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Blinded to basic logic and reasoning

I've found one of those animated videos that use robotic sounding characters to humorously make poignant points, this one rebutting effectively the whole blame Sarah Palin for the Tucson shootings meme that's still being used by so many on the left... you'll get to see it here in a few minutes but first, let's set it up by reminding readers of what some have been saying.  The day after the Tucson tragedy, I linked to the words of a leftist pastor who had this to say about the shooting:

Can someone tell me why Sarah Palin is not in Jail? She holds some responsibility for this action. Since when is a public figure,( or anyone for that matter), allowed to print a hit list of people she is targeting, using a symbol that is the crossfires of a gun scope, and using words such as "re-load" and not be held accountable?? As much as I cannot stand her, especially that she would behave in this way and call herself a Christian, she must realize that she does have power over a lot of people who hang on every word she says.The troubled of the world will do exactly as she or others say. I believe she should be held at least in part accountable for the actions of today. She and others with their hate speech. Words and symbols have consequences.

Two days later, after the dust had settled somewhat and absent any indication as of yet as to what may've motivated the killer, this same woman put these words up on her blog:

My trouble with this is that there are so many factors that led up to this moment, that made this carnage possible.


We have the least amount of gun control laws that would prevent these incidents, and Arizona has the weakest level of gun control laws in the US to protect the innocent.


We have had many glaring examples of very violent speech as well from right wing politicians, and commentators of late as well, including Sarah Palin, having a map of the US, with points on the map of political elections that she was "aiming for" to overcome.


Glenn Beck spoke openly on his show about wanting to "Kill" Michael Moore, and debated himself about whether he should do it on his own or hire someone.


I have lots of questions, and a few answers for myself, but what I am convinced of is we need to tone down the rhetoric, speak up when people speak in violent tones, and not just walk away in disgust. The more we tolerate, the more it will continue.

Of course, she's not posted since.  She's not written about the friend of the killer describing him as "quite liberal" even "radical".  She's not written to acknowledge Obama's "violent" rhetoric or that Democrats have used targeting graphics in their political ads.  Nor has she written of Jared Loughner's obsession with a movie called Zeitgeist, an anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-capitalism conspiracy laden film with a cult-like following.  Robert Stacy McCain puts it this way:

According to Loughner's friends, the accused Tucson gunman was one of the cult's most zealous converts. And many of Loughner's otherwise inexplicable obsessions -- from his fascination with currency to his rantings against illiteracy to his paranoid fears of "mind control" -- parallel ideas promoted in Zeitgeist.

All of that forms the basis for what makes the following so effective in countering the prevalent meme.  Watch the whole thing and pass it on.  See how the left truly are blinded to basic logic and reasoning:

H/T to Cartago Delenda Est.


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Comments (36)

The politics of the shooter... (Below threshold)

The politics of the shooter don't matter...an atmosphere created by hypocrite Christians such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck serve to normalize violence on both sides.

This cartoon is an example ... (Below threshold)

This cartoon is an example of how a form of delusional thinking/mental illness that masquerades as a political movement projects its own miserable distortions onto others. Is it any wonder that the same movement wants to mainstream MH patients and keep them out of institutions?

That's funny since the left... (Below threshold)

That's funny since the left for years served up a politics of hate toasted first Bush then Palin. And in the latter's case, they also go after her kids either suggesting they deserved to be raped or should have been aborted. Drawings abound of Bush and Palin being killed. Nothing Palin says compared to all the hate that goes against her and her family the moment she was named VP candidate. People will mention her gun metaphors. That is widely used by Obama and other Denocrats. They mentioned that map. Democrats themselves have used such and if anything it was more explicit. Trying to pin the murders on Palin is self- serving, self-righteous, hypocritical, and intellectually dishonest.

Joan: "...an atmosphere ... (Below threshold)

Joan: "...an atmosphere created by hypocrite Christians such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck serve to normalize violence on both sides."

You, of course, watched Glenn Beck's "9/12" rally lsat year. And recoiled in horror as dozens of men & women of faith joined hands to ask America to come together peacefuly...right?

You've watched his show and heard him preach...sometimes literally...about MLK and Ghandi, and NON-violence. Right again?

So surely you must have ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE of Beck "normalizing violence". RIGHT?

I didn't think so.

One point of interest. I w... (Below threshold)

One point of interest. I went to the link you provided for the woman Pastor. In her profile she lists herself as being in Southern California. If true, that puts the lie to her meme about the lax gun control "here" in Arizona. I wonder.

The past few days I have started wearing my Palin ball cap around town. Previously, I didn't wear it out because I really did not court confrontation. But, now that she is under renewed, and even more vicious, attack I felt like I needed to. No one has commented, but I get some tight-lipped looks. I expect they are afraid to say anything because I could be one of her people--dangerous. Actually I would wear my revolver to complete the ensemble but it drags my belt down below my belly even worse than it already is. Maybe a tasteful shoulder holster.

Does anyone remember that we had an even worse slaughter here in Virginia about three years ago? Another severely deranged young man, who was allowed to slide along, and even buy a gun contrary to existing law, because no one wanted to confront his long standing bizarre behavior. Of course, the shooting took place on a strict no-gun campus. That means that only one person was armed. (No one had heard of Sarah Palin at that point. In fact in both cases the shooter only listened to the voices in his head anyway.)

Anyway, back to the post. It is an interesting study of human nature to observe how many people react reflexively in accordance with their own prejudices, and contrary to obvious fact.

We have the least amount... (Below threshold)

We have the least amount of gun control laws that would prevent these incidents

I keep waiting for someone to explain why, if everyone in Arizona walks around with a concealed weapon or an openly displayed gun, here, there, and everywhere - why no one in a crowd of people apparently had a gun to stop this nut when he started shooting.

Ignorance is next to joanli... (Below threshold)

Ignorance is next to joanliness.

I do not like the Joan. She... (Below threshold)

I do not like the Joan. She is dumb.

After reflecting this pass ... (Below threshold)

After reflecting this pass week of tragedy in Tucson, and the preivous days leading up to the tragedy when Congresswoman Bachman had been mentioned as positioning herself to run as the next President. I can only amagine the pressure which consumed Ms. Palin's to stay out front ahead of the tragedy and Mrs. Bachman, who personally backhanded Mrs. Palin who campained for her in the midterm. Now, Mrs. Palin needs to watchout for Mrs. Bachman instead of the so call libels. Mrs. Bachman is quiet for a reason, I believe the demissal of Mrs. Palin, who doesn't compare anyway with Mrs. Bachman experiences in the national arena.Again, I beleive this is just my opinion.

You know, I can not believe... (Below threshold)

You know, I can not believe how uneducated the liberals are. Sarah and Glenn are NOT about killing civilians. Sarah and Glenn are so popular with conservstives and have righteous souls from GOD that on 8/28 and ALL of the SOULS showed up in the BlISTERING HEAT and STOOD to hear the words from Sarah and Glenn and Alevda King Amongst others of LOVE and COMPASSION AND COURAGE. Of FREEDOM AND UNDERSTANDING GOD'S LOVE FOR this great nation. For standing up for the CONSTITUION, in writing the words with boldness...WE THE PEOPLE for one reason under GOD. Not to kill to cause the killing! If unless again you are the leaders such as VAN JONES and GOERGE SORROS, it's seems to that the liberals are so out to believe in athiesm and preach semitism NOT GOD'S LOVE and Go AGAINST the TEN COMMANDEMENTS.

Drivel, Blind liberals lik... (Below threshold)

Drivel, Blind liberals like Joan are industrial strength limited in intellectual capacity. When did Palin EVER suggest that innocents should be killed. I've seen much more vitriolic comment from hypocritical liberals. Shame on you Joan.

"Again, I beleive this is j... (Below threshold)

"Again, I beleive this is just my opinion. "

jackleanD, you may want to consider dating Joan.

Hi, HankI may not ... (Below threshold)

Hi, Hank

I may not agree with your posting about me, but I do respect your difference in opinion on my posting.


Joan has validated the vide... (Below threshold)

Joan has validated the video in flying colors. Talk about mentally ill individuals running loose.

The left is not at all blin... (Below threshold)
Don L:

The left is not at all blind to logic and rreasoning, they know that the masses are not swayed by such cumbersome methods as easily as they are by simple emotions (fear and greed are good starters) pride works well (that don't kill our planet, stuff.)

The right, being logical makes the (hopefully not fatal)mistake of assuming logic is sufficient to win the battle for America. The left laughs at the right when it rings it's hand after catching the left in a moment of hypocrisy or spouting unfactual nonsense, seldom realizing that the left's weapon of propagandizing and lying through emotion works.

G.K.Chesterton prophesized at the early part of the 20 century that the world would shift from a rational one to an emotionally based one. What do you think PC is all about? This is the heart of the Alinsky-ites -being corrupt enough not to care about how - as long as they win. These are the "offer candy to the little girl,if it works," folks.

"I keep waiting for someone... (Below threshold)

"I keep waiting for someone to explain why, if everyone in Arizona walks around with a concealed weapon or an openly displayed gun, here, there, and everywhere - why no one in a crowd of people apparently had a gun to stop this nut when he started shooting."

Because that would interject a logical question into the 'gun crazy culture" theme that they are trying to project.

You really want to make them crazy, ask them to compare the gun laws of Vermont to those of Arizona. Who knew, Vermont has a 'gun crazy' culture!

Having spent a large part o... (Below threshold)

Having spent a large part of my life working for a government agency evaluating disability claims, a huge portion of which come from the mentally ill, I can tell you that the level of hostility directed towards Palin is identical to the ravings of the mentally ill. Often times, they fixate their hatred on someone they don't know personally, it can be the weathergirl, a sports announcer, or a clerk at a store. They would send us long rambling diatribes on the evil of their selected target, analyzing what they wear, what they said about this or that, their facial expression, their choice of words, their body language, you name it. They attribute all the evils of the world to their target, and center their entire life on "exposing" the evil of that person. They can't let it alone, they will set their VCR or DVD recorder to record the person any time he or she appears on TV, they will show up at any event at which the person appears, and then go home, and write another long winded rant.

What we have is a full blown mental disease that could, quite accurately, be called Palin Derangement Disorder.

JackleanD, classy reply (po... (Below threshold)

JackleanD, classy reply (post 13).


Joan: "...an atmosphere ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Joan: "...an atmosphere

An atmosphere? An atmosphere?? Never mind that Palin, Beck, et al. said nothing whatever conducive to violence. Do you have any idea, any idea at all, how ridiculous you sound attributing a crime to an "an atmosphere?" Even if one existed - which it does not?

"an atmosphere created by h... (Below threshold)

"an atmosphere created by hypocrite Christians such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck serve to normalize violence on both sides."

Care to cite some examples to back the bile spillage? Are You the standard bearer for what is or is not Christian?

You must have attended or are attending a lefty college.

I see no reason to engage ... (Below threshold)

I see no reason to engage these "people" with civility, not anymore.

I had an epiphany in the sh... (Below threshold)

I had an epiphany in the shower while thinking about this video.
The reason why the left is so determined to paint Palin as "dumb" is so they have an excuse not to support a woman (any woman) for president.

It must have really torn the PUMA's up when Obama beat Hillery. Especially in the over the top misogynistic way he did it. But instead of lowering themselves to vote for a Republican, they needed to create a reason why they couldn't support the Woman who had the potential to be the first woman Vice President. (and looking at McCain's health President?)
But if Palin is too dumb to handle the job, then they can happily work against the only viable female candidate for the office that will happen for the next decade.

Rank and file liberals do n... (Below threshold)

Rank and file liberals do not read. They don't study history. They listen to the days talking points and repeat it. They have no idea or understanding of politics and how it has been just as crass or more years ago. I remember in the 80's the liberals kept telling the citizens that Reagan wants to starve your children and senior citizens. Over and over they stated it. Reagan was shot. Therefore, the left is responsible. ww

"Rank and file liberals ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Rank and file liberals do not read. They don't study history."

They believe that as Napoleon said that history in nothing more than "A lie that has been agreed upon". They believe that there is nothing to learn from history. They believe that there is nothing to be gained.

I recently saw an ad in the subway for a dance troop. The ad trumpeted, "It's one step closer to reinventing the wheel!"

I had always supposed that saying something was like reinventing the wheel was to say that it was pointless and stupid because how much more work needs to be done to make the wheel perfect?

But the libs (I say the libs because this is the theater/arts/media crowd) think that reinventing the wheel is something to be striven for. They really believe that starting over from total ignorance is somehow an improvement over society today.

Joan's comment at #1 is a p... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Joan's comment at #1 is a perfect example of leftist thinking today.

It does not matter what the facts are. The accusation remains true no matter how many facts can be presented showing the contrary. It's "fake but accurate".

Joan believes in a higher truth which is concerned with only those things that advance the leftist agenda.

So it doesn't matter what Sarah Palin or Glen Beck really say or do. They are guilty because the leftist agenda demands that they be guilty. Nothing can convince Joan and her cohorts otherwise.

Great post Rick. It's exact... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Great post Rick. It's exactly this simple type of analysis that ridicules that will up end the looney left, if continued, because it lays out in a row exactly those points of questioning that students in schools and universities are encouraged by their betters 'not' to ask. The better part of their education, probably, is their submitting to brainwashing at the hands of dopey educators whose own life experiences are marginal, simplistic and experienced vicariously, in the largest possible sense, by reading widely the bleatings of only likeminded authors. And they all suffer 'angst' as a result...a foreign word that seemingly elevates them above the fray because the common expression, 'anxiety', may dilute the intellectual patina. Long live simple ridicule, which in this instance is grandly effective. Congrat's!

Gun no Guns. The people to... (Below threshold)

Gun no Guns. The people took affirmative action in their defense. it was American Citizens not public officials that once again rose to the call of duty. Just like on 9-11, Just like the Flight with the Underwear Bomber.

Well, if lax (or non-existe... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

Well, if lax (or non-existent, as in my case) gun laws meant Tombstone-style carnage on the streets, why is Vermont such a peaceful state (other than the "cash crop" reason)?

Vermont gun laws, such as they exist:

No loaded firearms in a car
No loaded firearms in a road right-of-way
No firearms in a school
No firearms in a gov't building
No carrying of firearms with the intent to breach the peace.

That's it. All of it. Permits? Concealed carry? Follow the 5 rules above and you can do whatever you want.

Even here in the Peoples' Republic of VT the flatlanders know better than to try to change it.

Show me the VT gun carnage (unless you're a deer or moose).

an atmosphere created by... (Below threshold)

an atmosphere created by hypocrite Christians such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck serve to normalize violence on both sides

What do you mean?

You're not supposed to thin... (Below threshold)

You're not supposed to think and analyze, Clay - just nod and agree. My guess would be that she's never listened to Palin, Beck or Limbaugh in her life, she's simply parroting what everyone else she knows says about them.

Kind of like Neal Boortz, a conservative/libertarian talk show host. He's constantly slammed for 'hate speech' because he doesn't sign onto the proper memes.

And on his web site there's the following:

Don't believe anything you read on this web page, or, for that matter, anything you hear on The Neal Boortz Show, unless it is consistent with what you already know to be true, or unless you have taken the time to research the matter to prove its accuracy to your satisfaction. This is known as "doing your homework."
He's got an acidic sense of humor, and doesn't suffer fools gladly at all.

Libs, however, depend on their believers to NOT do their homework.

Clay,The meaning c... (Below threshold)
jim m:


The meaning can only be made clear in the context of the whole statement. Joan first dismisses as irrelevant the fact that Loughner was not motivated by right wing politics. She then states that it is the language of the right wing which makes it appear to anyone that violence is a reasonable solution to the issues of the day.

In short, Joan is saying that even if right wing political speech didn't cause Loughner's actions that it is still responsible for those actions.

In fact she is saying that right wing rhetoric is responsible for all violence everywhere. It is because that rhetoric is responsible for creating a societal norm that makes violence acceptable. Language like Joan's is usually found as a prelude to outlawing political speech and silencing political opposition.

Joan's statement dismisses the need to provide any proof of causation. All that is required is to provide evidence that political speech upsets someone. Since the left is upset by all conservative political ideas and speech it is therefore guilty of creating this 'atmosphere' and needs to be restricted so that no further violence can happen.

Everybody,please d... (Below threshold)


please don't feed the troll.

The troll has left. And in... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The troll has left. And in any event the criticism of her post is little different from the point of the post. The left does not wish to engage with conservative ideas, they want to cast them as dangerous and to regulate the expression of those ideas out of existence.

If anyone isn't weary alrea... (Below threshold)
dom youngross:

If anyone isn't weary already with the hypocritical leftists, you will be before the end of the year.

Conservative ARE dangerous.... (Below threshold)
eoj Trahnier:

Conservative ARE dangerous.
At least we better become dangerous, if we hope to survive. Trolls are not nice, and their masters, the liberals, are even less palatable.

Be prepared to confront them, learn what you must learn and don't be distracted when they say, "More of us think like this than think like YOU!" because thinking logically and having reasoned argument has nothing to do with having "a majority."
Especially when the majority has voted and proven themselves to be fools.

It's willful blindness, Wiz... (Below threshold)

It's willful blindness, Wiz. You know. Like Oedipus? perhaps more apropos would be picturing someone sticking their fingers in their ears and saying "la la la la, I can't hear you!" Either way, a consciously-imposed mental disorder that blocks out all reason as the subject tries to cling to his or her illusory perceptions of reality. It's called liberalism. FYI.






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