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"The New Spirituality of the 21st Century"

I missed last night's memorial and so did not get to see what more and more people are bringing to my attention.  The apparent dismantling of the separation of church and state:

Last night we may have witnessed the 21st Century's first spiritual gathering in which our political leaders become High Priests too.  There were no Jewish rabbis or Catholic and Christian clergy who represented the faiths of those who actually died or were terribly maimed.   Instead, the University of Arizona offered up secular political leaders to serve as our spiritual leaders.  They were the ones who were  there to salve our wounds. They were the ones to quote from the Old and New Testaments, to cite from proverbs, psalms and other scriptures. We witnessed a national secular religious event.  If that sounds  like a contradiction in terms, welcome to the New World of religious secularism.  We may be seeing the "new normal" of  a religious ethos being born before our very eyes:   Government becomes the new church.

... is it possible that we caught a glimpse of the  New Spirituality of the 21st Century where government serves as guardians of our spiritual health as well as our physical health?  Did we see secular new priests emerge who ready to supplant our traditional Christian-Judaic clergy?  And indirectly, did we also get a peek into the culture of our  modern  universities and of the kind of the values that are being imparted to the next generation?

My guess is that if a Republican administration had been in power and all that co-mingling of church and state had gone on that there would've been a huge outcry... but the establishment clause proponents have been completely silent (to my knowledge) on it since it's largely their own allies who are in power.

Par for the course.

H/T to Larwyn.


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Comments (13)

Well Rick, He IS the Obamas... (Below threshold)

Well Rick, He IS the Obamassiah!

What? Are you implying that... (Below threshold)

What? Are you implying that the Left is filled with duplicitous, scum-bag, low-life, ends-justifies-the-means, no-account, bas*ards..? I'm shocked. I thought they were thoughtful, fair-minded, God fearing, good people.... *SNORT* I breaks meself up sum-times...

GarandFan, you left somethi... (Below threshold)

GarandFan, you left something important off his name. It's Obamassiah©

Unlike most most of the mor... (Below threshold)

Unlike most most of the more vacuous "separation of church and state" cliams, this one does appear to approach the real meaning of the establishment clause. It appears to indeed suggest establishment of a state religion. "State", in this case, has a double meaning.

We elected The Chosen One. ... (Below threshold)

We elected The Chosen One. There is no longer a need for church or state. We now have the Obamessiah in charge and he can walk on water, lower sea levels, and heal people in comas.

"Par for the course" implie... (Below threshold)

"Par for the course" implies golf
Golf requires the use of clubs
Clubs are weapons
Weapons imply violence
Violence begets injury and death
Rick, by your own words you are promoting:
and hatred.

This is kinda fun :)

Before this happened how ma... (Below threshold)

Before this happened how many of the disciples were praying for the "Oklahoma City" moment when Obama could re-assert the fantasy that he is an actual leader. Well, this isn't the ideal situation because it looks like the murderer did not kill because of some grand, right-wing political ideology but Obama is gonna have to take what he can get because who knows when his next opportunity will arise to cast his words over these waters of shock and sorrow. Therefore, he is not going dilute the focus on his words by sharing the podium with a rabbi, pastor or priest who might speak more eloquently on spiritual matters than he. Despite the tragedy, wherever Obama appears it still his about him.

now come on... Credit where... (Below threshold)

now come on... Credit where credit is due, You gotta admit. Having a President who can heal gunshot wounded victims has advantages.

Now if he could only heal a professional victim like Sarah Palin.

DaveD with the iwogisdead N... (Below threshold)

DaveD with the iwogisdead Nail on the Head award for January 13.

What gets me is that Obama, a whole cloth product of the left, scores big by denouncing the left's pathetic attempts to attribute blame for this tragedy to Sarah Palin.

And what does the left do today? Complain about Sarah Palin some more, of course.

Unity? Discourse? Fairy tales.

Maybe the ObamaMessiah can ... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Maybe the ObamaMessiah can heal the stupid dumbasses.
Woop can be first in line.

Oh, wait. If Teh Won heals the stupid dumbasses, then no one would vote for him. Even the Lamestream Media couldn't cover for him to get him elected.

One would hope, anyway...

But seriously. Palin makes ... (Below threshold)

But seriously. Palin makes it all about her.

She wants America to feel her pain, and see how she has suffered at the hands of the mean old media....who for some strange reason thinks that she's nothing more than a self-serving egotistical monster.

She's not fit for leadership.

But seriously. Pal... (Below threshold)
Brett :
But seriously. Palin makes it all about her.

She wants America to feel her pain, and see how she has suffered at the hands of the mean old media....who for some strange reason thinks that she's nothing more than a self-serving egotistical monster.

So, let me just get this straight - you and your buddies have spent the last two years accusing her of every nonsensical failing under the sun, threatening her life, her children, etc. Then the entire week trying to pin the blame for this on her, despite her having absolutely no connection with it in any way.

She tries to defend herself and her adherents against this absolutely libelous and slanders accusations, and *shes* the one at fault? This show just exactly how morally bankrupt the left in this country is.

She's not fit for leadership.

Who has spent the last two years blaming their every setback on Fox News, right wing talk radio, and those idiots in flyover country clinging to guns and bibles, and even his own party when they control BOTH HOUSES OF THE CONGRESS ? It sure wasn't a private citizen in Alaska. It was the putative *President of the United States*. I would take Sarah over a malignant narcissist that hasn't worked and honest day or taken any real responsibility for any hard decision in his entire life.

Here, here, Brett!Ni... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Here, here, Brett!
Nicely said.

Now Woop can change his name to "My @$$ got Wooped again". :-)






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