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"their acid burns them from within"

That from the comments at an Anchoress post rightly giving hell for the madness engaged in by the mainstream media:

Yesterday, they were complaining that she was "hiding" from the media, who insisted on making her part of a story to which she had no connection.

And so, today, Sarah Palin-probably aware that she was damned if she did, and damned if she didn't-made a statement. It was actually a very good, if a trifle long, statement. Immediately upon her delivering it, the media, like jackals went on the attack. ABC news, in a breathtaking example of cognitive dissonance, wrote: "Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way (!) to become part of the story. "

The (!) is mine. The press hauls this woman into the story, makes her a focal point of it, and then asserts that she has inserted herself into it. Staggering.

Other talking heads were spittle-spewing over Palin's use of a very common phrase that had actually been all over media they day before thanks to Glenn Reynolds' essay in the Wall Street Journal: "Blood libel."

The press had almost-almost-been forced to put their Palin-toy down, but those two words-which had not offended when used by Reynolds, or by Andrew Sullivan in the past-gave them something new to bite on. "Blood libel!" "Palin still using violent rhetoric!"

And the Palin-madness-a madness unto rabidity-is reinvigorated.

"Today was supposed to be set-aside for the victims," someone posted on twitter, "Palin decided she is one of them."

No. Sarah Palin made a statement that was contextual, relevant and appropriate to the day. The press, if they really wanted to put the day aside for the victims, could have simply reported that Palin made a statement, and moved on. In truth, they could have utterly ignored Palin's statement altogether, because she really is not part of this story.

But they did not, because they cannot. Where Sarah Palin is concerned, the mainstream press and the political pundit class are like 14 year olds obsessing over the social order of the cafeteria, and especially that stupid new cootie girl, ewwww.

They are the spiteful, malevolent and immature teenagers in "Carrie," armed with pig-blood and just looking for any opportunity to pour it.

I love when The Anchoress gets riled up. No one can make the point as strongly as she does when she's a tad on the miffed side.  No one.

Go and read the rest.  And yes by God, pass it on.


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Comments (32)

You left out the par... (Below threshold)
gnossoss papadopoulis:

You left out the part about the alteration of the Wiki page on "blood libel". It's easier for Palins nonsense to appear to make sense when some of the facts appear orderly.

Palins 8 minute "speech" on personal responsibility.......except for herself. Too bad the Rep Giffords video about the targets on her ruin any further political ambitions this nit wit had.

gonad, can't you find anyth... (Below threshold)

gonad, can't you find anything or anyone else to masturbate to? How about a picture of Helen Thomas or Nancy Pelosi?

At least Obama bitch slappe... (Below threshold)

At least Obama bitch slapped the likes of the loons on this comment page.

I like Sarah Palin alot. I will not vote for her unless she proves to me she is ready for the job. I knew Obama was not and that has been proven many times. I also like Sarah because she brings out the absolute worse in the left. I give her credit for the 2010 victories. If it hadn't been for the constant bashing of the Palin's by the left, independents would not have come to the conclusion that the left are pure haters. Which, of course, they are. ww

I'm finding it hard to say ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'm finding it hard to say that obama "bitch slapped" anyone. He has said next to nothing about Krugman and he called sheriff dumbass and even greeted him on arrival to Tucson.

Barry is just allowing the peons to do his dirty work and for the first time summoning up sufficient restraint to keep himself from piling on and saying something stupid. I doubt that it will last.

The LSM hates to be called ... (Below threshold)

The LSM hates to be called out on the abysmal job they do. They're biased, sloppy, hateful, not too bright, and give the term journalist a bad name.

They're used to getting away with character assassination because most conservatives don't fight back. Instead conservatives bend over backwards trying to earn favor with them. It never ever works. Ask McCain.

When their targets do fight back, the LSM will usually accuse them of whining over being attacked. Thus they can have it both ways.

Palin doesn't fit into this mold. She defends herself and often counter-attacks, correctly pointing out how pathetic the LSM really is. For that, she must be destroyed.

All in the name of tolerance, I suppose.

Time to your diaper gonadso... (Below threshold)

Time to your diaper gonadsoss papadoofus!

What has the MSM and the le... (Below threshold)

What has the MSM and the left twisting their panties is that the majority of Americans aren't buying their trash.

I'm waiting for them to drop the "victim" card. You know - 'you're shooting the messenger' - implying of course that they were only speaking truth.

"What has the MSM and the l... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"What has the MSM and the left twisting their panties is that the majority of Americans aren't buying their trash."

Yep. First we don't take the blame for the psycho shooter and now we have fully one half of the states suing to stop obamacare.

When will the unwashed masses learn to shut up and take what the liberal elite knows is best for them?

Liberalism is a very comple... (Below threshold)

Liberalism is a very complex mental disorder, that can also include obsession (see S. Palin).

Ah, it's a beautiful thing.... (Below threshold)
John S:

Ah, it's a beautiful thing. The MSM is shredding what little credibility it still had. And Obama isn’t trying to make hay from the assassination of a Republican judge who was critical of the administration. He only designed a special t-shirts for the event. Disgusting.

The moronic bleating of the Fourth Estate will have ZERO effect on the 2012 election. Independents, who hold the key to the election, are now fully aware the MSM are full of shit. I hope Palin runs. I'd enjoy seeing the likes of Olberman or Matthews suffering epileptic fits on live television.

I have to quibble with the ... (Below threshold)

I have to quibble with the opening...Russert wouldn't be "sickened and appalled", he'd be rolling in the mud with the rest of them, just as he did after Katrina.

Too bad the Rep Gi... (Below threshold)
Too bad the Rep Giffords video about the targets on her ruin any further political ambitions this nit wit had.

Kos put a bullseye on Giffords' district in 2008 saying, "Not all of these people will get or even deserve primaries, but this vote certainly puts a bullseye on their district."

DCCC had a map title "Targating Strategy" that places bullseyes on various states to be targeted.

A Kos diarist wrote, two days before she was shot, “My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!”

Congressman Paul Kanjorski said of Governor Rick Scott (FL), “Put him against the wall and shoot him.”

Collection of photos featuring eliminationist rhetoric from the left.

Collection pictures featuring death threats to Bush.

How about all of the people currently calling for Sarah Palin to be killed?

Before preaching how bad the Right is, it would be nice if more people on the Left cleaned their own house. Instead, they just look like hypocrites when they do the same things and then say its all coming from the Right.

You know what's funny (not ... (Below threshold)

You know what's funny (not funny 'ha ha', funny 'the press is an ass'), in all the time since this has happened - I have not ONCE seen a headline or a TV news story about how he was stopped. Until seeing a link in this post I didn't know if someone shot him, tackled him, if he just sat down and started to cry...nothing.

Now, admittedly, I haven't sat down and read full stories in the paper about the incident, but that hasn't been necessary for me to see stories and headlines and hear sound bites about all sorts of things - about who was shot, about the 'heroic intern', about Obama laying hands on Gifford and speeding her recovery...but not once has anyone mentioned anyone doing anything to stop this moron.

What's up with that?

The reason Palins recent st... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

The reason Palins recent statement has drawn so much criticism has to with the context in which she made the statement. Many people in the center and left feel that Palin does need to tone down her references to death and killing in the wake of the recent tragedy. But instead she doubled down by using the word blood. Her response to the tragedy gives the indication that Palin is going to continue to invent phrases like death panels.

A lot of it has to do with moderation as well. For instance one can more easily forgive someone who occasionally uses curse words than for someone who constanly curses. Palin constanly uses words that have a conotation with death or killing.

Tina writes,Man... (Below threshold)

Tina writes,

Many people in the center and left feel that Palin does need to tone down her references to death and killing in the wake of the recent tragedy.
Do many people in the center and left feel the same way about their own excesses? It has been repeatedly proved (see above) that the left routinely engages in this type of rhetoric, but the instant a conservative makes a statement they think is insensitive or unfair, they throw a fit. At the very least, it raises the suspicion they are indifferent to rhetoric, unless uttered by a political opponent.

With respect to blood libel, I will only echo what others have cogently observed: It is often used as a general term describing a false accusation. ANY person (Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton) has the right to respond to false accusations. I hope you have been as vigilant in objecting to the false accusations leveled at Palin, conservatives, the GOP, etc., as you have been about the rhetoric they use.


Indeed Tina, when are you g... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Indeed Tina, when are you going to speak out against obama and his eliminationist rhetoric? I didn't hear you complaining when he said that if the GOP wins in November we will have "hand-to-hand combat on the House floor, or that the left should "Punish our enemies". You're hypocrisy is extremely transparent. You don't even show the slightest appearance of caring about the excesses on the left.

As for the blood libel statement I suggest that you look up the comments of Alan Dershowitz and then come back and tell us why he is wrong. When prominent left wing, Jews are backing her up the rest of you just look like supreme jerks madly grasping for the slightest thing to hold against her. It really is becoming pathetic to watch you and others on the left try to make something out of this.

Intertesting in that libs a... (Below threshold)

Intertesting in that libs are concerned with original intent when it comes to "blood libel", but not so much with our consitution.

jim. m most people assume P... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

jim. m most people assume Palin and her advisors are just ignorant of history. "plausible deniablity is her only defense. As a staunch frind of Israel, she ahould have known the hsitory of anti-semiticism. Bush's press secretary had never heard of the missle gap- and she was giving opinions on Russia and politics. Don't you ever feel a bit embarassed?

Hereis Jay Tea's ex-site Commentary Contentions onPalin for using such language.

If she doesn’t serious herself up, Palin is on the direct path to irrelevancy. She won’t be the second Ronald Reagan; she’ll be the Republican incarnation of Jesse Jackson
If you read Dershowitz you ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

If you read Dershowitz you will see that he indicates that she is not alone in this usage. It isn't Palin that is out of step it is the psycho left and you Steve (and yes, perhaps Jay Tea could stand to read up on how people use the term before spouting off too).

Steve,If you think... (Below threshold)
jim m:


If you think that Sarah Palin is ignorant because of her use of the term blood libel, I would like to hear you express the same opinion in the same strength toward the NYT, Andrew Sullivan, and Josh Marshall all of whom have been using the term in the same manner. Opinion Journal today rounds up examples of their supposed ignorance.

Once again we see the libs all up in arms about someone doing exactly what they do to other people.

Steve, is that why so many ... (Below threshold)

Steve, is that why so many on the left assumed she didn't know her history when she said it was "time to party like it's 1773"?

Because she support Israel's right to exist, she should be ultra careful in how she uses a term that historically relates to Jews?

But she should Andrew Sullivan be more careful?
"A couple of obvious thoughts. Paladino speaks of “perverts who target our children and seek to destroy their lives.” This is the gay equivalent of the medieval (and Islamist) blood-libel against Jews."

Or Mikey Weinstein?
“We’re not painting all Jews as thieves for Madoff’s economic crimes,” said Weinstein, comparing Palin’s comments to a “blood libel.”

Peter Deutsch?
Let me just talk a little bit about the whole, I guess, spin from the Republicans about — which has been to me the absolute most — the worst statements I have ever heard probably in my life about anything. I mean, almost a blood libel by the Republicans towards Al Gore, saying that he was trying to stop men and women in uniform that are serving this country from voting. That is the most absurd thing and absolutely has no basis in fact at all.

Frank Rich?
The moment Mr. Foley’s e-mails became known, we saw that brand of fearmongering and bigotry at full tilt: Bush administration allies exploited the former Congressman’s predatory history to spread the grotesque canard that homosexuality is a direct path to pedophilia. It’s the kind of blood libel that in another era was spread about Jews.

There are tons of examples of people using the blood libel analogy to describe viscous smears that should not be allowed to pass without challenge. Smears that if not challenged can destroy a career, a reputation, a life etc.

Why is it now verboten?

I'll go with Alan Dershowitz's opinion of the use of blood libel over yours in this case. I think he has a ball in that game, after all...

There is nothing wrong with... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

There is nothing wrong with occasionally using the phrase "Blood Libel". What bothers me is that everytime the nation is having a major political discussion Sara Palin always criticizes the other side of the debate using terms that invoke images of death.

As for the blood libel s... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

As for the blood libel statement I suggest that you look up the comments of Alan Dershowitz and then come back and tell us why he is wrong.

Alan Dershowitz is not wrong. Alan is refering to Sarah Palins comments as not being anti-semitic. I never accused Sarah of being that.

I consider it common sense ... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

I consider it common sense that putting crosshairs on a political map and using language such as "take out" and "lock and load" can lead to trajic consequences. I feel that way and many people who criticized Sarah Palin last November feel the same. So now, 2 month after Sarah published the map, what people warned could happen did happen. Trajedies like this involving politicians happens about once every 20 years. Is it just a coincidence that a once in 20 year event happened 2 months after publishing the map? I consider whether or not highly inflametory political comments combined with references to killing can lead to deadly consequences is a valid topic of discussion. And now is an appropriate time to have the discussion.

Tina... coming to Wizbang a... (Below threshold)
Rick Author Profile Page:

Tina... coming to Wizbang and opining to your heart's content is a good thing... but at least come and present an informed opinion...

Your beloved Democrats and those who believe as you do were using similar graphics in their ads well before Palin did... and no one was killed as a result...

And there isn't a shred of evidence existing that would tie what Loughner did to Palin's ad... not an iota of evidence...

It isn't common sense that drives you to draw the conclusions you're drawing over this... quite the contrary... it's brain-washing and emotive thinking...

Tina... opine all you want... but do it substantively... do some research... you're really embarrassing yourself here...

Rick, I do not like for any... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Rick, I do not like for anyone to use violent imagery and language when talking about politics. It is wrong when republicans use it and it is just as wrong when democrats use it. You seem to overlook frequency of usage. If a democrat were to use that type of language and symbolism with the frequency in which Sarah does you bet I would speak out. And I have been critical of Alan Grayson when he described the GOP Health Care Plan as "Die quickly". Eventhough I do not think this type of language should ever be used, it is less likely I will be speak out against the person doing it if I hear of them doing it only once. I'll just ignore it, and hope they realize they went over the top and tone it down in the future (usually they do). This is the first time I have been critical of Sarah since the tragic event occured. That is because I was giving her a chance to do some soul searching and become more responsible for what she says. Never in my lifetime has the use of this type of language been more prevalent than it is now. Sarah Palin has done more than anyone else to make violent imagery in politics vogue, so therefore she gets the bulk of my criticism.

Can you substantiate this n... (Below threshold)
Rick Author Profile Page:

Can you substantiate this nonsense in any way? At all?

Never in my lifetime has the use of this type of language been more prevalent than it is now. Sarah Palin has done more than anyone else to make violent imagery in politics vogue, so therefore she gets the bulk of my criticism
Tina wrote,Alan... (Below threshold)

Tina wrote,

Alan is refering to Sarah Palins comments as not being anti-semitic.
That is not all, Tina. Perhaps you missed something else he said:
The fact that two of the victims are Jewish is utterly irrelevant to the propriety of using this widely used term.
In other words, it is entirely appropriate to use the term blood libel in the context in which Sarah used it.

The fact you're trying to tie her "crosshairs" ad to these murders is beneath contempt.

Can you substantiate thi... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Can you substantiate this nonsense in any way? At all?

Tell me the name of a democratic politician that you think has used as much violent imagery as Sarah Palin. I bet I can find 10 times as many examples of Sarah Palin doing it than you can find of the worst democrat offender.

The fact that two of the... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

The fact that two of the victims are Jewish is utterly irrelevant to the propriety of using this widely used term.


The above state definitely backs up my statement that Alan is refering to Sarah Palins comments as not being anti-semitic. I'm not sure how you are interpreting to mean otherwise. Please explain.

Tina,Your beloved ... (Below threshold)


Your beloved President is cited using "violent" language 13 times here...

You now have to find 130 instances of Palin doing the same...

Hell... just find 13... we'll call it a wash... and prove that you simply don't know what in hell you're talking about...

But most of us knew this...

Tina, I thought you read th... (Below threshold)

Tina, I thought you read the entire quote. Who accused Sarah of being anti-semitic? She was attacked because she either didn't know the meaning of the term, or because she was being insensitive to Jews. Dershowitz' comments are in reaction to the criticism against Sarah for using that term.

The "sensitivity" accusation fails, according to Dershowitz, because there is nothing inappropriate about that term as it relates to the false accusations against Sarah.

With respect to limiting his statement that such a comment isn't strictly anti-semitic, what I quoted came after Dershowitz said this:

The term “blood libel” has taken on a broad metaphorical meaning in public discourse. Although its historical origins were in theologically based false accusations against the Jews and the Jewish People,its current usage is far broader...There is nothing improper and certainly nothing anti-Semitic in Sarah Palin using the term to characterize what she reasonably believes are false accusations that her words or images may have caused a mentally disturbed individual to kill and maim.
Bold emphasis added. In other words, Palin used the term 'blood libel' to describe the FALSE accusation that her actions caused violence. Contrary to your misrepresentation of Dershowitz' words, his comment isn't at all limited to anti-semitism. In fact, his words are so clear, your misinterpretation appears to be deliberate.






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