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The Tucson Memorial Service

Others are commenting about the televised service from Tucson, so here's a place where you can discuss it.

Personally, I thought it was handled pretty well. It was no Wellstone incident, where the memorial was turned into a grotesque partisan rally. Obama did a good job, didn't talk about himself or his political opponents. I think that George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or Ronald Reagan would have done better, as they had the gift of emotionally connecting with an audience, and Obama was typically long-winded, but it was well done.

Some have criticized that it seemed too chipper, almost like a pep rally. No, it wasn't all somber and morose, but we must remember that commingled with the tragedy were stories of hope. Some genuine heroes have emerged, and the single aspect that must be taken away from this is this:

The shooter failed.

His primary target -- Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords -- survived, and is recovering. He killed six people, but the one person he wanted to kill is still alive. And should she recover fully and return to office, she will be far more popular and loved than ever. He wanted to erase her, and has done just the opposite.

Tomorrow, as I noted, there will be the funeral for Christina Green. There will be plenty more times for sorrow and grief.

Tonight, the event turned into a celebration of life. Of lives spared, of lives lived, of lives changed forever, of lives that discovered new meaning.

And I'm OK with that.


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Comments (30)

The greek columns were miss... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

The greek columns were missing and I'm certain Arizona Stadium must have been booked. It was a democrat love fest and an embarrassment. It more like a super bowl halftime show then a memorial service.

Well said. Lives were lost.... (Below threshold)

Well said. Lives were lost. Lives altered. Heros revealed.

Dang, Jay Tea, now I feel b... (Below threshold)
Marco Polo:

Dang, Jay Tea, now I feel bad about bustin' your chops for the past few days.

The rally, young people scr... (Below threshold)

The rally, young people screaming and yelling, set a very weird tone. Passed out t-shirts was a bit odd too. Obama did a reasonable job, I think he was taken back by the tone, he did quite well to balance it out. Maybe the media will take his lead and stop trying to get Sarah Palin killed.

Jay:I quitbwatchin... (Below threshold)


I quitbwatching when the crowd started cheering Barry. At what kind of memorial service do people clap, yell and cheer? Still, from what I heard, O actually sole well and appropriately, without mouthing the liberal talking point about a climate of hate. He didn't call out Sarah Palin, Rush or beck as the real culprit. Overall, it sounds like he gets a B+ .

Attempted Sister Souljah mo... (Below threshold)

Attempted Sister Souljah moment, Obama style.

The shooter failed.<p... (Below threshold)

The shooter failed.

>>>> Yeah, but the media SUCCEEDED.

Maybe this past week the le... (Below threshold)

Maybe this past week the leftists have been foaming at the mouth over Palin and Limbaugh so that Obama (as well as he's able) can try to look presidential? Now I guess the media even gets more slime-ball so Obama can look reasonable in a weird comparative way.

Step right up! Step right u... (Below threshold)
Wellstone, part deux:

Step right up! Step right up! You there, sir. Yes you. C'mon in to the big top. Remember folks you gets a free t-shirt with a snappy slogan on it if you attend this here mee-morial service!
Make sure you whoop and holler, 'cause that's what them there classy people do at memorial services!

Too well covered; on too ma... (Below threshold)

Too well covered; on too many stations. Memorial services should be for people who knew the victims well.

My concern is that they wil... (Below threshold)
jim m:

My concern is that they will turn the little girl's funeral into another media event as well. I suppose if that's what the family wants that's OK, but to do so would be incredibly crass.

I don't expect any true 'he... (Below threshold)

I don't expect any true 'healing' to come out of this feel-good speech meant for pacifying Obama's base. Within days we'll see nothing has changed and the political smears as abundant as ever.

Let's see. Mr. I Won speak... (Below threshold)

Let's see. Mr. I Won speaks about 'unity'. Why do I believe it will be 'unity' on his terms?

Gotta agree with Ron. In a couple of days, after all the funerals, it will be 'business as usual'.

In the long run, I don't think Barry is going to get his Oklahoma City moment.

I thought his delivery was ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I thought his delivery was impeccable and overall a fair speech, but Obama gave no hint of any answers to any of the issues. Where has all the change you can believe in gone? Now he only wants us to ask good questions, and behave ourselves, while we continue treading water. Not very demanding or inspiring, but at least no gaffes.

If Barry could only have so... (Below threshold)

If Barry could only have sobbed convincingly, I would truly have believed in his hope. That monotone nature mixed with the pauses is just, well, boring..

During a moment when the na... (Below threshold)

During a moment when the nation should have been memorializing those who died the President and those who orchestrated this. Made it a pep rally for democrats. Why the mex-indian speach...perhaps a dig at Arizona's immigration policy. This is the most ridiculous effort to spout the parties call without little to no regard for the dead.

"This is the most ridiculou... (Below threshold)

"This is the most ridiculous effort to spout the parties call without little to no regard for the dead."

Barry only needs the dead's regard on election day.

There's always someplace in... (Below threshold)
David Spence:

There's always someplace in every speech where his compulsion to be Captain Fantastic surfaces. I don't believe for a minute that Congresswoman Giffords opened her eyes for the first time when he stood over her. Horseshit. In five days, attended by a butt-load of medical specialists, they could not do what one short visit by our Dear Leader did. This guy just cannot be a regular dude-if someone has done something, he's done it better. I'm reminded of that little Korean midget who told his people that on his first nine holes of golf, he shot a 13, with six holes-in-one.

David, I don't think he sai... (Below threshold)

David, I don't think he said it happened in his presence, but that it happened today. And with her husband present, he'd have to go along with the lie. Along with the doctors who'd have to add that lie to all their future updates on her condition...

Not saying Obama wouldn't do it, just that it would be hell to carry off.


I correct my assertion that... (Below threshold)
David Spence:

I correct my assertion that it was Obama who opened the Congresswoman's eyes-he just relayed the information. I now learn that it was Pelosi who caused the eyes to flutter open. That is completely understandable medically and in a hundred other ways. Other than getting the basic facts askew, I still stand by the sentiments.

Yeah. It's always wonderfu... (Below threshold)

Yeah. It's always wonderful when murder victims are used as political props. How unique. How special. Glad you liked it.

Overall I think the speech ... (Below threshold)

Overall I think the speech was very good. He lacked the usual connection with the audience especially emotionally. His words were flawless.

The stadium is not the venue for a memorial service but maybe there wasn't a church big enough in the area to handle the size of crowd expected. Plus, most the attendees were students and they are rowdy by nature.

The speech that was the best was the 20 year old intern that spoke extemporaniously. He focused on only the truth. I can't believe he is just 20.

Being president calls for just being human at times and letting the grief process work. He accomplished that. I am happy he did it.

I know two days from now, he and we will be back at our policy fights but I do have to give him a thumbs up. ww

To me it was a disgusting, ... (Below threshold)

To me it was a disgusting, scripted White House PR event. Plenty of hooting and hollering by UA students and faculty who packed the arena.

If that clown did not have the decency to show up at Ft. Hood to honor brutally murdered innocent and unarmed soldiers why show up to this? And why bring along Holder and Nepolitano?

Oh yeah, I forgot. The Ft. Hood mass murderer was Muslim nutcase, this one was white.

"David, I don't think he sa... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"David, I don't think he said it happened in his presence, but that it happened today."

Actually, it was reported that she did it on Sunday the 9th. Not the 'today' of the memorial.
And the way the crowd went wild and screamed when Obama said this (classy at a 'memorial') shows that they took it the way David did too.

I think Barry tried to go juuuust a little too far because it makes for a more fairy tale story.

"He lacked the usual connec... (Below threshold)

"He lacked the usual connection with the audience especially emotionally."

Personal opinion:

Given the circumstances of Barry's upbringing, I don't believe he's capable of an emotional connection. There's a psychiatric condition where people who can't/don't 'feel' emotions believe that emotion is an artifice. In other words, everyone is playing a game, no one really feels anything. Some are better at the game than others.

How often to The One's supporters laud him for his 'dispassionate intellect', his ability to 'stand above the fray'?

I was taken back by Holder ... (Below threshold)

I was taken back by Holder being there. He seemed uncomfortable reading scripture.

Janet I understand. Her being the ex governor.

I did think the university president kissed too much Obama ass introducing him. I told my wife, "This guy is gunning for an appointment". ww

Hey, the t-shirts were a ni... (Below threshold)

Hey, the t-shirts were a nice touch for a memorial service, don't you think?

Almost got to the point that they reached at the Wellstone memorial!

For Obama it was just another campaign stop.

I would say that for an Oba... (Below threshold)

I would say that for an Obama speech, it was good. His use of scripture seemed a bit pained and stretched. But I don't think he's really comfortable with religious vocabulary. Regan was, and both Clinton and Regan could have read the phone book while looking comfortable and made it seem interesting. Bush 41 knew his bible but he was a stiff speaker. Bush 43, when you got him off script, could shine, and he wsa very comfortable with his faith.
And whichever idiot in the President's staff approved or worked on the T-shirts... that is just fricking stupid. It isn't a concert or a NASCAR race...

Now, the audience last night... many of them had no class. You don't scream, cheer or whistle at a memorial service. And if you clap, you clap politely, almost a golf clap. I suspect they had alot of college students and other young folks there that didn't know squat about the dead and wounded. They were there to bolster the President.

Why did they have an audien... (Below threshold)

Why did they have an audience of college students? Why have it at a place that so many people could come too, unless you wanted to make a spectacle of it.

I was just turned off, I disagree that it was covered well. I was just speechless when I found out they "branded" the memorial and handed out t-shirts. "Together We Thrive Tuscon/America" It's one thing to say you are united (which no one believes for a second) and another to put it on t-shirts.

I know the left is just hammering us with the hope that we just get to the point that we give up, but that is not going to happen. Why do you think they have been pushing so much crap on us for the last 4 years. Overwhelm the system and have so many fronts that they cannot all be covered.

What has been happening while all of the media is focused on the Arizona shooting?

I was taken back by Holder ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

I was taken back by Holder being there. He seemed uncomfortable reading scripture.

Janet I understand. Her being the ex governor.

I did think the university president kissed too much Obama ass introducing him. I told my wife, "This guy is gunning for an appointment". ww

ww..dont dare say 'gunning' that's hate speech now. :-)






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