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"I met a hero today"

Locutisprime has your must read of the day... hell, your must read of the month... over at his place:

I met a hero today.....and had things gone as planned originally, that meeting would never have happened. Had those original dental appointments not been postponed, I would have never had the opportunity to meet and talk to a man who is literally, part of our living history.

Today as I was sitting in the waiting room, while my wife was seeing the dentist, an elderly couple came in and sat down across from me. I looked up from my reading to glance in their direction across the waiting room and as I looked, I saw that the gentleman had on a ball cap with embroidered lettering indicating that he was a world war two veteran.

I folded my book and began to contemplate my feelings as I waited for the opportunity to approach. The gentleman's wife was seated next to him and was completing some paperwork for the dentist office. As I looked on, another gentleman seated adjacent to them, struck up a conversation with the man and as they talked, I could hear spillovers of the conversation, enough to learn that the man was a former crew member on a B-17.

Hearing that piece of information immediately piqued my interest, as I have an elderly friend who flew B-17's during the war and the plane has always been an area of love and interest for me since I was a child. So I waited for the right moment, then I stood and walked over to the gentleman to introduce myself and to shake his hand.

I hope that's enough to get you over to The Borg Conspiracy to read the rest.  You will not be disappointed.


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Recall viewing a captured G... (Below threshold)

Recall viewing a captured German Air Force gun camera video - detailed an attack on a B17. Pilot came up from below, you could see the ball turret begin to turn - The pilot 1st took care of the tailgunner - then he cut loose on the ball turret. You could see the 20mm shells ripping into it - and the turret stopped turning.

I have ridden in a B-17. An... (Below threshold)
Brett :

I have ridden in a B-17. Anybody who went up in that thing day after day while people were shooting at you was indeed a hero.

The older cousin who took m... (Below threshold)

The older cousin who took me for my first airplane ride, and launched my own flying career was a tail gunner in B-17s before going to pilot training.

I have always been fascinated by the airplane, and the men (boys) who served in them. I often wonder if I could have held up to what they went through.

Over the holidays I saw an old fellow and his wife get out of a car with a POW license plate. I asked which war. He was a B-17 pilot, shot down, prisoner for a year and escaped. Now 90 years old.

I always try to approach folks in ball caps, and so forth. I just love talking to them, and hearing their stories. I also want them to know that they are not forgotten.

Of course since I am 75, I may be part of the last generation who will remember, or care. Hope not.

"Of course since I am 75, I... (Below threshold)

"Of course since I am 75, I may be part of the last generation who will remember, or care. Hope not."

Not to worry, #1 son is only 32. He had a blast talking with Joe Foss at an airport in 2001, even managed to get his autograph.

"Of course since I am 75, I... (Below threshold)

"Of course since I am 75, I may be part of the last generation who will remember, or care. Hope not."

I hope you will not be the last generation also. I am in my mid 40's and I will never forget. I was lucky enough to got to Hawaii last year. I was not sure if I would ever get to see the Arizona memorial in person but I did. It was even more emotional than I expected and the USS Missouri was incredible.

My grandfather was on the USS Pennsylvania in WWII as a gunners mate. My grandmother worked for Eureka company and made many war items such as fuses, batteries and primers. My grandmother is still alive and she has a little notepad that my grandfather wrote down little bits of information on while he was deployed.(it was strictly prohibited to do this and he did not put anything with battle information on it)

My father was on 2 Dest Escorts and one Destroyer while he was in the Navy. I sometimes regret not going into service myself.

I did run across an interesting program on, I think it was the History channel. It was on the development of the proximity fuse. The proximity fuse or fuze was noted as one of the most important innovations of the war.

Good read. We were fortunat... (Below threshold)

Good read. We were fortunate to have so many patriot heroes like Elmer Browning around in the 1940s. The world would be a much worse place if not for them.

Just read this and thanks s... (Below threshold)

Just read this and thanks so much. A terrific story.

Of course since I am 75,... (Below threshold)

Of course since I am 75, I may be part of the last generation who will remember, or care. Hope not.

My oldest is 25 and works retail. Whenever he has someone in his line with a cap/shirt/patch denoting military service he strikes up a conversation as to when they served as he is scanning their purchases. After the transaction is over he offers his hand in a gesture of humble thanks. Always get a smile and a handshake in return.

I struck up a conversation ... (Below threshold)

I struck up a conversation with a man wearing a B-24 cap at the grocery store a couple months back. He flew 34 missions over Germany. I forgot to ask what crew position he was. Oh well, the smile on his face when I shook his hand and said thanks made my day. In fact, I'm smiling just thinking about it.

What a great story. I'm gla... (Below threshold)

What a great story. I'm glad I had the chance to read it.

Rick, that you so much for ... (Below threshold)

Rick, that you so much for sharing that story.

I had the opportunity to meet an Iwa Jima marine who was part of the first wave. These guys, yours included, must get a lot of questions from people, especially veterans because this marine, after awhile, handed me a 20 page "book" or essay about the first weeks including the raising of the flag. The story was captivating and I knew I was reading a real piece of history through the eyes of the person who experienced it. He didn't varnish anything either. He explained how afraid he was, etc. If you would like a copy, let me know. I will get his permission first.

Thanks again for that story. It breaks your heart to see these tough guys at a frail age. ww

Meh, he probably made it up... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:

Meh, he probably made it up, like he did the claim that the Columbia, South Carolina statue of George Washington was covered up so as not to cause offence. Like you reported the other day, Rick.

I notice that the story here hasn't been updated to reflect this. Maybe you could do that now, Rick? After all, it wasn't true, you know..?

And if you're going to call your blog The Borg Conspiracy, you could at least spell Locutus properly.

Hey Alfonso, do you realize... (Below threshold)

Hey Alfonso, do you realize how SMALL that comment makes you look?

The guy made a claim on Mon... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:

The guy made a claim on Monday that was a straight-up lie. Why then should I believe this? If that makes me look small, then so be it. I'd rather than than be the sort of fool who believes anything that backs up his prejudices (which is kinda ironic, given that the story on Monday was about an MLK Day rally).

Oh, and that claim - that t... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:

Oh, and that claim - that the NAACP covered up a statue of Washington so as not to cause offence to anyone attending their rally - is now all over the conservative blogosphere. So I guess we get to see if another of Rick's themes from this week - the Goebbel's line about repeating anything enough and it becomes true - is valid.

What specifically and parti... (Below threshold)
Rick Author Profile Page:

What specifically and particularly is the lie told AP?

Rick:It's this bit... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:


It's this bit I have the problem with:

"The information that I have received from someone who was there today at the South Carolina King day celebration/protest, is that the statue of George Washington was covered up today, "so as not to offend anyone" attending the King day celebration on the state house steps."

It's simply not true that the statue was covered so as not to offend anyone at the rally.

Are you saying that Locutis... (Below threshold)
Rick Author Profile Page:

Are you saying that Locutisprime is lying about the information he received? If so, how can you state that as fact categorically?

Or are you stating that the statue was covered for other reasons? If so, what were they?

WW,I'd be honored ... (Below threshold)


I'd be honored to have a copy of that book if there's some way to get my hands on it...

WW, you can obtain a copy o... (Below threshold)

WW, you can obtain a copy of Elmer's book on Amazon for $14.99.

As for the commentary of AP and his continued personal attacks against me (and Rick), I believe his commentary only serves to demonstrate his own bias and prejudice and how small in mind and character he truly is.

To everyone else, thank you for your comments and observations.

As for you AP? If you'd like to continue your personal BS against me? By all means come visit me at my blog directly. I will be more than happy to hand you your ass there.






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