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The Pope should not have voiced displeasure with Coptic Christians being murdered in Egypt...

... because that's offensive to Muslim academics:

Top Muslim academics in Egypt have announced they are suspending all dialogue with the Vatican to protest Pope Benedict XVI's remarks about anti-Christian violence in Egypt.

The decision of Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb, president of al-Azhar University in Cairo, and members of the Islamic Research Academy was reported by the website Ahram Online, a site devoted to covering news of interest to Muslims in the Middle East.

Shortly after the news was reported in Cairo, Jesuit Fr Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, told reporters that the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue "is collecting the information needed to adequately understand the situation".

"In any case," he said, "the line of openness and the desire for dialogue on the part of the pontifical council remain unchanged."

The news of the dialogue boycott came about a month before the scheduled annual meeting of the Joint Committee for Dialogue of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the Permanent Committee of al-Azhar for Dialogue among the Monotheistic Religions. The committee, established in 1998, meets in late February each year.

Ahram Online reported that the decision to suspend the dialogue was made unanimously in response to the Pope's reference "to the discrimination endured by Coptic Christians in Egypt" after a bombing at a Coptic Orthodox church left 23 people dead.

Sheik el-Tayeb already had criticised the Pope's remarks as "unacceptable interference in Egypt's affairs."

Clearly the Pope needs to take lessons from Obama on how to deal with the Muslim community.  More bowing perhaps.  More kow-towing.  An aplogy tour.  Did I mention bowing? 

The Pope's remarks are clearly mean-spirited, even hateful, and give evidence to the Islamaphobia the pontiff has obviously embraced.

It might've been better for him to acknowledge the Muslim quest for inner peace that can be filled only by the slaughtering of infidels (and Christians are a bonus) and to affirm and recognize the struggle that is jihad for your average mujahideen.  This would have more likely led to the kind of dialogue being sought by these Islamic scholars.

Instead, the Pope has embraced a spirit of hatred and bigotry and should be held responsible and accountable for the deaths that will surely follow as fatwas are issued in response.

Clearly the Pope here is in the wrong.  His intolerance beyond the pale.  I pray that Muslims throughout the world will withstand the persecution they are suffering at the hands of Catholics world wide.

It is a travesty. 

Jesus (peace be upon him) weeps.


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Comments (13)

The Pope should respond by ... (Below threshold)

The Pope should respond by summarizing what the Egyptian academics are saying: These academics do not want us to discuss the murder of Christians in Egypt. I do not understand how having a dialogue to stop the murder of innocent people could be seen as offensive by a religion of peace.

Would be nice to see the P... (Below threshold)

Would be nice to see the Pope stand up and say "kiss my ass" to the scholars of intolerance.

"I do not understand how ha... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"I do not understand how having a dialogue to stop the murder of innocent people could be seen as offensive by a religion of peace." sarahconnor2

Uh, Sarah? That would be because you apparently are not a muslim scholar. Nor am I. Or Rick. Or the Pope. If we were, I guess, then we'd understand. Maybe.

Sorry, I wasn't clear, Upse... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I wasn't clear, Upset Old Guy. I was saying that the Pope should get up and say the whole thing. I've found through the years that just openly describing someone's offensive behavior puts them off their game. We need to stop tiptoeing around the double standards that radical Islam insists upon everyone using and start calling them out on it.

Hmmmm........"Muslim" and "... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm........"Muslim" and "tolerance" in the same sentence.

Face it. For certain Muslim's, "tolerance" is a one-way street.

No, you were clear. And the... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

No, you were clear. And the course you recommend would be a civil way for the Pope to proceed.

My point is that understanding the position of those "muslim scholars" requires a special kind of crazy we do not embrace.

Isn't muslim scholar an oxy... (Below threshold)

Isn't muslim scholar an oxymoron?

Seem's to me the muslim sch... (Below threshold)

Seem's to me the muslim scholarly types get off on stirring up violent reaction among the hoard. Including rape and stoning of women. You could say they share traits with sexual predators and wife beaters.

Submission and bowing? NEVER!!!

Yeah, the Muslims are sexua... (Below threshold)
Marco Polo:

Yeah, the Muslims are sexual predators.

Maybe the Pope could get his priests to stop fucking the alter boys.

Go ahead, Marco - insult Ca... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Go ahead, Marco - insult Catholics all you like. You won't have to go into hiding in fear of your life or anything.

Awww... did da poor widdle ... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

Awww... did da poor widdle muzzies get der feewings hurt? That hasn't happened in... what? A couple hours?

Stupid cultists.

Jez, What part of Submissio... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Jez, What part of Submission doesn't the Pope get?

914 shrewdly comments, at... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

914 shrewdly comments, at 2, that it would be nice to see the Pope stand up and say, "Kiss my Ass!", to the scholars of intolerance. 914, please allow me to extend your observation to include also our own Western world scholars, who are with dogged duncehood, 'tolerating that intolerant'. Whereas Islam is undoubtably an extreme and growing menace to our civization, the latter constitute it's greatest and most valuable enabler. Western academics, because of their embrace of political progressivism and also political correctness seek control of society on their own harebrained political terms, and like a glove on it's progressive hand, PC's purpose to stifle any common-sense dissent.

The Pope though, not being a Wizbanger, won't be obliging 914 and me anytime soon.....however, we Wizbangers can all stand collectively and say it ourselves...in Yiddish if you please...."Kuess mir am Tukus!"






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