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So how is Obama doing after 2 years?

Watch this through the end (a question is posed worth waiting for) and find out.

With thanks to The Anchoress (via Facebook).


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The answer to that question... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The answer to that question was given Nov 2, 2010.

About as well as one would ... (Below threshold)

About as well as one would expect from an Empty Suit with no prior major accomplishments.

where's the "like" button?<... (Below threshold)

where's the "like" button?

Bada Bing!!... (Below threshold)

Bada Bing!!

Worst president evah!! Wors... (Below threshold)

Worst president evah!! Worst U.S. president too.

I heart Bill Whittle.... (Below threshold)

I heart Bill Whittle.

Sounds like some pretty inf... (Below threshold)

Sounds like some pretty inflammatory rhetoric to me.

he's like totally awesome i... (Below threshold)

he's like totally awesome in his awesomeness, of course...duh!

I've never been more unprou... (Below threshold)

I've never been more unproud of my country.

There's even a rumor gettin... (Below threshold)

There's even a rumor getting about that Buraq Hussayn and about half of the "Democratic" (National Socialist Workers' and Gangsters' and Criminal Aliens') potty reps and senators (Reid and Franken and Murray, for example) who also owe their having been "elected" to massive fraud, woulda won even without 2008's and 2010's most massive in Human History criminal alien and/or felon and/or fascist and/or crypto fascist and/or other lawyer and/or dead people electoral and voter fraud.

But I'll never believe that one.






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