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Is George Washington offensive?

Seems so in South Carolina:

Yesterday all across America, there were celebrations commemorating and celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. One such commemoration occurred on the state house steps in Columbia South Carolina...

On a side note, something else occurred on the state house steps of South Carolina yesterday. Something that seems to have completely escaped the notice of the majority of media in America. It too was a part of the protest and it was a backdrop to the speakers present to deliver their speeches as part of the NAACP protest. But no one seems to have taken much notice of it and it seems to have been completely overlooked by most everyone in the media involved in covering the protest in South Carolina.


The information that I have received from someone who was there at the South Carolina King day celebration/protest, is that the statue of George Washington was covered up, "so as not to offend anyone" attending the King day celebration on the state house steps. I spent most of the afternoon and evening trying to locate media photographs of today's events, having been previously informed of the incident in a facebook posting. "The State" newspaper in Columbia SC is the only media outlet that can presently be located on the internet, that even noted the covering of the statue or mentioned it, or published photographs of the incident for that matter. The bottom line, A statue of the father of this nation is boxed up and draped in black, so as not to offend people? At a celebration commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.? At a protest rally sponsored by the NAACP? And no one in national media notices or questions why? And no one in media (save one local newspaper) takes any notice or exception to it? Those are just some of the questions that came to my mind this afternoon.

Pics of the covered Mr. Washington and more at the link

This deserves wider play.  Much wider play.


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This deserves wider play wh... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:

This deserves wider play when the story's accompanied by an attributed quote from someone involved in the decision to cover the statue that backs up the assertion it was covered "so as not to offend anyone". Until then it's a bullshit non-story backed up by an invented quote from an imaginary person.

Do you remember what journalism was?

Well, I certainly remember ... (Below threshold)

Well, I certainly remember what journolism was/is.

Tell it to the NYT, WaPo an... (Below threshold)

Tell it to the NYT, WaPo and AP, Pauly.

Hey Paulbot, KGFYIYKWIMAIKY... (Below threshold)


I find it interesting that the NAACP seems to have co-opted the 'holiday' and is making it more about them and their feelings of moral superiority by having the statue of the first President of the USA covered while they speak rather than honoring both men.

What a bunch of condescending pricks.

SCSIHave they repo... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:


Have they reported this? You got links? Cos when I google "washington statue covered", all I see is a few blogs repeating the Brutally Honest story and complaining that the MSM aren't covering the it.

The first thing that came t... (Below threshold)

The first thing that came to my mind was, "Why?"

Didn't bother checking the ... (Below threshold)

Didn't bother checking the link, Alfonso?

Ah, the left is SO damn lazy any more...

Is George Washington offens... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Is George Washington offensive?

Well it appears that if you are a lefty democrat the answer is yes. But don't accuse them of hating this country no matter how much evidence they give you that they do.

JLawsonWhat link? ... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:


What link? I read the Brutally Honest story. It doesn't have anything solid in it to explain why the statue was covered, just the unattributed quote. If I'm being a dumbass and missing a link to MSM coverage of this, or anything more substantive than the BH story, then please point it out to me.

I don't understand why anyb... (Below threshold)

I don't understand why anybody would think a statue of George Washington would offend people.

What does offend me is the way we have taken MLK day and exploited it as a mouthpiece for every left leaning social issue ever invented. Where I live we had a protest for same sex marriage, global warming, ending nuclear weapons, protesting against cuts to home health care, and support for organic farming. The atheists had their booth, the transgendered folks, and the enthusiastic bicycle lobby. There were so many special interest groups it's as if nobody even knew what they were celebrating and the majority of these people hardly even knew who MLK was.

Most interesting, the one group missing was the anti-war people. We used to have huge protests when Bush was president, but I guess now that Obama is president, war is no longer a bad thing.

Don't expect that "wider pl... (Below threshold)

Don't expect that "wider play" from our mainstream media! Rush, Savage, FOX--only these will wish to present a story which will make the left look like what it is.

Anybody want to bet our fea... (Below threshold)

Anybody want to bet our fearless Republican leadership will say NOTHING about this disgrace, for fear of being dubbed "raaaaacist"!!!!!

You obviously miss a lot Pa... (Below threshold)

You obviously miss a lot Paulista. Had you been paying attention or taken your liberal blinders off, you would have noted that a thorough search of the net and the MSM all afternoon yesterday and most of the evening, turned up absolutely zilch as it concerns the MSM covering the story of the statue being covered during the NAACP event yesterday in Columbia SC.

The only media outlet to cover the story or publish photographs of the statue covered,(period, to date) was "The State" newspaper which is local to Columbia SC where the event was held.

Therefore, that is what blogs are for sport. To point the fingers and ask the questions that those trusted with the pursuit of truth refuse to do in today's media.

Somehow I suspect that you would have absolutely no problem with unattributed quotes, just as long as they are attacking those you see as enemies of the left? Sorta like the vitriolic circus we have seen launched at the right for the past ten days since the Tucson shootings by Jared Loughner.

Go spit sport.....

alfonzy-"What link... (Below threshold)


"What link? I read the Brutally Honest story. It doesn't have anything solid in it to explain why the statue was covered,"

Well, why don't You say it? Why was it covered by BP members but not covered by the shame stream

It seems remarkable that th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

It seems remarkable that they would say that it might be offensive. It would have been so much easier just to say that they wanted to provide a clean backdrop for the speaker.

But that's the left: Never let an opportunity [to criticize or condemn the US] go to waste.

Thank goodness old mossback... (Below threshold)

Thank goodness old mossback George did not have to see this disgrace performed before him.

I think that this should fa... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

I think that this should fall under the catagory of not assuming malicious intent. I think it is possible that covering the statue was done to improve the visuals for the desired position of the speaker podium. From the pictures, the uncovered statue would be a visual distraction with the podium in front.

The analogy is the previous administration draping the bare breasted statues with cloth for a John Ashcroft press conference. The lefty media stirred up a controversy by claiming it was because the uptight Ashcroft could not stand the bare breasts on the statues. The truth of course is that some flunky on the advance team setting up the podium thought they needed a less "busy" visual back drop for the podium.

I think sticking to the issues and being better than looking for "offenses" such as this is the more mature and effective course.

It wasn't as offensive as c... (Below threshold)
Don L:

It wasn't as offensive as covering up Jesus at Georgetown - which the Godless leftists in the Church did with little difficulty to please their worldy gods.

Can we build a box around t... (Below threshold)

Can we build a box around the fool in the White House? Maybe the economy would respond positively without him in sight.

"I think that this should f... (Below threshold)

"I think that this should fall under the category of not assuming malicious intent."

That might apply, when dealing with rational people. I don't give the NAACP that 'doubt' any more.

The Ashcroft incident was ridiculous. If the 'background' is distracting - MOVE THE FREAKING PODIUM. That's a lot easier than covering up a statue with cloth, or boxing it up.

As for the NAACP - don't forget. Washington was a SLAVE owner.

Don't forget, "Washington's... (Below threshold)

Don't forget, "Washington's Birthday" is now "President's Day" to include people like our current disaster, but we still have to have King Day. (Pardon me, I mean "DR." King - even though our MSM would never refer to our former Secretary of State as DR. RICE!)

"Is George Washington of... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

"Is George Washington offensive?"

To a blithering liberal idiot, yes, he is.

Offensive?<p... (Below threshold)


Only to those who have no grasp of the man.

George Washington Offensive... (Below threshold)

George Washington Offensive?

Not to me, but he sure ticked off some of my British subject ancestors a time or two.

What would happen if a stat... (Below threshold)

What would happen if a statue of MLK were covered up at some function honoring Washington?

"As for the NAACP - don't f... (Below threshold)
Mike Giles:

"As for the NAACP - don't forget. Washington was a SLAVE owner."

In his will - about which he called in his lawyers and witnesses to make sure there was no mistake - Washington freed all his slaves after the death of his wife. He also left provision for the education of the younger ones and the care of the elderly ones. He also made sure his estate was free of debt, so no slaves could be seized in payment of any arrears. It's not that all the Founding Fathers were in favor of Slavery, many felt it was incompatible with the Declaration of Independence. However, most had no idea what to do about it. Jefferson described it as: "Having a wolf by the ears. You cannot hold it forever, but you cannot let go."

First off for the liberal '... (Below threshold)

First off for the liberal 'tard who commented: How about all the BS the liberal MSM did last week without fact?

How about the left and MSM saying Ashcroft covered a nude statue, when he didn't at all, his staff did but that didn't stop you lefties.

How do you guys even look in a mirror? ww

They usually put a picture ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

They usually put a picture of MLK up on the screen. This year it wasn't ready in time.

I'm not sure why the graphic sign needed to be right where Washington's statue is, but nothing in the State coverage suggested any hard feelings toward the Father of our Country.

check out this post from a ... (Below threshold)

check out this post from a local newspaper: it's official. i still haven't been able to figure out WHY they covered the statue, but this picture is from a local newspaper so that is enough for me to conclude that they did actually cover the statue. In reality, regardless of the reason, i still think it is hypocritical, goes against what MLK stood for, and most definitely wrong.







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