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What Sarah Palin and Global Warming share

You'd think that outside of a "Drill, baby, Drill!" reference Sarah Palin and anthropogenic global warming would be otherwise unrelated topics.  But one thing they do have in common is the ability to be interjected into tragedies even as experts admit neither was involved in any way.

STOCKHOLM (AP) -- Though you can't make a direct link between Australia's killer floods and climate change, they do hold a warning for the future: Scientists predict such extreme weather events will increase both in intensity and frequency as the planet warms.

Raging floodwaters have swamped thousands of homes and businesses in Queensland, leaving at least 25 people dead and dozens more missing since late November. Rail lines and highways have been washed away in what is shaping up to become Australia's costliest natural disaster.

The flooding follows a spate of severe natural disasters in the past year. While the most deadly was Haiti's earthquake, extreme weather also killed thousands of people across the globe, including a scorching heat wave that choked Russia in the summer and devastating floods that engulfed more than 60,000 square miles (150,000 square kilometers) in Pakistan.

"The Earth is delivering a message to us. And the message is that more extreme weather is becoming the norm rather than the exception," said John Magrath, a climate change researcher at British charity Oxfam.

He said there is a misconception that global warming only means higher temperatures. "It actually means more energy in the climatic system, which stimulates extremes and more chaotic behavior," Magrath said.

La Nina?  What is it?  It's a cyclical oceanic event that's been recorded for millennia, but that's not important right now.

The Earth delivering a message bit is a nice touch.  I like the idea of non-senient object speaking to us.  That's the operating theory on Tuscon as well.  A map from Palin and the Tea Party - unseen by the killer - delivered a message.  And the message is that vigorous, angry political rhetoric is for the first time in American history rearing its ugly head thanks to Sarah Palin.

Therefore, even if these specific tragedies - or other events individually or collectively up to now - have nothing to do with the AGW/Palin biumverate we should heed their warnings and immediately endeavor to implement the experts' prescriptions.

Australia's floods, which started in late November, have been linked to the La Nina weather phenomenon, which refers to cooler than normal surface sea temperatures in parts of the Pacific, causing disruptions in weather patterns. La Nina occurs naturally, and the link to climate change remains unclear, said Omar Baddour of the World Meteorological Organization.

"But as we know, extreme events whether their cause is due to La Nina or El Nino or other factors, will be more intense in the era of climate change," he added.

Reinsurer Munich Re counted nearly 1,000 natural disasters in 2010 -- nine-tenths of them weather-related -- the second highest number since 1980. The resulting economic losses totaled $130 billion, the German company said earlier this month.

"The high number of weather-related natural catastrophes and record temperatures both globally and in different regions of the world provide further indications of advancing climate change," Munich Re said.

Scientists caution against drawing conclusions about climate change from a single storm, flood, cold snap or heat wave. Natural variability is and will always be a factor when it comes to extreme weather.

Still, single events can be useful in highlighting shortcomings in our preparedness for a warmer world more prone to extremes, said Markku Rummukainen, a climate scientist at Lund University in Sweden.

"For example, that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans does not have to have anything to do with climate change, but it revealed vulnerabilities that hadn't been considered," said Rummukainen, who is also involved in drafting the next report by the U.N.'s expert panel on climate change. "It remains to be seen what conclusions can be drawn in Australia."

This kills me.  Katrina did not reveal vulnerabilities that hadn't been considered.  It revealed the ineptitude of the Army Corp of Engineers, State of Louisiana, and City of New Orleans.  New Orleans gets hit by a hurricane every 14 years.  Much like the our impending fiscal implosion, the question isn't "if" but "when and how bad?"  Drought and floods are the norm in Australia.  Oddly enough, in a discernible pattern that follows the El Nino/La Nina.

Instead of Lt. Drebin standing in front of the exploding fireworks factory admonishing the people there's nothing to see here, he telling the crowd how to cut down on carbon emissions by properly inflating their tires.  Or tackling the Queen of England when he sees Sarah Palin preparing to hand her the antique Revolutionary War musket.

The thread that binds them is the neuroses of the experts and pundits.  Their first instinct when confronted with a horrible, tragic yet unavoidable and completely predictable* loss of life is to use it to fight the thing that frightens them the most.  Looking back from a future Waterworld/Palin inauguration speech and thinking, "I didn't do enough to convincingly demonstrate the link between an essential trace gas and skyrocketing temperatures/politically ruin this embarrassing redneck."

It's nothing personal, just a template.  A template that will get you 6 credit hours of math credit towards a liberal arts degree at any upstanding, top-tier private university.

(AP) -- Though you can't make a direct link between Tragic Event and Feared Outcome, they do hold a warning for the future: Politically advantageous talking point.

Being an utterly predictable response doesn't make it any less sickening to the large majority of Americans that don't see politics in things over which we have no control.

* Before anyone squawks about shooting sprees not being "unavoidable and utterly predictable" through stricter laws or outright bans, take a look 50 miles south of Tucson at a country with incredibly strict gun laws where political murder is almost an every day occurrence.  Different circumstances, sure, but if a person is driven to kill they will find a way.

It is a cost of our freedom.  More laws won't stop a determined killer, bans are unconstitutional.  I don't like the fact there are no easy answers, but the irrationally angry and/or otherwise deranged running amok is unavoidable and utterly predictable - guns or no guns.


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Comments (12)

"What Sarah Palin and Globa... (Below threshold)

"What Sarah Palin and Global Warming share"

They both threaten the planet in the minds of the mentally ill.

"I don't like the fact ther... (Below threshold)

"I don't like the fact there are no easy answers...."

But the left THRIVES on 'easy answers'! IT'S THE GUNS! Yeah, guns shoot people. "If there were no guns, there would be no mass killings." Tell that to McVeigh. And I seem to recall several "mass killings" in China/Japan involving knives.

Remember in the 1970's, the "experts" said we were entering a NEW ICE AGE!

La Nina normally means (in my part of the world), an unusually DRY winter. NEW FLASH! California is already WAY ABOVE it's normal annual rainfall/snowpack density. And the 'rainy season' hasn't even begun yet.

I just love the "experts". In February 1992 we were told solemnly "It will take SEVERAL YEARS of abnormal rainfall to replenish our reservoirs". Then came March 1st, and it started to rain. And it rained ALL month, almost every day. By the end of the 3rd week we were treated to pictures of all the reservoirs OVERFLOWING their spillways. All that valuable water going into the ocean - because the greenies don't want the reservoirs expanded. How dare we endanger the tit-mouse or the kangaroo rat!

And I'm still waiting for all those KILLER HURRICANES. The ones that were going to follow Katrina. And how they'd become MORE FREQUENT.

Like I said, liberals thrive on easy answers.

As a world renown pundit, I... (Below threshold)

As a world renown pundit, I have it!

Those who hate Palin and warn us about global warming are the same pablum-eating deranged fools!

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about!

About two years before katr... (Below threshold)

About two years before katrina hit a tv special on 60 minutes was devoted to the peril that new orleans lived with because it was below sea level and the status of the levees complete with water level and casaulty projections.Two days before katrina hit the beach newsreels showed lines of traffic leaving town but not one school bus taking refugees.People stranded at hotels were begging for rides out of town but the mayor did nothing.The video record can be checked.

Only half OT, but I had a w... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Only half OT, but I had a weird thought about Palin today.

I know not what her future holds, or her intentions, but I have thought for a while that she will dance with running for Prez all the way until it's absolute fish or cut bait time, then opt out. She may know and plan this right now. It is in many of her interests to string that question out.

Now, let's just play and assume that is what happens. Then suppose she opts out, and heads to Alaska to climb mountains and basically live her life quietly, for at least a year.

Then, after about three months in or so, it will gradually dawn on a bunch of leftist heads (and pretty much everyone else).... that they have spent most of the last two years utterly obsessed with a political phantom!! She holds NO position of political power. None. She wrote a couple books. So did Siddhartha Mukherjee (??? a random amazon pick). She's posted on Facebook. So did the population of the United States. She's done a few commentaries on Fox. So did Wayne Rogers. She did a reality TV show that had nothing whatsoever to do with politics. So did Snookie. (forgive me Sarah!)

Annnnnnnd, that's about it.

And the left literally, literally mind you, quails in fear at her very breath. She haunts their dreams, in darkness and light. Wherever they turn, there she is, even when she is utterly silent. ("Why aren't you commenting on our scurrilous slurs upon you Sarah, where oh where are you?!?!? So we can then say the next day, 'how dare you comment??' ")

Like an angry goddess of the moon, or Pele of the Volcano, she lurks upon them morning, noon, and night, a demon for whom constant sacrifice of their own honor, sanity, and dignity is required to keep her titanic wrath at bay, lest it be unleashed in a Reaganite deluge, destroying their dreams forever. The horror is beyond imagining!

Oh, yeah.... she's also a housewife and grandmother.... that too.

What happens when she goes away and the left starts to realize what utter fools they have been, running in terror from, essentially, a powerless political nobody?

Like your dog looks when he knows he chased a cement squirrel, they'll slink around and pretend their dignity is intact, but deep down, now that the supposed angry goddess is gone, they'll know the score -- that they themselves gave cult-leader status to someone who never even began to ask for it, or imply she had anything close to it. They just assigned it to her all themselves.

Maybe history will take a different path, but I find the potential picture rather amusing.

"It actually means more ... (Below threshold)

"It actually means more energy in the climatic system, which stimulates extremes and more chaotic behavior," Magrath said.

'And more periods of placid weather, like weak to non-existent Atlantic hurricane seasons. And cooler temperatures, yes, cooler temperatures along with warmer temperatures. And cloudy weather! And sunny weather! And snowy winters and dry winters! Why it's climate, man!' he was then heard shouting.

What do Sarah Palin and Glo... (Below threshold)

What do Sarah Palin and Global Warming have in common? Both are EEEEVILLL!!

I have it on good authority that Sarah Palin is hollowing out an island off the coast of Alaska to be her new evil lair. Powered with oil from ANWR, she will have everything she needs to execute her next evil plan to conquer the world by changing the Earth's environment.

Todd has even used his commercial fishing company to capture sharks so that Sarah can attach freakin laser beams to their heads.

"I have it on good authorit... (Below threshold)

"I have it on good authority that Sarah Palin is hollowing out an island off the coast of Alaska to be her new evil lair."

But will it have a volcano? You can't have a good lair without a volcano! At best, it'll be a second-rate lair. How can you expect to be a first-rate villain with a second-rate lair?

Excellent post, Baron. Whe... (Below threshold)

Excellent post, Baron. When you lay it all out it still amazes me that well-read, well-educated people still don't understand that it is always about fear:

Fear of a new ice age (1970's)
Fear of overpopulation (1960's)
Fear of nuclear holocost (1950's)
Fear global warming (1990's)
Fear of communists (1950's/60's)
Fear of food (high fat, high sugar, high calorie, etc.)(present day)
Fear of terrorists (present day)
Fear of CO2 (What we exhale, for heaven sake!)

I could go on, but you get the drift. Some of the fears have valid points, but if the population fears, they lose some reasoning ability and allow government to step in and "help".

Too many forget the fears of the past and how they were overblown. They forget the new rules that were put in place, and allow it to happen again. We need to remember our history.

What do Sarah Palin and glo... (Below threshold)

What do Sarah Palin and global warming have in common?

Hot air.

JLawson,The most imp... (Below threshold)

The most important requirement for a first rate Evil Lair is access to a large energy supply to be used for Evil purposes. That is why volcanos are so attractive to the Evilly inclined. It is a natural energy source.

However, Evil studies show that volcanos are inherently dangerous. Volcanoes eventually erupt and always at the most inopportune times.

That is why Palin's Evil Lair is actually better than a volcano. It's proximity to ANWR gives her access to a huge supply of oil, but without the dangers of an unforunate volcanic eruption to foil her plans. The pollution by product of the oil also helps her with her diabolical plan for global warming.

The Democrats played right into her hands by banning drilling in ANWR. She now has it all to herself to use. Of course with the help of Dick Cheney and Halliburton.

Once she melts the polar ice cap and seas rise we will be overrun with laser beam armed sharks, courtesy of Blackwater.

Just a few years ago, globa... (Below threshold)

Just a few years ago, global warming was being blamed for the unusual draught conditions in Australia!






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