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Vanishing Pointless

If there's one thing that the Tucson shooting has provoked, it's a lot of people going back and flushing a whole bunch of stuff down the memory holes. History must be unwritten, embarrassing items purged and denied, awkward truths must be ignored.

Of course, this is the internet, and nothing is ever truly forgotten -- and one's foes will often make copies and screenshots before they expose your embarrassing postings before they expose them, so they can properly denounce you for your "admission of guilt."

This round has, thus far, most of the usual suspects.

Leading off the rounds of "j'accuse!" is Charles Johnson. One of Charles' loyal sycophants noted that Glenn Beck has a rotating set of stock images on his web site, and one of them features Beck hamming it up in a James Bond kind of pose -- with a gun. ZOMG! shouted Charles, and someone at Beck's staff said "you know, we got a lot of images in the rotation -- let's take this one down, 'cuz we don't want the grief." Which only caused Charles to double-down and play the "you took it down because you're GUILTY!" card.

Now, it must be remembered that Charles is a legend in the "quietly unwrite history" field. Once he started his descent into the left and madness (but I repeat myself), he got busy puling a Stalin and erasing out embarrassing articles and links and comments. Catching him at it became a game for a while (I even played it once, and sat on a couple of others for a rainy day. (It's gotten more challenging since Charles blocked his archives and search functions to all but his approved rumpswabs and lickspittles.) My favorite was when he -- for once -- admitted when he was caught.

Oh, what the hell. Remember Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity?" Charles was all in favor of that. He had nothing but kind words for it. He certainly didn't have any harsh words for the inclusion of the former Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam -- the former folk singer now devout Muslim, for whom the term "Islamopop" was invented to describe his using his musical talents to raise money and provide "peacefu" cover for Islamists and Islamist causes.

Coined by, I believe, Charles Johnson.

OK, enough of that. So Glenn Beck took down a silly graphic that was giving his enemies way, way too much fun. You know who else took down a graphic immediately after the Tucson shooting? Sarah Palin, who removed the now-infamous "targeted districts" map that highlighted 20 Congressional districts -- including that of Gabrielle Giffords. The stated reason: it was done out of respect for the Giffords family, and besides was for an election that was over two months past. It simply wasn't that important.

Which brings up another legend in the "unwriting history  field -- Daily Kos. One Kos diarist happens to be a Giffords constituent and have a history of gun violence. Days before the shooting, he finally snapped when she didn't vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. In fact, she was "dead to him."

Of course, the diarist was horrified when someone decided to make her dead to everyone, so he took down the article. But that wasn't done out of guilt. Oh, no. That was done out of respect for the family. Just like Kos, after accusing everyone under the sun of inciting the attack for their use of violent, military, hostile rhetoric and imagery against Giffords, decided to start playing games with an article of his own from 2008 when he talked about "targeting" her and putting her "on the bullseye."

Note carefully: when "our" side goes and scrubs history, it's done out of sensitivity and respect, or accuracy, or to (invisibly) correct "mistakes" or just plain decency. When "they" do the very same thing, it's an iron-clad admission of guilt.

It gets dizzying. That's partly why I decided, years ago, to simply not play that game. It wasn't entirely done out of principle; I know that my Web Fu is weak, and I'd never be able to completely eradicate all traces of something I'd published. For example, one of my earliest pieces used a rather nasty racial epithet that I've never let myself forget. But every time I think about going back and removing it, I realize that I'll be starting down the same path as Johnson and Kos -- but since I suck at that, I'd be busted immediately. So I let it stand, but this is the first time I've ever even mentioned it. And no, I'm not going to point it out. Trust me, it's there.

The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam contains the famous lines:

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.

The internet makes it easier to try to "cancel half a Line," or more, so it's extremely tempting. But that same internet makes it virtually impossible to do so fully -- which means it makes the attempt incredibly transparent.

So don't even try.


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Comments (26)

JT, as always, a great piec... (Below threshold)

JT, as always, a great piece and right on the money.

I do think at this point the left is trying so hard to back away from their overeaction, which they should rightly do but it is too late. Conservatives, republicans and independents AGAIN viewed the dispicable left's use of a very, very sad tragedy for political gain. I think because of Durbin's words, supposedly a "statesman", the dem's lost the Senate in 2012. Dare I compliment Obama? He did say and do the proper things. But it is early, I know he will screw this up. ww

I'm still amazed to hear th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'm still amazed to hear that anyone reads LGF anymore. Are we sure that the commenters there are not all sock puppets of Charles?

I remember when Rocky and B... (Below threshold)

I remember when Rocky and Bullwinkle found Omar's Ruby Yacht!!

The Sheriff of Pima County ... (Below threshold)

The Sheriff of Pima County is not backing away from his unwarranted assumption that he knew what motivated the shooter - even yesterday. He's a grown man and he should know better than to practice psychiatry without a license, but apparently his political prejudices have gotten in the way of his intelligence, such as it may be.

Meanwhile - the crazies at Westboro are planning to picket the funeral. For heaven's sakes WHY? These people are dangerous. They should all be locked up and the key disposed of in a nuclear waste dump. It's for their own safety and that of the rest of us. What possible reason would they have for picketing the funeral of a 9-year-old girl? Do they truly want to inflict further anguish on her parents? Losing a child is the most devastating thing that can happen to a parent. Fred Phelps and his not-so-merry band of numbskulls want to accentuate and intensify their grief. That should be an illegal act.

Paul Krugman is another moronic leftwing loon. He also is not backing off from his unwarranted assumptions - the first ones made within 2 hours of the shootings when the identity of the shooter wasn't even known. Krugman ASSUMED that he was a right wing zealot - on zero evidence! Good journalism you pompous prick!

And no, I will not refrain from calling out an anti-American nutjob for precisely what and who he is. Neither will I refrain from praising the very real presidential behavior of our president yesterday. Fair is fair.

Killer post, Jay!O... (Below threshold)

Killer post, Jay!

Oh, wait. I can't say that now, can I?

"Meanwhile - the crazies at... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Meanwhile - the crazies at Westboro are planning to picket the funeral. For heaven's sakes WHY?"

Because they hate America. That's why. They believe that this tragedy was brought by God to punish the country and that the victims are dead because of holy retribution against the country.

Why do they hate America? Because they are democrats. Fred Phelps has run for the Dem nomination for governor in Kansas and mayor of Topeka. They fit in the dem party right along side Code Pink.

oldpuppymax Yeah, ... (Below threshold)


Yeah, back when humor required some intelligence to appreciate. Now all you need is a foul mouth and it's considered 'funny'.

I believe my LGF account is... (Below threshold)
Call me darlin':

I believe my LGF account is still active. Should you ever need use of it, just let me know!

(User name obfuscated, but the email is legit)

Bomb and gun graphics are a... (Below threshold)
Edward Sisson:

Bomb and gun graphics are always a bad idea for any political publication and political person.

I recall when I first started reading wizbang, your top-of-the-page logo looked like a fireworks display -- at least, to me -- and that was fine; it had a happy kind of feel. Then you decided to re-design, and one of your ideas was a bomb with a fuse. I commented: bad idea. Whether my comment played a role or not, you rejected that idea, and went with the current design. Moments like this show the wisdom of that.

Jim M, re comment # 6, last... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Jim M, re comment # 6, last paragraph:

You need to give that particular talking point a rest, Jim.

You've said some very intelligent things here on Wizbang. You've said some dumb stuff, too. But the idea that the Westboro crazies are modern-day Democrats because Phelps once ran for mayor on a Democratic ticket is among the most mind-numbingly stupid crap ANYONE has ever posted here.

David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana (or was it Senator?) in a Republican primary. Got about 40% of the vote, too, if I recall correctly. Does that mean the Klan is a wing of the Republican party? Is David Duke a mainstream Republican to you?

The reason they hate America is explained in your SECOND paragraph. The third paragraph is absurd nonsense.

And the idea that Democrats hate America is insulting and inflammatory. You should be ashamed to say such a thing.

Bruce -"But the... (Below threshold)

Bruce -

"But the idea that the Westboro crazies are modern-day Democrats because Phelps once ran for mayor on a Democratic ticket is among the most mind-numbingly stupid crap ANYONE has ever posted here."

If he'd run for office as a Republican, would you say the crazies are emblematic of the modern Republican mindset? Would you even be tempted to?

I don't see them as left or right. They're insane - plain and simple. And they've jumped off that political dividing line entirely.

I might be tempted, Mr Laws... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I might be tempted, Mr Lawson, if I was in a particularly partisan mood, but I like to think I'd reconsider posting such utter nonsense during the time it took to type it out.

There is a preview function here.

But I agree with you that they're insane. Their sickness only differs from Loughner's by degree.

Since the libs want to ban ... (Below threshold)
retierd military:

Since the libs want to ban words which may threaten people I wonder if

"I hate all crackers " will apply.

Probably not considering we are talking about the Holder justice dept.

Bruce Henry doesn't like it... (Below threshold)

Bruce Henry doesn't like it when an entire group or person is singled out with false analogies or comparisons. Hm! Where did that happen recently? I know. The Arizona killings. Brought on by the right wing republicans. Bruce, I am going to check your input into the past three days to see how adament you were about how wrong that was. ww

Given the number of times p... (Below threshold)

Given the number of times people try to "prove" republicans are racist because of David Duke, and tried to label Phelps as right wing because he is deeply (and misguidedly) religious, I don't have much sympathy when complain if it pointed out he is a registered Democrat who was active in local and state politics.

Now, if I was being playful, I'd turn Jim M's point on its side: They don't hate America because they are Democrats. They are Democrats because they hate America.

Charles Johnson still blogs... (Below threshold)

Charles Johnson still blogs? And he still has readers?!

Wow, who knew?


Knock yourself out, Willie.... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Knock yourself out, Willie. You can start with Drummond's piece, "Free Speech, Foul Actions." Around # 15 on the comment thread, I think.

I'll be right here to accept your apology, you moron.

And Wuzzy, I guess it could be called playful to say that approximately half of all Americans who claim allegiance to one political party or another "hate America." Wow, what fun, huh?

Or, you could say that comments like that contribute to the poisonous political climate we all must endure nowadays. Bummer, right?

And the idea that Democr... (Below threshold)
jim m:

And the idea that Democrats hate America is insulting and inflammatory. You should be ashamed to say such a thing.

I can't help it that dems and the left hate America. They refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance. They scoff at the reading of the Constitution. They accuse our military of being like the Nazis or genocidal communists like Pol Pot. They cannot mention anything good about America without countering that there are bad things about it too. They cannot talk about WWII and the victory over the nazis without accusing America of warcrimes at Hiroshima. They gloss over the real warcrimes of our enemies perpetrated upon our troops.

Yes the dems hate America. If they did not they would stand up for this nation and defend it, instead they tear it down. obama goes on foreign trips with the sole purpose of apologizing for the US.

You don't have to like that I say it. But it is still the truth.

No, I will vouch for Bruce ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

No, I will vouch for Bruce that he was quite civil the past few days and did not at anytime indulge in the ugly accusations that many on his side of the political divide so foolishly entered into.

Jeebus Bruce, are you logic... (Below threshold)

Jeebus Bruce, are you logic impaired?
I did not say all Democrats hate America
Or Americans that hate America are all democrats.
But, there sure are alot of America haters that register democrat!
Probably because the socialist, green and communist parties are innefective, much like the libertarians that hold their noses and pull the R leaver.

You are, umm, mistaken, Jim... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

You are, umm, mistaken, Jim.

Some Democrats stick up for the right of OTHERS to refuse to say the pledge of allegiance (like, say, Jehovah's Witnesses, who won't say the Pledge, or celebrate Christmas, or nothin'!).

Some liberals "scoffed" at the idea of the stunt the Republicans pulled by reading (most of the) Constitution aloud the other day. Probably the first time many of them had ever read it.

I'm sure some who call themselves Democrats, or who later became Democrats, like Tom Hayden, have accused the military of genocidal crimes, but it's hardly a plank of the Democratic party. And, in case you missed it, My Lai really did happen.

As far as your complaints about not denying the reality of historical flaws, that's your problem. Being in denial is not a requirement of citizenship, nor does it mean that the denier loves America more than the non-denier. It just means one person is in denial, and the other isn't. Guess which one's which!

The "Obama apology trips" canard is a meme pushed by nutjob jingoists, like yourself, that has no basis in reality.

But, other than that, you're correct.

I think the sentence, "They... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I think the sentence, "They are Democrats because they hate America" implies that all Democrats hate America. You don't?

But relax, I realize you were "being playful."

I can't believe I'm having ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe I'm having to say this, but...

Bruce has a point.

Shoving the Phelps assholes into the Democrats' camp was a bit much. They (Godwin alert) are like Nazis, as they don't fit into the standard left-right paradigm. They are equal-opportunity assholes.

Please, let this be the first and last time I have to agree with Bruce.


Thank you JAY Tea. <p... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Thank you JAY Tea.

It's a pretty good bet it won't happen again soon.

Turn about is fair play. l... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Turn about is fair play. libs are always saying that republicans are all racists because of David Duke or linking some white supremecist group because they alsop agree with some other innocuous conservative talking point.

Phelps is a dem. They want to hang racists around the neck of the GOP they can deal with dexplaining Fred Phelps.

And Bruce I think yuo should be able to understand my hyperbole. I do not pretend that ALL dems hate America. But a lot of lefties do and I don't find many lefties in the GOP.

um... is there an issue wit... (Below threshold)

um... is there an issue with comments today? I saw a mysql error earlier and I could swear there were more comments in this thread before...






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