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So Much For That Whole Civility Thing...

In these tough economic times, the announcement that a company was going to open a new facility in an economically-depressed area would be welcomed. Toss in the promise of up to 1200 new jobs, many aimed at the low end of the economic spectrum and ideal for the unemployed and less-skilled, as well as the plans to take over an empty site from a closed Chevrolet dealership, and the locals ought to be doing handsprings. Add in the new employer's history of bringing low prices for subsistence-level merchandise, further aiding the poor, and you'd be planning the tickertape parade for the company.

Unless the company is Wal-Mart, and it wants to open a new store in the DC area.

Because to many on the left, "creating jobs" and is bad if they're not union jobs. "Selling stuff cheap" is bad because it helps people be less dependent on handouts.

Which is why the unions are working overtime to block this move -- even organizing a "protest" against the developer at his own home.

Let me repeat that: for the "sin" of helping Wal-Mart convert a vacant car dealership into a new Wal-Mart, and hiring about a thousand people, this developer must be punished by having his home address publicized and the site of the next Thugapalooza.

And note the rallying poster: it lists Dick Foulger's name and home address with a call to march on his house tomorrow evening. And it shows the Wal-Mart smiley face in a rifle's crosshairs.

(We will now pause for a moment of silence, as the left will studiedly ignore this "incitement to violence" from their side because they can't find a way to shift the blame on to Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, or the right wing in general.)

As Red State noted, this is not the first time these union thugs have brought their Thugapalooza events to the homes of individuals they don't like. Last May, they went after a top official with Bank Of America's home. The exec wasn't there, so they had to content themselves with terrorizing his 14-year-old son. That oughta teach the little shit to pick the wrong parents.

Were I Mr. Foulger, I would plan to be home at the appointed hour, with a fully-fueled snowblower. (Were it not winter, I'd say a lawn sprinkler.) And I would make certain that any thug who ventured on my property were given a gasoline-powered version of a classic New Hampshire "whitewashing." I would also, if at all possible, have someone else nearby with a shotgun, loaded the way the "bear counselor" advised Sarah Palin on her show -- round one with a noisemaker, round two with a beanbag. The remaining rounds for bear were solid shot, but I'd substitute rock salt.

Before all that, of course, I would contact the local police and inform them of the planned Thugapalooza and ask them for assistance. I would also tell them my plans for defending my home, and the only way they could prevent me from doing so would be to have officers tell me so in person, at the appointed hour.

In cases like this, of course, the police should be our first line of defense. But only a fool would have them be the only defense -- because, as we saw last summer, the cops might just be there to help the protesters.

Whether or not this Wal-Mart is a good idea, attempting to lure several hundred people to the developer's home by using a sign featuring a rifle's crosshairs and the guy's home address is just utterly intolerable. But the left will willingly tolerate it.

Because "hate' and "incitement" and "inflammatory rhetoric" only counts when it comes from the right.


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From the Walmart Free websi... (Below threshold)

From the Walmart Free website:

"We are not interested in negotiating the terms of Wal-Mart’s arrival."

The new civility sure seems a lot like the old civility. And once again, I'm quite impressed with the "tolerance" of the left.

And if violence does break out.....

Who will they blame this time?

I would arm myself with an ... (Below threshold)

I would arm myself with an extra large can of pepper spray. You could also place large speakers in front of your house and play the Rush Limbaugh show for their enjoyment.

Daley did that in Chicago a... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Daley did that in Chicago and they just placed the store immediately outside the city limits. Say goodbye to all that sales tax revenue and you still haven't done anything to help you union masters.

Short sighted and ignorant. That is the democrat way.

Just read in the paper this... (Below threshold)

Just read in the paper this morning that a company (800) jobs is leaving Illinois and moving to Mississippi. Seems that, with international business competition, it's either that or MOVE OFFSHORE. So the union that 'refuses' to negotiate with the business in order to lower it's cost so as to remain competitive will now have 800 unemployed members. Question: Do they still have to pay dues?

My take on the WalMart protest is that liberals don't want their 'dependents' suddenly finding that there are other ways to live - beyond the public dole. Because those dependents might suddenly start questioning all those "deductions" in their paycheck - also known as the difference between 'gross' and 'net'.

I cannot fathom such cluele... (Below threshold)

I cannot fathom such cluelessness. If I wanted to destroy all union credibility, I'd encourage them to act this way...they must be so blinded by ideology that their brains don't work.

Oh, wait, yes, that is the far left way of thinking isn't it?

As Rosanne Rosannadana used to say "Never mind".

It's all Bush's fault. Oh ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

It's all Bush's fault. Oh wait

It's all Sarah Palin's fault.

Now the trolls on the left dont have to post anything in this thread as I have already distilled their argument down to its main talking point.

Hank and Retired Military,<... (Below threshold)

Hank and Retired Military,

They will blame the right. It's easy to see. The folks on the right (Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, etc) have taught us to think for ourselves. This is contrary to what the left wants or expects of its people. They don't want people to think things through. They want people to react accord to the left's party line. You don't consider the number of jobs and the tax base. You look at whether they are providing union jobs. If you don't, you are inciting negative rhetoric.

Oh so typical. The left and... (Below threshold)

Oh so typical. The left and MSM refuse to note their great hypocrisy. ww

Police ARE NOT and SHOULD N... (Below threshold)
Brett :

Police ARE NOT and SHOULD NOT be your first line of defense. It's well-established that police are not actually required or charged with defending people, they are intended to catch the criminals. Most police are outstanding people and *will* protect you if they can but that is not really required.

Your first line of defense is you.

The developer should just p... (Below threshold)
Buster Dog:

The developer should just put an ad on TV saying he is accepting applications for walmart jobs at his house during the protest. Applications received at that time will be the pool employees are selected from. Thousands of people wanting work will show up and figure out what the union is all about, and there will be no civility.

Brett, I disagree. In a cas... (Below threshold)

Brett, I disagree. In a case like this, when the thugs have essentially booked an appointment, the police should be his first line of defense. He needs to let them know they're coming, and he wants protection.

You are your own LAST line of defense. You should use the system when you can, but never -- NEVER use the police as your only line of defense.

"When seconds count, the police are only minutes away." In this case, the guy's been given well over 36 hours of notice. He is pretty much obligated to give the police first crack at controlling things -- and he should.


Can't have anyone selling a... (Below threshold)

Can't have anyone selling affordable, healthy food products near all those obese children Michelle Obama cares so deeply about now, can we?

"Because "hate' and "inc... (Below threshold)

"Because "hate' and "incitement" and "inflammatory rhetoric" only counts when it comes from the right."
And even then, only when it 'happens' in urban legends, or the "those are not the Droids you are looking for" minds of the left.

Kind of turning into Death ... (Below threshold)

Kind of turning into Death Wish 3 with these jobless thugz. I guess they are earning those ACORN stimulus payments without paying into the system.

This is as close to job creation as Barry is apt to get. Good job Barry!! You have taught them well..

Thousands of people want... (Below threshold)

Thousands of people wanting work will show up and figure out what the union is all about, and there will be no civility.

It's real hard to be the champion of the economically oppressed, Busterdog, when the oppressed are doing their damndest to NOT be economically oppressed.

"Dammit, can't you see we're blocking this for your own good? Get back on welfare where you belong!"

Nice jujitsu, Buster Dog.</... (Below threshold)

Nice jujitsu, Buster Dog.

1) You can buy a pretty goo... (Below threshold)

1) You can buy a pretty good camcorder from Walmart for $200. Get a couple and video tape the protest from different angles.
2) Man a table in the front yard advertising for jobs, see if you can peel away some of the protestors to fill out job applications. Advertise in advance for that career day and get some other people to show up. Make the unions block their passage and get it on video.
3) Deck the house out in Red White and Blue, with flags and banners, patriotic music everywhere. It will look like the protestors are protesting against American values.
4) another option is to hook up some loudspeakers to microphones and blare their own noise and bullhorns back at them as feedback. That's like fingernails on a chalk board to most people. The louder they get the louder the feedback.

Sorry Buster, I just read t... (Below threshold)

Sorry Buster, I just read that you had the same idea.

I note the absence of the u... (Below threshold)

I note the absence of the usual lefties on this thread.

I had hoped for more from James H, Tina S, and ryan a, given the discussions since the shootings in Arizona. Oh well, guess their liberal blinders are still firmly in place, the only incivility or hate speech they see comes from conservatives....

I'm wondering when our resi... (Below threshold)

I'm wondering when our resident lefty trolls Woop, or Steve Crickmore, or Bruce Henry will weigh in to condemn the SEIU rent-a-thugs for creating a "climate of hate".

Upstaged by Kenny. Sigh. I'... (Below threshold)

Upstaged by Kenny. Sigh. I've got to learn to type faster.

-Video cameras, everywhere ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

-Video cameras, everywhere on your property. Make sure some are hidden. Ask neighbors to do same.
-Put up 'no trespassing' signs all over your property. Advise neighbors to do same. Buy some for your neighbors.
-Tell cops and local prosecutors beforehand you will be recording everything and demand that they fully enforce trespassing, littering, menacing, traffic enforcement, etc etc laws.
-Find a lawyer and sue any union/thugz that are menacing you.

Did they bring in the giant... (Below threshold)

Did they bring in the giant inflatable rat?

Oregon, swap out James H. f... (Below threshold)

Oregon, swap out James H. for Marco Polo. James is quite often reasonable.

Or did Marco run away when I quoted his dare to me to ban him?


Plant a huge statue of Geor... (Below threshold)

Plant a huge statue of George Washington on the front lawn. That should trash proof the area.

I am no fan of WalMart, sel... (Below threshold)

I am no fan of WalMart, selling essentially Chinese-made goods cheaply and using brute economic force to gut small town economics, but I am no fan of the union and other tactics of opposing WalMart in this manner.

OregonMuse,Great m... (Below threshold)


Great minds think alike!, Sorry for upstaging you. I'll go back to lurking shortly.

Jay,That was me, n... (Below threshold)


That was me, not Oregon who brought up James H.

And yes, if you consider it reasonable that he will never actually condemn the actions of a liberal, then I guess he is reasonable. Much like ryan a, he'll always condemn both sides. I'll refer you to the discussion about the allie bautch beatings, and the Arizona Immigration law debate.

During the Arizona law debate he roundly condemned the new law. When I pointed out to him that California had passed an almost identical law (with links to it), he said he'd read it and get back in a day with a response. What a surprise, never did, and I lost the last bit of respect I had for him.

I know he is your friend, so I'll shut up and go back to lurking now.

I had hoped for mo... (Below threshold)
James H:
I had hoped for more from James H,

When not working, James H discovered an MMO. James H needed a break from politics.

One of these days, one of t... (Below threshold)
James H:

One of these days, one of these protest groups is going to target somebody's home. They're going to sing their songs, wave their signs, and chant their chants. They're going to yell at somebody as he drives into the driveway, scream epithets at him.

They might trespass on his property.

They might scare this person, or a member of his family.

This person, or a member of his family, may fear for his life.

This person may feel compelled to act in self-defense, or at least what he feels is self-defense as an openly hostile group of people threatens him at his home.

This person may feel compelled to use deadly force, whether that force is legally defensible or not.

Someday, one of these protesters is going to get himself killed.

"Someday, one of these prot... (Below threshold)

"Someday, one of these protesters is going to get himself killed."

Probably. And the left will react with a wailing and gnashing of teeth, claiming victimhood.

"So Much For That Whole ... (Below threshold)

"So Much For That Whole Civility Thing..."

These people are not interested in civility. As we can see here.

Civility is simply the new word for censorship. Any criticism by the right - no matter how "civil" - is denounced as hate speech and cries for "civility" ring out. It's not what they really mean. What they really mean is, "Shut up!"

If these protesters actuall... (Below threshold)
James H:

If these protesters actually cared one whit about the people they claim to care about, they'd welcome the Wal-Mart. I dislike a lot of things about Wal-Mart.

However, I remember being straight out of college and working for a salary that amounted to less than $20,000 a year. Even back in the mid 1990s, that didn't go far. I shopped at Wal-Mart because it was affordable, even if every stick of furniture I bought there became detritus in less than a decade.

Wal-Mart sells its products at low prices. It employs people, from cashiers to stockers to greeters to loaders. Yes, these positions sometimes don't pay as well as positions elsewhere. But those jobs are honest work in a down economy.

Wal-Mart serves a need.

In 2004, John Edwards liked to talk about two Americas. Guess which America these protesters live in.

Two points from someone tha... (Below threshold)

Two points from someone that practically lives in the shadow cast by the WalMart headquarters - 1) WalMart has made millionaires out of several local people who were mere stockers or cashiers that took stock options as part of their income. After working 20 years they had millions in stocks.
2) A developer in a small town in Tennessee wanted to put in a WalMart. The local businesses kicked up big time. So the developer went outside the city limits and literally bought a cowpasture. He put up his WalMart and what happened? The town basically moved "out of town". Other new businesses went in around it.






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