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The Name Game

For most of the last 20 years, two men dominated the role of America's designated enemy. Two names were constantly at the top of "greatest foe in the world." Those two men were Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq, and Osama Bin Laden, leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda.

So, in response, in 2008, Americans elected as president a black Democrat named Barack Hussein Obama.

Obviously, the Republicans had to fight back. They needed a leader of their own who could counter the obvious advantages Obama had. So they figured they could best use a black man of their own, so they chose Michael Steele to head up the Republican National Committee.

Unfortunately, Steele was mediocre at best. So, after two years, they decided they'd focused on the wrong aspect of Obama as the source of his mojo. Steele was set aside, replaced by a man with an even more unusual (if not downright sillly) name of Reince Priebus.

I presume it was because Millard Fillmore was unavailable and Engelbert Humperdinck was not interested.

Hey, it could work. Here in New Hampshire, the Democrats were quite successful using that gambit. In the 1980's, a state rep named Dudley Dudley ran for Congress, under the slogan "Dudley Dudley -- Worth Repeating" and "Dudley Dudley -- Congress Congress." She was doing pretty good, too, until her opponent tagged her with "Dudley Dudley -- Liberal Liberal." And then a couple of years later, we actually did elect for a couple of terms "Dick Swett."

Honest. He's a devout Mormon, and his father-in-law was the late Tom Lantos. Look it up.

The Republicans tried to fight back, but Fergus Cullen and Ovide LaMontagne didn't quite get as far as Swett.

So good luck, Chairman Priebus. Hopefully, your opponents will be too busy learning how to spell and pronounce your name to foil your plans.


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Comments (13)

"Reince Priebus"<b... (Below threshold)

"Reince Priebus"

Is that French for Greek?

Nice to see a conservative ... (Below threshold)

Nice to see a conservative admit that Steele was chosen principally because of his skin color.

Why else would racists get rid of the man that lead their party to it's biggest victory in 80 years?

I would surmise rino's pick... (Below threshold)

I would surmise rino's picked Steele. Not conservatives.

I know I'm feeding the trol... (Below threshold)

I know I'm feeding the trolls, but I expect better trolls, so I'll try (probably fruitlessly) to educate woop on reading comprehension and history: the name "Steele" was being compared to the metal "Steel". As in, that man has a backbone made of steel. Except that Steele didn't. Didn't have a backbone made of anything more rigid than jello, and didn't lead Republicans anywhere. He was dumped because the people who did lead the Republicans to victory were opposed by Steele the entire way, to the point that he supported candidates who lost Republican primaries after they lost.

I know nothing about the new guy, but I do wonder if, given the success of the TEA Party on the Right and the netroots on the Left, the parties matter quite as much these days as they used to. Independent groups organized around principles rather than party seem to be getting quite good at fundraising, recruiting and the other things that the political parties exist to do. It may be that the party system is becoming less relevant, or that these parties are becoming less relevant (which wouldn't be a shame, since they do such a poor job at representing the views of their constituents). Regardless, I really wonder if the party chairmen really are going to be seen as important a decade from now.

"Priebus"Sounds li... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


Sounds like a conflation of "Prius" and "Bus".

As such, Democrats ought to love the guy.

Lather. Reince. Repeat?</... (Below threshold)

Lather. Reince. Repeat?

"Why else would racists get... (Below threshold)

"Why else would racists get rid of the man that lead their party to it's biggest victory in 80 years?"

Hey, ass wipe. They won, no thanks to anything Steele did. He was replaced because he didn't perform.

Can you say the same of you Obamassiah worshipers? And who was the last BLACK man head of the DNC? Hell, they had to MAKE A PLACE for the black guy in the Congressional pecking order. A MAKE WORK job. So two WHITE people could occupy the #1 and #2 spots.

I don't see anything funny ... (Below threshold)
Mike Hunt:

I don't see anything funny about those names.

Me, neither.... (Below threshold)
Dick Hertz:

Me, neither.

Ditto.... (Below threshold)
Hugh G. Rection:


You guys are making way too... (Below threshold)
Todd Lerfondler:

You guys are making way too much of this name thing.

Of course we're making to m... (Below threshold)

Of course we're making to much of the name game. After all he did lobby FOR the Obmacare Bill for his clients, so making fun of his name is likely going to continue. A slogan might be "Right price Reince"

They could have selected Hugh Jidette and really made it fun.

Hugh Jidette? Never heard ... (Below threshold)
Hugh Jeffencok:

Hugh Jidette? Never heard of him.






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