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Brain Clog

Nyquil is horrid stuff. It tastes bad, it clogs up your brain, and it makes you drowsy. It doesn't necessarily make you sleep, though.

And it really messes up one's ability to blog.

Yesterday afternoon, I started a piece on the Tucson shooting. A long, thoughtful piece. And I'm still working on it.

I get a paragraph or two out, then start getting tired and my mind starts meandering around the universe. I poke through old TV shows, kick around various game scenarios, pick up a book, drop the book, and maybe sleep.

Sleep? Yeah, nap sounds pretty good.

Oh, yeah. My piece. Well, it's around 1100 words so far, and I think I'm getting to the conclusion. I'm not sure; I might have skipped a point or two I thought important at the beginning.

I might just toss up one or two shorter pieces that don't require as much thought to buy myself some more time to finish that one... and get over this damned miserable cold.

"Cold." What a trivial, meaningless name for a disease that makes one feel so wretched. "You're cold?" "No, I have a cold." Which means I'm tired, and have trouble breathing, and feel chilly, and dopey, and sleepy, occasionally sneezy, and grumpy... certainly not happy, not bashful about complaining, and almost ready to see a doc.

OK, I definitely need to go back to bed. Where's that damned poisoned apple?


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Comments (6)

I hope you feel better soon... (Below threshold)

I hope you feel better soon. However, I love the effects of Nyquil. Just not during the day.

The thing I hate about cold... (Below threshold)

The thing I hate about colds is that someone is always trying to push a neti pot on me as some kind of miracle cure.

Dammit, if I wanted to be waterboarded I would have joined the Taliban.

And I blame the meth industry for making my cold medicine less effective too, seems a few years ago, I would have been wiped out for two days in Nyquil haze and been better, now it takes a week of semi-coherence, coughing and all around grumbling.

Aspirin, Benadryl and rum i... (Below threshold)

Aspirin, Benadryl and rum is the same as Nyquil, Aspirin and RedBull about the same as Dayquil, as far as effectiveness and side effect profile. If you have hypertension or ulcers, they are both bad for you. MunDane, if you tilt your head forward the saltwater stays in your nose passages on its travel and the saline lavage in no way resembles waterboarding (having experienced both). While tincture of time is the best cure, the best prevention is using alcohol gel on your hands before and after using shared keyboards, phones, etc. and not eating at restaurants or buying coffee during the cold season. Folks come in sick all the time since the pay is low and benefits are low, and they spread their diseases on the plates and glasses.

My wife is fighting the sam... (Below threshold)

My wife is fighting the same thing. You stay away from her. ;) ww

"My wife is fighting the sa... (Below threshold)

"My wife is fighting the same thing."

Yeah, mine also came down with what-ever's going around.

Double shot of Bushmill's, warmed. Won't cure you, but will put you in a place where you don't care how miserable you feel.

Buck up Jay Tea. According to "She who must be obeyed", the first 3 days are the worst.

You need a cuddle ;)<... (Below threshold)

You need a cuddle ;)

Feel better soon.







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