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Good God, She Really Is That Stupid

Last week, the House of Representatives debated -- and then passed -- a non-binding resolution condemning the Tucson shooting of last weekend. Apparently this critical and controversial measure was touch-and-go at one point, in serious danger of not passing, because House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took to the floor to to plead for its approval:

"This resolution is a fitting tribute.  It is a great resolution.  Please, read it again and again.  Carry those names in your heart.  Remember, each of these people because, again, a tragic accident took lives, wounded people in the expression of ideas."

This is the woman the Democrats put in charge of the House of Representatives for four years, where she ruled with an iron fist. This is the woman who continues to lead the House Democrats, and who many want to see resume her Reign Of Error.

First up, she urges House members read and re-read the measure. This is for a non-binding resolution, a hollow gesture. This is the same woman who denied permission for the ObamaCare bill to be read on the floor during debate, and dismissed critics by saying we'd just have to wait until the bill was passed before we could read it and see what's in it.

But she's just getting warmed up. This is her getting stuck on stupid. She's about to shift into high gear and really start spinning her wheels, digging herself deeper and deeper into the mudpit of idiocy.

"A tragic accident." I dislike using the words "tragic" and "tragedy" to describe deliberate acts. To me, "tragic" implies an accidental situation. It tends to obscure the malice that is often involved in incidents like the Tucson shootings. I prefer to use "atrocity" in its various forms, as it carries the connotations of a deliberate act.

And "accident?" Nancy, there was exactly one "accidental" aspect of the shooting: that Representative Giffords survived. She was the shooter's primary target; it was just amazing luck (or, if you prefer, God's grace) that she was not killed. The odds of someone getting shot through the brain and surviving, let alone recuperating as fast as Representative Giffords is, is astonishing -- some even say "miraculous."

Finally, "in the expression of ideas?" What the hell does that have to do with the shooting? Hell, what the hell does that even mean?

The only "idea" expressed in the shooting was that "this guy's a freaking nutjob." And the only "idea" that provoked him was "I'm going to kill this woman." He wasn't incited by any "hate speech," and he wasn't trying to silence Giffords from speaking out on any particular issue or cause.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the woman that the Democrats chose -- twice -- to put within two heartbeats of the presidency of the United States, and wish to do so again.

God save the Republic.


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Comments (10)

It's Sarah Palin's fault.</... (Below threshold)

It's Sarah Palin's fault.

I can never decide if Nancy... (Below threshold)

I can never decide if Nancy is more stooopid than crazy...or vice-versa. She certainly has an abundance of both, and displays that with her statement.

I no longer say she is "crazy as a shit-house rat" out of respect for shit-house rats.

Scary tha... (Below threshold)

Scary that this woman has made a career of such behavior.

OTOH, it shows the Dem's choice of a jackass as party symbol was fitting.

You are completely right --... (Below threshold)

You are completely right -- but God's grace? Like, really? Like, God didn't bother to save any of the other victims, just Giffords? How does that make any sense?

Alex; In reference to "God... (Below threshold)

Alex; In reference to "God's grace", it means that to people of faith, there may be a purpose (beyond our understanding) as to why Giffords lived and the others (including the little girl) didn't.

I blame Bush.... (Below threshold)

I blame Bush.

Mr. Tea,The establ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Tea,

The establishment lunacy continues...

Millions support Ms Pelosi because she has a way of expressing their liberal desires with resolutions dear to their heart.

Doesn't matter that the national debt got run up to the tune of billions and billions of dollars a day during her tenure. She'll never address the issue because that would hurt those, oh so, delicate liberal feelings.

Doesn't matter that the economy is in the tank and great swaths of common people are under or un - employed. She'll never address the issue because the circumstances of little people are of no concern to the liberal ruling elite. She is their champion, and everybody that matters aspires to be just like her.

Doesn't matter that our country is prosecuting two wars, and good men and women are paying the price for it every single day. She'll never lead on the issue because that requires strength of character and nerves of steel. Better to stick with issues that require Congressional resolutions that express a sense of heartfelt feelings.

So the party goes on, with the San Fran crowd wontingly and willfully cheering her on.

Such establishment lunacy will continue...

Until her constituents begin to feel the pain brought about by feel-good utopian liberal policies... which are unsustainable, undemocratic, and uneconomical - in both the literal and rational sense.

The innovators and producers in this country are under duress... and ultimately it will be felt by those parasites that live off of the proceeds of the taxes levied upon them.

Same for those ungracious liberals who say, "we support the troops" but really don't, while benefiting from those who fight on their behalf.

Ditto for those who profit from expanding government largess, at the local, state, and federal level. Who will bail the government out when it runs out of (our) money? No one.

Then and only then, will the liberal establishment lunacy be washed down the drain for the social detritus it really is.

Thus, San Fran Pelosi and her ilk meet their demise... and the rest of the country will pick themselves up off the floor and continue... and we can forget that they ever belonged to our nation.

Semper Fidelis-

It first appeared that dear... (Below threshold)

It first appeared that dear ol' Nan was reading from a prepared speech. If so, I think she decided to 'wing it'.

And every time Nan 'wings it' from staff-prepared communications - she falls flat on her face. TV cameras focus on her. But once in a great while in wide shots (can I say that?) - you'll see her handlers standing as if ready to grab her and hustle her off stage.

On one occasion while she was speaking, someone asked a pertinent question. Nan's response was that she was leaving because of the "hostile" atmosphere. On another occasion, she was losing it and she was so far gone, she didn't realize it. One of her handlers jumped in with ' well we're late for a prior commitment' - and they dragged her off.

It WAS an accident that Gif... (Below threshold)

It WAS an accident that Giffords was shot and the little girl and the other victims were killed or injured. The intent was the assassination of the Federal judge, John Roll. That's what the following public celebration, t-shirts and all, was about.

"It was an accident"?... (Below threshold)

"It was an accident"?

Keep toking pal. Or is it just the Kool Aid?






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