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A Question That Shows Something I Do Not Like

OK, we've all heard about the shooting in Tucson, and quite a bit about Rep. Giffords and her condition. A senseless crime, and we all hope and pray for her complete recovery.

But ...

There were SIX people murdered that day. How many others' names have you heard, or remember? One man, for example, died shielding his wife, who survived. Do you know his name?

There were TWENTY people shot that day. How many of them have not even been mentioned by the media?



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NPR did stories on several ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

NPR did stories on several of them yesterday.

but generally the LSM has u... (Below threshold)

but generally the LSM has used them as a STATISTIC (6 killed, 20 shot) to magnify the damage Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck have done...oh, and Rush Limbaugh...and whoever else Sheriff Mush4Brains has highlighted today.

A LUNATIC picked a target of opportunity, and killed and/or wounded lots of people in the process. If Kelly had won the election then it is very likely that if HE held an open & accessible event then HE would have been gunned down.

Because they werent high pr... (Below threshold)
retired miltary:

Because they werent high profile enough to blame Sarah Palin on their being shot.

The left and MSM (repeating... (Below threshold)

The left and MSM (repeating myself) - were interested in shocking statistics - not of INDIVIDUALS. Unless, of course, there is a left leaning sob story to be told.

None of the people shot wer... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

None of the people shot were collateral damage. From what I've read the shooter fired first at Rep. Giffords. She has one wound, so it seems he did not fire upon her after she went down.

He then emptied his magazine. Whether he continued to fire upon specific people or just fired indiscriminately doesn't alter the fact that his gun was point at the dead and wounded when he pulled the trigger.

I have read the names with brief bios of the dead. I know the name of one of the wounded, as he was also one of the men who pulled the shooter to the ground and held him down until the police arrived.

Why don't we know the names of all the wounded? My guess is that for these journalists that's not the kind of reporting they do. They want to be famous and make a difference, so they try to illuminate the meme rather than get bogged down reporting facts.

Bruce, I'll take your word ... (Below threshold)

Bruce, I'll take your word for it. NOT.

The left cannot make political hay off regular citizens and a Federal Judge who was appointed by a republican. Again, the left doesn't want to waste a "good crisis". Dispicable humans. ww

But we do know the names of... (Below threshold)
jim m:

But we do know the names of the dead. I don't have them at the tip of my tongue, but they were reported. They include the judge, the little girl and Giffords aide.

Why do we not hear more? I don't know. Probably because Giffords was the target and she has the highest profile. The little girl has been in the media quite a lot and that is because her story is so sympathetic.

It's a question of news. The media have decided that the others were not as big of a story so they have not gotten the play. It is a reasonable business judgement.

One could say that the media was too busy trying to push the meme that it was a political hit and the fault of the GOP, but even without that I think that the others still would not have been given the column inches for the reasons stated above.

Knowng the names of all the wounded? Is it really that important? Were they shot or were they just injured when they were knocked down by people fleeing the event?

I don't understand the morbid fascination that demands that I know the details of the private life of someone thousands of miles away that has no bearing on how I live my life or how I will deal with the outcome of this tragedy.

Also wounded,many shot mult... (Below threshold)

Also wounded,many shot multiple times, whose lives will never be the same ever again..

Fourteen people were wounded and survived the attack, including:

Gabrielle Giffords, U.S. Representative from Arizona.
Bill Badger, 74. A retired army colonel whose head was grazed by a bullet, moments before subduing the suspect.
Ron Barber, deputy director for Giffords.
Eric Fuller, 63. A military veteran and retired limousine driver, hit in the leg and back by bullet fragments.
*Susan Hileman, shot in the leg, hip, abdomen and chest while accompanying Christina Taylor Green.*
George Morris, a retired marine and former airline pilot, survived two gunshot wounds while trying to shield his wife Dorothy, who died.
Pam Simon, staffer for Giffords.
Mavy Stoddard, shot in the leg three times while shielded by her husband Dorwin.

"One could say that the med... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"One could say that the media was too busy trying to push the meme that it was a political hit and the fault of the GOP, but even without that I think that the others still would not have been given the column inches for the reasons stated above." jim m

No doubt that's true. If a reporter's editor wants to see information that isn't there the story goes back. If the editor doesn't want to see or devote the column inches to information that is there, it gets edited out.

I tend to be cynical, so I wrote about the meme-thing. Maybe some day I'll change my screen name to Cynical Old Bastard (Upset Old Guy is just a nicer version of that anyhow).

Looking back at other mass ... (Below threshold)

Looking back at other mass murder attempts, I cannot recall anytime they focus and make sure all the names are known. They focus on the most famous or compelling victim, and failing someone with cachet of some sort, the prettiest victims.
Media is a business, and this is one aspect of the sausage factory that is unpleasant when we are forced to look at it.

At first I was thinking it ... (Below threshold)

At first I was thinking it was the celebrity factor, but when I really thought about, and compared it to the reporting on past terrorist and terrorist-like attacks, I can't help but conclude that this is purely political. They went off half cocked (I hope it's not illegal to say that anymore) and now they're just spinning to try to cover their sorry leftist asses.

The question that shows something I don't like: Is anybody really surprised by this?

If you didn't expect something like this to happen sooner or later (not the event, the reportage--they just screwed up and picked the wrong event), you're not paying attention.

PBunyan: "--they just screw... (Below threshold)

PBunyan: "--they just screwed up and picked the wrong event"

They picked an insance act by a lunatic and tried to turn it into their "Reichstag Fire"...didn't work out for 'em.

They'll learn, and realize that's why the Nazis set fire to the Reichstag themselves: they wanted to make sure it was perfect!

Strap in folks...the Left needs a cause célèbre, and sooner or later they'll find or make one.

Doesn't.Serve.... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:


Cynical Old Bastard <... (Below threshold)

Cynical Old Bastard

Then we can just call you COB for short? Kinda fits doesn't it?

Lebron S. nails it.<p... (Below threshold)

Lebron S. nails it.

They are inconsequential to the narrative. Too bad folks.

Justrand The diffe... (Below threshold)
jim m:


The difference is that this is not 1933 and any act lik the Reichstag fire would be quickly found out and the news would be uncontainable. 80 years ago you could do that and manage the media and control access to people in the know. Today with the internet and social media the word would get out within hours and the game would be up.

Their only hope is to do exactly as they are doing now. They need to "deftly pin" this on the GOP. The problem is that they are so over eager in their malice that they jumped the gun and screwed it up. This was not the opoprtunity. Now everyone will be watching and waiting. They won't be able to do it now.

I seriously don't think the... (Below threshold)

I seriously don't think the lack of coverage of the other victims is political. It just doesn't sell. Natalie Holloway wasn't news because she disappeared on vacation. She was news because a pretty young woman disappeared on vacation. The violent rhetoric subplot many in the media has peddled is a political hit attempt. The ignored victims? Not famous, not adorable, not covered.

The media were too busy tal... (Below threshold)

The media were too busy talking about that homeless guy with the nice voice. Oh, and the LSM news producers were chewing gum today, so they had to streamline a bit.

Has either FOX news or PBS ... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Has either FOX news or PBS done a better job of covering the other 6 people than the other networks? I would expect FOX has not, but that PBS did. That's because FOX along with the other networks decide what to air based on what they think will bring their ratings up another tenths of a percent. PBS, being free from raising advertising revenue, is suppose to focus more on providing relevant information than on ratings. At least thats the way it's suppose to work. I haven't watched FOX or PBS this week, so if any of you have, please let me know their level of coverage.

I think you guys might like... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

I think you guys might like this weeks episode of American Experican on PBS. It's a documentary on Robert E Lee.

The overlooked were expenda... (Below threshold)

The overlooked were expendable collateral damage useless for the hit piece's on Sarah Palin.

1 nut can be mysteriously linked if the stars align just right to Sarah and maybe even.....DICK CHENEY!!!! Yaaahhhhh!

Tina S., Fox News had a few... (Below threshold)

Tina S., Fox News had a few reports on the man that was killed but shielded his wife with his body. She sustained a leg wound. They held each other until he died.

The 9 year old, Green, was featured alot on the network.

The federal judge who was murdered was featured and I believe is the bigger story. The judge and the 9 year old are DEAD but Giffords is alive and recovering. She still have a battle but her family is grateful at this point not mourning.

The left purposely drove this about a political assassination which is a lie.

I do not know what PBS has on. I never watch. The left's viewpoint does not impress me. Plus, they do use my tax dollars so your argument is false. ww

PBS is too PMS for me to pu... (Below threshold)
Col. Mustard:

PBS is too PMS for me to put up with their BS.

This week the PBS show <a h... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

This week the PBS show American Experience was about confederate war hero Robert Lee. Next week they will have one on union war hero Ulysses S. Grant. My challenge to you guys is to watch both episodes and see for yourself if they are biased or not. Some of you have said you never watch PBS, maybe they are not as biased as you believe.






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