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Never Forgive, Never Forget

I had a piece about half worked out in my head. It would have been a good piece, on inflammatory rhetoric in politics. I was going to make a suggestion: that those most concerned with "calling out" those who use violent language start with their own sides first. I'd even set an example, by choosing some right-winger who I thought had gone too far and chewing them out -- then ask someone to point out a leftist going after one of their own. If they needed help, I'd point to any of a number of compilations others have put together.

Then I reconsidered. Because Jinx McHue pointed out this "article" over at that sewer of toxic liberalism, TruthOut. (Whose motto isn't, but should be, "we ran Out of Truth years ago, and haven't let that slow us down in the least!")

That made me snap. What started with Kos' Tweet ("Mission Accomplished, Sarah Palin") and continued and continued and continued and continued and continued,  we were all told that the attempted assassination of Representative Giffords was directly the fault of Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement, talk radio, Fox News, and... well, everyone on the right.

Wait for the facts to emerge? Nonsense! It's right-wingers! "We'll give them a fair trial, then hang 'em!" is for wimps! Don't let this crisis go to waste!

Then, bit by bit, trickle by trickle, facts started to emerge about the alleged shooter. Awkward facts. Inconvenient facts. Facts that not only didn't tie him in to Palin, the Tea Party, talk radio, or anything else right-wing, but actually put him far from them.

He was a quasi-anarchist, flag-burner, pothead, parents' basement-dwelling loser, unemployed, anti-war, 9/11 Truther, anti-Christian, news-hating, talk-radio-avoiding, schizophrenic who had most everyone he met convinced he was about to snap and go on a shooting spree... which he did.

In other words, he fit most of the profile of your average young anarchist, the likes of which routinely disrupt events like the G8 summits and the Republican National Convention.

In even fewer words, he wasn't exactly Tea Party material.

This psycho didn't come out of the right wing or the Tea Party. He wasn't inspired by them. It's questionable if he ever heard or saw any of their statements. Hell, his own rants -- focusing on "stupid" and "ignorant" people -- fit in quite well with those who tend to run down the Tea Party, Palin, and the right wing in general.

Like those I linked to above.

Palin and He Who Needs No Linkage pretty much nailed it: this is a "blood libel." No, not The Blood Libel, the specific charge used to persecute Jews, but a lie deliberately meant to lay the blame of the deaths of innocents on those who are innocent in those deaths, motivated by hate.

This is an abomination. This is "waving the bloody shirt"  taken to an obscene degree. And there is absolutely no reason to discuss anything with the shirt-wavers until they have retracted their libels.

Admitting one was wrong is never easy. But I speak from experience -- it gets easier with practice. But the above-linked people need to take back what they said, admit their error, acknowledge their rush to judgment.

They never did with the suicide of Bill Sparkman.

The never did in the case of Andrew Joseph Stack III.

This time, we don't let it slide.

Here I have an advantage in not being a Christian. I don't have to "turn the other cheek." Rather, as an agnostic who was raised Methodist, I can put my own spin on it:

Hey, professional Left: Kiss my ass.

And when you're done, let me "turn the other cheek," and you can kiss that one, too.


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Comments (25)

It is amazing that people s... (Below threshold)

It is amazing that people still haven't learned that the internet is forever. What you write is saved -- forever.

Unfortunately, too many are too lazy to do the work of looking past todays headlines.

Okay, I knew that Mr. Bosto... (Below threshold)
Mark S.:

Okay, I knew that Mr. Boston-Barstool had completely flipped his lid some time ago... but holy crap; that takes it to a whole new level of stupidity (and the commenters aren't much better)

Great post Jay. I especiall... (Below threshold)

Great post Jay. I especially like (and join with you) the line:

"Hey, professional Left: Kiss my ass."

"Then, bit by bit, trickle ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Then, bit by bit, trickle by trickle, facts started to emerge"

It was not a trickle. Once the name of the shooter was released people turned to the internet for information and unleashed a torrent of information. Every few minutes new information came out. He was unbalanced, he liked flag burning, he was a leftist, he scared people and came off as a psycho shooter.

The left steadfastly ignored all of this. Paul Krugman, sheriff dipstick and others doubled down on their mistake. And while obama gave lip service to decency and honesty, he called the sheriff personally to commend him.

obama may throw these dirtbags under the bus but he will be thanking them for their service until they disappear under he bumpers.

The left hasn't learned anything from this yet.

I have seen the left side g... (Below threshold)

I have seen the left side go bonkers before but since Palin came on the scene two years ago, they are totally irrational with her. The hate towards her is palatable. I don't think I have ever hated anything or anyone that strongly, except maybe brussel sprouts.

Good post JT. As always. You don't have to be an agnostic. It is all a matter of faith. ww

Thanks for the mention, Jay... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the mention, Jay, and sorry for making you snap.

I feel I must remind people again that the jackhole behind that piece of smear-mongering fecal matter masquerading as an op-ed is none other than William Rivers Pitt, who, you may recall, was the one who infamously "reported" that Karl Rove was going to be indicted within "24 hours" (which was then laughably altered to "24 business hours" when he realized he foolishly made the statement on a Friday -- of course, the indictment never came). He obviously didn't learn from that incident and has once again made statements that are quickly crumbling in the face of hard evidence.

You're welcome, Jinx. And I... (Below threshold)

You're welcome, Jinx. And I gotta correct you -- it was TruthOut that was the "secret Rove indictment," but it was Jason Leopold who was pushing that one.


Re: "Hey, professional Left... (Below threshold)

Re: "Hey, professional Left: Kiss my ass.
And when you're done, let me "turn the other cheek," and you can kiss that one, too."

I suspect most conservatives and what the elitists call fly-over country feel the same way. I agree.

Problem is the professional left is just too damn stubborn to get the message. Hell, they haven't even figured out why their ratings continue to plummet.

They prefer to think that the average voter is just too stupid to understand, remember and act. Even after last November.

For the left, Pogo is correct. They just aren't intelligent enough to realize it.
They'll be the last to know.

"Problem is the professiona... (Below threshold)

"Problem is the professional left is just too damn stubborn to get the message."

Stubborn? No. They have an agenda, and their going to push it for all it's worth. They haven't forgotten Alinsky. Just ask Palin.

Far as I'm concerned, they can kiss my ass AFTER I drop kick them in the balls. If the "violent" metaphor offends them, tough shit.

GarandFan is right. This i... (Below threshold)
jim m:

GarandFan is right. This isn't about the left being stubborn. This is about the left wanting to force their agenda on everyone else no matter what and their willingness to use any tactic, no matter how immoral, to get their way.

I have to wonder if a repub... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I have to wonder if a republican politician, say for instance Sarah Palin, had been shot than what would the mime of the left be.

"I have to wonder if a repu... (Below threshold)

"I have to wonder if a republican politician, say for instance Sarah Palin, had been shot than what would the mime of the left be."

Probably similar to the bladder emptying glee they experienced when Rush Limbaugh was ill.

RM,That's easy it is... (Below threshold)
jim m:

That's easy it is retribution for her violent rhetoric. In such a case the accusation would be self justifying. They wouldn't care about whether the guy was some nutcase or if he were far right or far left.

We'd be hearing endless comments of "Karma is a b!^@#" and leftists would be dancing in the street. We wold be treated to smug, self satisfied left commentators opining wisely on how the right has brought this upon itself and Paul Krugman would be running to Alaska to spit on her grave.

"We'd be hearing endless... (Below threshold)

"We'd be hearing endless comments of "Karma is a b!^@#" and leftists would be dancing in the street. We wold be treated to smug, self satisfied left commentators opining wisely on how the right has brought this upon itself and Paul Krugman would be running to Alaska to spit on her grave."

Absolutely. We got a glimpse of that naked hate when Tony Snow died.

"I have to wonder if a repu... (Below threshold)

"I have to wonder if a republican politician, say for instance Sarah Palin, had been shot than what would the mime of the left be."

Easy, and any bystanders - including a 9 year old girl.......THEY DESERVED IT!

Probably even give Chrissy Matthews a leg tingle. And Olbermann would be sponsoring a defense fund for the shooter.

Oh, that's right. Jason Le... (Below threshold)

Oh, that's right. Jason Leopold. Who could forget that name? (Obviously, I could. Not the least bit embarrassed about that.) I think the whole "business hours" was concocted solely by Pitt, though, with the approval of Leopold. In any case, at the time, I'm pretty sure Pitt had the final say on the publishing of Leopold's phony scoop.

For added outrage, check out the comments for the article by the mindless sheeple who take everything Pitt writes at face value.

Calling out the blatant hyp... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Calling out the blatant hypocrisy of the left whenever we get a chance shouldn't require a special (or dreadful) occasion nor should we let it slide, IMO.

Guess that makes me a "bad" Christian/Catholic like that. Meh, here we are.

Response of the NYT's to Ba... (Below threshold)

Response of the NYT's to Barry's speech. You know, the one where he 'chided the left'?

"It was important that Mr. Obama transcend the debate about whose partisanship has been excessive and whose words have sown the most division and dread. This page and many others have identified those voices and called on them to stop demonizing their political opponents. The president’s role in Tucson was to comfort and honor, and instill hope…"

No mention of the rhetoric from the pages of the NYT's. They are on Barry's side. "THIS PAGE AND MANY OTHERS HAVE IDENTIFIED THOSE VOICES AND CALLED ON THEM TO STOP...."

The story that is emerging,... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The story that is emerging, is that is the shooter was a pot head, long-haired hippie leftwing, liberal in high school but then in last few months of his life he had become a right wing grammar anti-government brainwash conspiracy, skinhead fascinated with guns and the firing range. Which profile is more dangerous? For most of you it seems, it is still the fomer?

As for the unfortunate term "blood libel", employed by Palin in a speech denying that she uses inflamatory rhetoric, I presume that Jay no longer writes for the professional right at least Commentary. Just as well he would be probably never forgive his former colleague John Podhoretz at Commentary Contentions- for his conclusion, in Palin and the Blood Libel that

"If she doesn’t serious herself up, Palin is on the direct path to irrelevancy. She won’t be the second Ronald Reagan; she’ll be the Republican incarnation of Jesse Jackson."

Jay, a staunch but ignorant friend of Israel might be looking for new speech writer with some acquaintance of words and history, and you could get your own back. "Kiss my ass, professional left, the lamestream media, and the professional right, while we are at it" would probably sound good coming from Palin.

This" blood libel" phrase- ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

This" blood libel" phrase- Jay, you have read enough Jewish or Zionist history to know that is as emotive as the word holocaust or Hitler or the, final solution to Jews. It denotes the worst form of anti-semiticism until the Third Reich. I don't even like to use these words now, because it trivializes and makes very painful what happened.

I presume no one has asked Sarah Palin-she isn't talking- but has anyone asked, Glenn Reynolds why he used the term this last weekend? A writer in the National Republic felt he should have straightened out Glenn then. Probably some 22 year old picked it up for Sarah or she did herself. She has a whole team of consultants and I bet not one person knew what the term evocked, they probably liked the idea of blood and libel. together as comnjuring up something bad..I suppose they don't use google either. I think they believe lie sounds like liable, libel. Do they even know what libel is? It is far too early to know what influences the shooter may have picked up. He isn't talking. It may have been from a blog for all we know?

Excuse me, I meant the Nati... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Excuse me, I meant the National Review.

Uh, oh. Here's something n... (Below threshold)

Uh, oh. Here's something new to get your blood boiling, Jay:

BAN the GOP's journal on DU

Check out in particular the poorly photoshopped image in the second journal entry entitled "Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Murderers." Palin's face on Loughner's yearbook photo. Disgusting!

Then scroll down to the "Postponing the 2010 Congressional Elections, REVISITED" posted on Jun 27, 2010, and read (bold emphasis added):

"The republican party MUST be destroyed. I've said that ad infinitum! But now we are at a point where we LOST OUR CHANCE to put our boot on the throat of this thuggish, criminal organization."

I'm sure there's more violent rhetoric from this person on that page, but the "boot on the throat" phrase the one I was specifically searching for. In fact, scroll down a bit from that last post and you find the "boot on the throat" rhetoric again.

These people are all hypocrites.

Steve, I will agree that "T... (Below threshold)

Steve, I will agree that "The Blood Libel" should be reserved for the abuse of Jews. But I like "a blood libel" to describe similar events -- it evokes and keeps fresh in mind the anti-Semitic one, but by reserving the definite article and proper noun form for it preserves its uniqueness.

And "blood libels" have been used in a lot of cases. The ever-excitable and delusional Andrew Sullivan uses the term to describe how some people link homosexuality with pedophilia, just to name one.


Jay, that is one thing we a... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore :

Jay, that is one thing we agree upon anyway.I wasn't aware there was any other context for "blood libel". It makes me wonder too if Palin knows the historical reasons for the heavy, brutal discrimiation of the Jews through the ages-all based on complete ignorance too-.

Here is the National Review link .

Historically, the term is almost invariably used to describe anti-Semitic myths about how Jews use blood — usually from children — in their rituals. I agree entirely with Glenn’s, and now Palin’s, larger point

She is a real project.

It makes me wonder too i... (Below threshold)

It makes me wonder too if Palin knows the historical reasons for the heavy, brutal discrimiation of the Jews through the ages-all based on complete ignorance too-.

Steve, she's extremely pro-Israel -- she often wears a pin with crossed American and Israeli flags, and had an Israeli flag in her office, along with an American and an Alaskan flag.

And as far as her knowing more than you're willing to give her credit, I got one thing to say to you:

Party like it's 1773.

Keep on misunderestimating her, Steve...







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