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Because I think we need some levity

Via my brother John, what the newscasts failed to show when Ms. Pelosi passed the gavel:

Next thing we know, some Religious Leftist will be lamenting the violence this video might foster.


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Comments (8)

Hahahaha.....yeah, it's fun... (Below threshold)

Hahahaha.....yeah, it's funny.

Even Kevin over at hillbuzz... (Below threshold)

Even Kevin over at hillbuzz got his panties in a wad over "violence against women". This is just good three stooges type humor.

Whack a dummy! Hahahahahaha... (Below threshold)

Whack a dummy! Hahahahahahaha

The only proper use for the... (Below threshold)

The only proper use for the giant clown gavel.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Nice one, Rick. The first t... (Below threshold)

Nice one, Rick. The first time I've laughed in two days.

I caught a bit of her Farew... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I caught a bit of her Farewell Address which, it seems, was rather longer than George Washington's.

Oddly enough, I do not recall outgoing Speakers making speeches at the handover of the gavel. All I remember is after the vote, there was a handover and a handshake.

The remarks by incoming Speakers have grown much longer lately, too. Gingrich had a right in 1995, because it was a historic turnover. God bless Denny Hastert, he was a man of few words. Pelosi had a right as a historic "first," too, since no previous Speaker had ever had a facelift, much less a dozen of them.

But I don't like this business of it becoming a tradition. No sirree, not one bit.

Now that was funny!!... (Below threshold)

Now that was funny!!

Hey Jim - just wait until B... (Below threshold)

Hey Jim - just wait until Barry is defeated in 2012. He'll be the first president to speak at the inaugural of his successor - and his speech will probably take 3/4 hours - depending on the battery power of his Teleprompter.






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