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"Can someone tell me why Sarah Palin is not in Jail?"

I want to piggyback onto Locutisprime's post where he had this (and much more) to say about yesterday's tragic events:

The smoke had barely cleared and the dust barely settled before the liberal banshees were attributing yesterday's shooting in Arizona to their political enemies.

And by this morning and by Monday at the latest, there is absolutely no telling the level of vitriol that this incident will have brought forth from the radical wing of the Democrat party and their friends in main stream media.

As some know, I participate in an online discussion forum with pastors, priests and preachers, a participation begun when I went through an ordination process more than a decade ago.  Not soon after the Giffords' shooting, I wondered what some on that forum might have to say knowing that so many of them are bonafide card carrying members of the Religious Left. 

Predictably, one of them weighed in with some of that vitriol to which Locutisprime has referenced:

Can someone tell me why Sarah Palin is not in Jail? She holds some responsibility for this action. Since when is a public figure,( or anyone for that matter), allowed to print a hit list of people she is targeting, using a symbol that is the crossfires of a gun scope, and using words such as "re-load" and not be held accountable?? As much as I cannot stand her, especially that she would behave in this way and call herself a Christian, she must realize that she does have power over a lot of people who hang on every word she says.The troubled of the world will do exactly as she or others say. I believe she should be held at least in part accountable for the actions of today. She and others with their hate speech. Words and symbols have consequences.

Hate speech.  Words and symbols have consequences. 


I wonder if this Religious Leftist would hold Barack Hussein Obama to the same standards.  We might recall he had this to say during the Presidential campaign:

"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,"

Or these words said more recently:

"They are fired up. They are mobilized. They see an opportunity to take back the House, maybe take back the Senate," he said. "If they're successful in doing that, they've already said they're going to go back to the same policies that were in place during the Bush administration. That means that we are going to have just hand-to-hand combat up here on Capitol Hill."

Should Obama be in jail?  Should he be held accountable?  Should his Christianity be questioned because of  his rhetoric?  Should he be aware of the power he holds over people who hang on his every word?

These are the kinds of questions that have to be thrown back in the face of the loons that make up the modern progressive movement.  Their hypocrisy needs to be hung around their necks like the proverbial albatross.

In the mean-time, the rest of us will deal with the facts surrounding this case, facts that are still being revealed, facts that I predict will tell the story of a deeply disturbed individual motivated less by politics and more by inner demons.

And given that demons are the purview of those who deal with the spiritual, it makes the rantings of the Religious Left all the more telling.


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Comments (55)

Leftists never believe that... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Leftists never believe that they should be held accountable for their words.

Just look at Hollywood. They will have a fit if anyone suggests that the violence in their movies or music has any effect on people. And yet they churn out commercials knowing that what you say has an effect on people.

In reality it comes down to the leftist belief that they deserve free speech but that everyone who disagrees with them does not. They will use any excuse they can find to shut up those people who are daring enough to espouse views different from their own. They don't want to compete in the marketplace of ideas because they know they cannot win if they do. Just like obama running for Illinois State Senate, the only way they can win is to ensure there is no competition.

Men of the cloth are just m... (Below threshold)

Men of the cloth are just men, and are as capable of stupidity as the rest of us.

"Their hypocrisy needs to h... (Below threshold)

"Their hypocrisy needs to hung around their neck like the proverbial albatross."

NEWS FLASH: Their hypocrisy doesn't bother them at all. When they speak, its with "nuance".

I do think the political cu... (Below threshold)
James H:

I do think the political culture has grown poisonous over the last two decades, but I also can't see hanging this incident on Sarah Palin or any other politico. You look at this guy's YouTube videos, and he's clearly bonkers independent of left-leaning bonkers or right-leaning bonkers.

There are no jails large en... (Below threshold)

There are no jails large enough for the egos of:
Palin, Angle, Demint, Kyl, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Kaufman, Savage (Wiener), Larson and many more.

May they all roast in Hell for Eternity!

It is completely irrational... (Below threshold)

It is completely irrational and full of hypocrisy to complain about political fever and hysteria...while trying to ramp up political fever and hysteria towards Sarah Palin.

And the dirty little truth is that the left, the faux-gressives, are the ones who have been posting hate filled screeds against Gifford for a couple of years now. Many people on the right respect her, it's the Obots who have been blogging about her being an evil, blue dog, conservative Dem, who doesn't salute the president properly.

The problem James H is that... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The problem James H is that many on the left are not bothering to confuse themselves with the facts. They are too focused on the "truth" that this was politically motivated and that Palin etc are the ones responsible.

I have seen a parade of lefty elected officials and media hacks blame conservatives from within minutes of the event. No retractions have been made. No apologies. Just when they are finally shamed by the reality that this guy is nuts do hey quietly slink off and shut up. They ignore that their own inflammatory rhetoric was ever spoken/published.

The left has no shame. They will just shift gears and seeing that they cannot hang this around the right they will try to leverage this to pass more gun control laws. They won't do a thing that does not advance their agenda.

the left is committing sepp... (Below threshold)

the left is committing seppeku...let watch and enjoy!

Note to media/bloggers/comm... (Below threshold)

Note to media/bloggers/commentors blaming Palin: WIll you all commit Seppuku if someone attacks her or one of her family members after reading your tripe? Better yet, consider doing it now and put her in as the cause of your self-destruction in your suicide note (but please, then reconsider after you realize how absolutely stupid it makes your pointless death look)? Then MAYBE you'll be able to see how STUPID it is running around blaming political opponents for bad things that happen at the hands of crazy people.

Damn Michael, great minds..... (Below threshold)

Damn Michael, great minds...

Just as Mark Penn wished fo... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Just as Mark Penn wished for a mass murder to give obama a chance to connect emotionally with the public, dems are already planning on how they can use this to punish their enemies.


I'm sure that the left is secretly dancing with glee.

I think if a liberal friend... (Below threshold)

I think if a liberal friend or acquaintance of mine made the accusation that Palin was (even partly) responsible for this episode, I think all I would do is play the tape of Obama's own words about bringing the gun to a knife fight. If that would not shut the person up immediately then I figure that individual is pretty much detached from reality.

However, I will point a finger. Our government spends a lot of time attempting to criminalize innocent people. As in many cases it is clear that it was no mystery to a number of people that this murderer was a nut job. He should be treated as the individual he is. That is he is responsible for his own actions and needs to be punished severely for this premediated act. No matter whether you are on the right or left side of the political divide, this guy is clearly an aberration. If not Palin, these types of folks will look to other sources to fabricate any excuse to justify their beliefs.

The comments here are unbel... (Below threshold)

The comments here are unbelieveable.

The dead:
A 9 year old girl just elected to a student body office in her school going to meet her congress person.

Three senior citizens in thier seventies.

The highest ranking Federal Judge in Arizona appointed by G. H. W. Bush who went to thank the congress woman for finding additional funds for the Arizona district to try immigration cases.

A member of her staff. A hired hand.

May the blood of these victims haunt you hateful people.

Our government spends a ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Our government spends a lot of time attempting to criminalize innocent people.

No. The left spends a lot of time attempting to criminalize the expression of political thought that is contrary to their own. This guy has not cited Palin or any other right of center figure as the source of his violence. His YouTube ramblings make it clear that he owes no one for his deranged ideas yet the left persists in its drive to link this atrocity to their political foes.

The left has made it clear via Mark Penn that they were merely waiting for an excuse to assault their enemies. One wonders if this had occurred just a few months ago with a dem congress what hate filled repressive legislation would have found its way to obama's desk outlawing political speech and thought.

That's right Pedro, we are ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

That's right Pedro, we are the hateful people because we do not ascribe this maniac's violence to our political enemies, but we blame Jared Loughner himself.

Anyone concerned with truth and the factual evidence discovered so far understands that Loughner was not influenced by the political rhetoric of right or left. His ramblings are incoherent at best.

This crime was a despicable act which is only compounded by leftists like yourself who are trying to use it to attack your political opposition.

The liberals are accusing P... (Below threshold)

The liberals are accusing Palin, Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity and the tea party for this horrendous deed. Guess facts never entered into their mindset. They make their vicious attacks on innocent people, then when the facts are revealed, they all turn tail and run like the cowardly little bigots they are. Palin, Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity and the tea part are no more to blame for this than Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc. Facts just seem to get in the way of libs.

Why should Sarah Palin be i... (Below threshold)

Why should Sarah Palin be in jail over something that the shooter probably never saw or cared about?

Anyone concerned with tr... (Below threshold)

Anyone concerned with truth and the factual evidence discovered so far understands that Loughner was not influenced by the political rhetoric of right or left. His ramblings are incoherent at best.

Did you just pull this statement out of your ass? I hope it makes you feel better to make something up and post it on the internet.

Do you know the victims names? Do you know who their families are? Do you care about any of them or just your own fringe political beliefs?

God will judge you

Pedro please shove your hea... (Below threshold)

Pedro please shove your head back up up your ass where it belongs.

Pedro,I have read ... (Below threshold)
jim m:


I have read his postings and an able to see that he was a disturbed individual not unlike yourself. The difference is that his ramblings do not make note of any theme that has been used in politics either on the right or left.

And yes I have read the victims names and seen who they were. It is a sad event. Even sadder is that people like yourself are unwilling to learn who Jared Loughner is and why he did this. You are more interested in accusing others and attempting to use the event to fuel more hate and violence, this time of a political nature.

And yes I believe that God will judge us all. At least I will not have to answer for bearing false witness in this matter as you will have to.

Why wasn't Randi Rhodes eve... (Below threshold)

Why wasn't Randi Rhodes ever locked up, Pedro? Asking on the air why someone doesn't just shoot Bush while playing gunfire in the background? Admittedly she didn't have a fraction of the listeners of those personalities you listed (what with her being on Air America and all), but 90% of those she did have were probably certifiable...

JJ,The answer to y... (Below threshold)
jim m:


The answer to your question is simple. The left believes that violent rhetoric on the left merely promotes their righteous agenda. The left believes that they are correct regardless of what evidence may be presented to demonstrate hat they are not. They take their beliefs as unimpeachable holy dictat.

Therefore right wing rhetoric which contradicts their inviolable, holy truth is by its very nature violent and dangerous and needs to be suppressed by whatever means necessary. SO we see leftist thugs trying to crash buses at the GOP convention and taking hostages at cable networks in order to suppress the lies, punish the apostates and promote their own world view.

The difference between Pedro and Loughner is that Loughner wasn't politically motivated.

Am I the only one wondering... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Am I the only one wondering what videos Pedro has favorited on YouTube?

What the left needs to real... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What the left needs to realize is that the internet is forever. The public has already seen the ramblings of Jared Loughner and they have seen the comments from his classmates saying that his politics were best described as far left.

The left is still working under he assumption that they control all of the media and that they can dictate to the public what facts will be allowed to be know and dictate what the truth really is. Unfortunately for them we can read and view the evidence for ourselves and all who have done so come to the conclusion that this was just a sadly disturbed individual and that politics had little or nothing to do with his actions.

And yet useful idiots like Pedro will still gladly function as tools for those who would use them. He is only too happy to be used as a tool to turn this sad event into a political opportunity to suppress the rights of anyone who does not subscribe to heir left wing dogma.

For the Left, it's all abou... (Below threshold)

For the Left, it's all about doing everything possible to silence opposing opinion. I've got a new post tracking violent Leftist rhetoric back through some earlier controversies on my blog, www.granitesentry.com. Remember Abbie Hoffman? Love to hear everybody's view.

Some people have watched to... (Below threshold)

Some people have watched too many episodes of Law and Order.

There are no jails... (Below threshold)
There are no jails large enough for the egos of: Palin, Angle, Demint, Kyl, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Kaufman, Savage (Wiener), Larson and many more. May they all roast in Hell for Eternity!

You know all of those people who listed have a First Amendment right to free speech. Throwing them in jail for what they say in unconstitutional. Go talk to the ACLU about it.

You talk about hateful people, yet you pray that people you disagree with should roast in hell. Don't you recognize that as hateful speech from yourself?

If hateful speech offends you, then don't limit yourself to offensive speech from the right. The left engages in offensive speech just as much as the right. If you are going to criticize one but not the other then you are a hypocrite.

Here let me give you a sample of left wing hate rhetoric:

"Not all of these people will get or even deserve primaries, but this vote certainly puts a bulls eye on their district."
- Kos, June 25, 2008 in post about the Congressional districts that need to be primaried. Including Gabrielle Giffords. How is saying the districts need to have a bulls eyed different from Palin's map?

Democrat Harry Mitchell puts out a commercial putting a rifle scope on opponent J.D. Hayworth.

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

A Kos blogger just last week wrote, "My CongressWOMAN voted aganist Nancy Pelosi! And is now dead to me."

"I think it's tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers, unless the hostage gets harmed. In this case the hostage is the American people and I was not willing to see them get harmed," Obama on keeping taxes from increasing, December 6, 2010

The Left is all up in arms over Sarah Palin's map with crosshairs on it. Here is a DLC map from 2004 with targets placed on states that they wanted to focus on. Or the Map from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from February 2009 that puts targets on Republican districts?
How are they any different from Palin's map?

There is plenty of hateful rhetoric from the Left and Right, but don't kid yourself that it only comes from the Right.

You know Pedro. I am deeply... (Below threshold)

You know Pedro. I am deeply sadden on the lost of lives. The fact a nine year old girl will not be able to celebrate her tenth birthday. How she will never be able to experience the wonderful opportunities the US can afford its citizens.

I am sadden at the lost of life and the life currently hanging in the balance. I hope and pray for her speedy recovery and for the families who have lost love ones.

With that said, I will not sit back and watch people blamed for another's actions. I will not sit back and allow people to move blame from the real person to a bunch of others. That is not justice.

Sadly, that means any of us... (Below threshold)

Sadly, that means any of us that have seen one episode after the second or third season

Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh,... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Fox News are not the ones that are responsible for this shooting. No siree bob. It is George W Bush and/or Dick Cheney. /src

I am surprised that Kos and his butt kissers have not stated that as irrefutable fact. They have run the gambit of all of the right wing heavyweights

I think it's time for the l... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I think it's time for the left to step up to the plate and follow through with what they say they believe. If Palin and Limbaugh et al are really provoking violence then the left needs to arrest them, charge them, try them and put them away.

They don't because they know it is empty words. They know that a person is responsible for his own actions and they know that their own rhetoric inspires far more actual violence than anything from the right.

It's not like Palin is Al Sharpton whose words actually have lead to the murder of innocent people. Maybe we should start with Al.

"Do you know the victims na... (Below threshold)

"Do you know the victims names? Do you know who their families are? Do you care about any of them or just your own fringe political beliefs?"

Pedro, to be fair I hope you are posting these same comments on left leaning sites as well.

Let's see . . . Oklahoma Ci... (Below threshold)
Marco Polo:

Let's see . . . Oklahoma City bombing (yes, McVeigh was a registered Repug), assassination of Dr. George Tiller, and now the attempted assassination of Gabriella Giffords.

Why does the right hate America so much?

And you really want to pin (or in the case here: pen) this violence on the Left? When it was someone on the Left who was shot? Really?


Jared Loughner is a pot smo... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Jared Loughner is a pot smoking far left liberal. If you must ascribe a political motive behind his you are going to have to accept the fact that this nutbag is not a conservative.

The lefty trolls here are really remarkable. They don't even bother to learn what this kid believed they just declare that he is a conservative despite the abundant evidence and testimony to the contrary.

The left has no problem what so ever on standing on the not yet cold bodies of the slain in order to advance their agenda in complete contradiction of all the evidence available.

It's not absurd. It's disgusting.

And no one is trying to pin this on the left all we are saying is that this kid was nuts. If you want to start talking about political assassinations we can go head to head with right vs left and the left will have a far higher body count.

Before you post and make an... (Below threshold)

Before you post and make an ass of yourself Marco, read the comments posted before yours. NOBODY is blaming the left, their blaming the murderer.


CBS puts up a picture of Pr... (Below threshold)

CBS puts up a picture of President Bush with the caption "Snipers wanted"

In 2004 Bush Cheney campaign headquarters in Knoxville, Fairbanks, Portland, Cinncinnati, Flagstaff and others were vandalized with some even shot at.

Joseph Stack flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin.

SEIU thugs beat up Kenneth Gladney.

Radical environmentalist James Lee shoots up the Discovery Channel

Democrat Norman Leboon threatens to shoot Eric Cantor.

Two men were arrested in September 2008 for possessing 8 molotov cocktails that they planned to use to distrupt the Republican National Convention.

Sarah Palin's church was damaged due to arson.

Comedian Rick Hall had a show titled “Let's Get Together And Kill George Bush.”

Left winger Ted Rall writes a book titled "The Anti-American Manifesto"

Marco Polo, why does the Left hate America so much?

Hey Marco,Fred Phe... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Hey Marco,

Fred Phelps is a democrat and his church plans to protest the funeral of the 9YO girl. Care to comment on how the left is provoking hate and violence now?

Now we see leftists on the one hand blaming the right for the violence and on the other protesting and heaping contempt upon the innocent victims.

Keep it classy liberals. Keep it classy.

APB for pedro.. He is a lef... (Below threshold)

APB for pedro.. He is a leftist lunatic that is a danger to the public at large.

The Federal Judge that was ... (Below threshold)

The Federal Judge that was murdered was appointed by a republican. Giffords is moderate to right leaning at best.

Marco and Pedro, your immaturity astounds me. Taking the deaths of these very regular people for your own cheap political jabs is below pond scum. Grow up or go. JT, where is the hammer? ww

Eric, you left out the Unab... (Below threshold)

Eric, you left out the Unabomber and his copy of AlGore's Earth in the Balance.

And Pedro, according to you the Republican appointed judge was helping Congresswoman Gifford fight illegal immigration. So that makes her a target for Sarah Palin's assassins? Hoo-kay...

Eric also missed the 2006 m... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Eric also missed the 2006 movie Death of a President, about the assassination of Bush 43. CGA allowed the writer/producer to actually show the assassination. The lefty wet dream attracted a predictable audience.

Pedro ??? really ... ... (Below threshold)

Pedro ??? really ...

Its a tragedy ... the shooter in a lunatic ...

why not leave it at that ?

Jeff, I can't characterize ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Jeff, I can't characterize what happened as a tragedy. As far as I can tell the shooter went there with the intention of indiscriminately killing as many people as he could.

It's a tragedy for the people involved, but what the shooter planned for, prepared for and did can only be identified as an atrocity.

$10 says Pedro shares an IP... (Below threshold)

$10 says Pedro shares an IP with at least one other troll this weekend...

Sarah Palin and those fille... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin and those filled with hate toward the Obama administration whom are the prime targets of her rhetoric cannot be held legally responsible. Sarah Palin and the like were certainly fanning the flames, contributing to an environment that encourages these kinds of events to happen, but nothing can be legally done.

"Sarah Palin and the like w... (Below threshold)

"Sarah Palin and the like were certainly fanning the flames, contributing to an environment that encourages these kinds of events to happen, but nothing can be legally done."

Another piece of poo is posted. Sarah really scare's the crap out of Trolldom..

Isaac2011 and those filled ... (Below threshold)

Isaac2011 and those filled with hate toward Republican administrations whom are the prime targets of her rhetoric cannot be held legally responsible for the actions of the Unabomber, ELF, Puerto Rican terrorists (later pardoned by Clinton even though they never even apologized), etc. Left-wingers, including Isaac2011, and the like were certainly fanning the flames, contributing to an environment that encourages these kinds of events to happen, but nothing can be legally done.

Isaac2011- are you holding ... (Below threshold)

Isaac2011- are you holding your Obama to the same standard? He has made some violence references himself, is he above your 'environment'?

I am pro choice (sticky pro... (Below threshold)

I am pro choice (sticky pro choice to be more accurate)- but people really shouldn’t bring up the Dr. Tiller murder without mentioning the murder of James Pouillon who was an anti-abortion protester gunned down a few short months after Tiller.

Murderous scum really have no political boundaries.

And by this mornin... (Below threshold)
And by this morning and by Monday at the latest, there is absolutely no telling the level of vitriol that this incident will have brought forth from the radical wing of the Democrat party and their friends in main stream media.
It is truly amazing how this tragic set of events has unleashed a political "Rorschach test" on our "unbiased" media
I'm surprised we haven't he... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised we haven't heard "its Bush's fault" for not taking away guns. From the vile libs like Isaac2011.

Indeed, they are trying in some insane bloodshot reality to blame Sarah Palin, but if they were really genuinely concerned for justice, they would be calling for the death penalty for this nut-job.

This nut will most likely be defended by a bleeding heart lib who will decry the systems failure to protect this innocent victim of society.

Isn't that right Woop and pedro?

Meanwhile while we've got o... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile while we've got our eyes on this the Mexican Mafia ,has imported 55 tons of pot and the 1000 illegals who carried it. I'm sure they waved as they passed Tuscon..

Meanwhile, while we've got ... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, while we've got our eyes on this, the Mexican Mafia has imported 55 tons of pot and the 1000 illegals who carried it. I'm sure they waved as they passed Tuscon..

.... Should Obama's "Christ... (Below threshold)

.... Should Obama's "Christianity" be questioned because of his rhetoric ...?

Nope. Because of his admitted Muslim faith will do:


Sarah Palin should go to pr... (Below threshold)
jack :

Sarah Palin should go to prison.






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