blogging systems are setup to deal with spam comments by junking the comment after submission.  For a site of this size, that's not the optimal solution - we need to block as many of those automated bot comments before they are submitted.  We had such a system before the upgrade, but it was tied to the old version of the site software.

We've got a new automated bot blocking system now.  If you have problems commenting feel free to contact us via e-mail and we'll try and help you.

* Title inspired by Monty Python *


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Comments (4)

I wonder if this means I'm ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if this means I'm blocked from commenting... again...


Did you get the new "Spam S... (Below threshold)
James H:

Did you get the new "Spam Stalker" module? I understand it sends a pack of rabid weasels to the spammer's home ...

Didn't our 'wonderful' Cong... (Below threshold)

Didn't our 'wonderful' Congress pass a law about spamming?

Oh, yeah, they did. Totally ineffectual. At least they were consistent.

I have a version of MT Auto... (Below threshold)

I have a version of MT AutoBan that works with MT 4.






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