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Philadelphia abortionist and accused murderer Kermit Gosnell denied bail

The judge presiding over Gosnell's arraignment today must have determined that Gosnell was too great a flight risk so he denied him bail. As Ed Morrissey noted, the millions of dollars Gosnell made through the practice of delivering and then murdering living and viable babies gave the judge adequate reason to hold him without bail as he awaits his trial:

Kermit Gosnell was arraigned without bail late Thursday afternoon after charged with eight counts of murder in the death of a woman from a botched abortion and seven babies purposefully born so they could be killed in infanticides shortly thereafter.

Gosnell several staffers were arrested overnight on Tuesday after a grand jury indicted them on multiple charges after officials raided his abortion business following the woman's death and discovered a "shop of horrors" filled with bags of bodies and body parts of deceased unborn children and babies killed in infanticides.

Authorities searching the facility last year found bags and bottles holding aborted babies scattered around the building, jars containing babies' severed feet lining a shelf, as well as filthy, unsanitary furniture and equipment.

Gosnell, who used a method of live birth abortion to birth babies and snap their spinal cords with scissors, was arraigned and held without bail and two of Gosnell's unlicensed and untrained staff, Adrienne Moton and Lynda Williams, who allegedly assisted him in the gruesome killings at his  Women's Medical Society abortion business were also arraigned and held without bail.

These are the images of the bags and bottles that were all over Gosnell's office:

Look at all those bags of dead babies, excuse me, fetal material. 
Those are the severed feet of Gosnell's victims in these jars: unborn babies. Their little toes are fully formed and their little feet are fully defined and filled out. Ghoulish simply does not adequately describe that picture. 

There are two posts you must read. The first is Michelle Malkin's. A portion:
The 281-page grand jury report (see full embedded document below) released Wednesday provides a bone-chilling account of how Gosnell's "Women's Medical Society" systematically preyed on poor, minority pregnant women and their live, viable babies. The report's introduction lays out the criminal enterprise that claimed the lives of untold numbers of babies -- and mothers: 

"This case is about a doctor who killed babies and endangered women. What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable, babies in the third trimester of pregnancy - and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors. The medical practice by which he carried out this business was a filthy fraud in which he overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels - and, on at least two occasions, caused their deaths. Over the years, many people came to know that something was going on here. But no one put a stop to it."

Echoing the same kind of dark euphemisms plied by Planned Parenthood propagandists who refer to unborn life as "fetal and uterine material," Gosnell referred to his deadly trade as "ensuring fetal demise." Reminiscent of the word wizards who refer to the skull-crushing partial-birth abortion procedure as "intact dilation and evacuation" and "intrauterine cranial decompression," Gosnell described his destruction of babies' spinal cords as "snipping."

He rationalized his macabre habit of cutting off dead babies' feet and saving them in rows and rows of specimen jars as "research."

Read all of her post, especially her column from today that she included in it.

The second is Elizabeth Scalia's:

Yesterday on Twitter, a journalist wrote: "This abortion doctor story is gruesome. Anti-choicers will seize on it, but it's about criminal behavior, not abortion."

It[']s funny how framing works. A massacre perpetrated by a deranged man is not about the deranged man; it's about "rhetoric." But a massacre perpetrated by an abortion provider whose violations against laws of the nation and of humanity were overlooked for years is "not about abortion." It's about criminal behavior, and that's all. But some of our most prominent politicians have voted against the very bill -- the "born alive" bill -- that defines such behavior as criminal. Meaning, I guess, that if only enough politicians had voted with Sen. Barack Obama, Gosnell's behavior would not be "criminal" at all, and therefore we wouldn't even be talking about it?

Well, the story of Kermit Gosnell is about abortion; it's about abortion in America. And abortion in America is about a mindset, -- even (or especially) among regulation-happy folk who will make a big noise about public safety on issues large and small -- a mindset that will protect a Gosnell, and purposely turn a blind eye to abortion centers and practitioners and all of their lapses and illegalities, as long as the abortions keep on coming.

If that were not true, if the blind eye were not being turned, don't you think someone -- before now -- would have seen and been disgusted by Kermit Gosnell's collection of severed baby feet?

Look at the photo, if you can take it. It's a kick to the gut.
Like Michelle's post, Elizabeth's is also a must read in its entirety. And she is absolutely right when she says Gosnell's story is about abortion. Gosnell's practice thrived because of abortion and its accompanying mentality that killing one's unborn baby is a sacred right. Try to wrap your brain around that concept, that killing one's own unborn baby is as sacred a right as freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. What a schizophrenic application of human rights. Abortion has become a cancer that has been allowed to grow and fester, not just throughout America, but throughout all of humanity as it exists today. In addition to looking at the photos, read the Grand Jury report as well. What has been described in detail is what the "abortion is a sacred right" mindset has allowed to happen.

Grand Jury Report -- Philly Abortionist Kermit B. Gosnell Multiple Counts of Murder (January 2011) -


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Comments (14)

Do not doubt that Evil trul... (Below threshold)

Do not doubt that Evil truly walks amongst us. When the Devil comes for this mans soul, he will leave empty handed.

this "Doctor" is the PRIDE ... (Below threshold)

this "Doctor" is the PRIDE of Philadelphia...and a hero to abortion lovers everywhere.

Margeret Sanger and he can bunk together when he gets to Hell!

I thought we fought the Naz... (Below threshold)

I thought we fought the Nazi over things like this. This is the slippery slope with laws legalizing things such as this.

Around 50 years ago, people were horrifed about abortion. An abortionist was as evil as we could imagine...and in just one generation the "pro-choice...mostly leftist" people manage to make most people accept it or to not care about it. Tossing around the word freedom (in this case-to do what you want with your body) and everyone backs off.
They are a foxy lot the leftists....everything that is ungodly...they just love.

He rationalized his maca... (Below threshold)
jim m:

He rationalized his macabre habit of cutting off dead babies' feet and saving them in rows and rows of specimen jars as "research."

This is just a serial killer with a medical license and the backing of the democrat party.

Good God.... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Good God.

I defy any of the lefties w... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I defy any of the lefties who troll this page to read the whole grand jury document or to even look at the pictures therein and state with an honest heart that these are 'just' fetuses and that they are unthinking, unfeeling lumps of tissue. These were fully formed, full term babies that were murdered. This doctor did it for years. Our President voted repeatedly to protect what this man was doing and what others are continuing to do today.

It might not be a simple issue to deal with but it is far more than a question of a person's right to privacy. The left needs to come to grips with the fact that in their unyielding support for abortion they have become willing accomplices to murder.

I'm sick.... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

I'm sick.

jim m, I just +1'd your com... (Below threshold)

jim m, I just +1'd your comment #4. I think that about gets it right, and that pro-choice people whose responsibility it was to regulate places such as this were more concerned about coming across as anti-abortion than they were about doing their fucking jobs and ensuring that a place like this could never exist.

I'm pro-choice, but also anti-monster. It's not inconsistent. It's unfortunate that this fiend and those complicit in his crimes may very well end up setting the pro-choice movement back in the eyes of many good-hearted people, and it makes me hate him even more.

Hyper,You're right... (Below threshold)
jim m:


You're right. This is the kind of thing that the abortion movement said they would be getting rid of and instead they have only succeeded in protecting it.

BUt it should also give the ideologues some pause to look at these late term abortions that they have fought so bitterly to protect. These are no longer simply lumps of tissue. And if we go back to the discussion of the other day it becomes difficult to say regarding a full term infant that because it has not been born that it lacks any of the rational capabililties of an infant when born. When the difference is potentially just a few seconds of development that argument no longer holds up.

Poster boy for the democrat... (Below threshold)

Poster boy for the democrat party. The party of death.

I've Wikified the Grand Jur... (Below threshold)

I've Wikified the Grand Jury report, breaking it down into smaller pieces, cross-linked, and added supplemental materials:


(Or rather, I'm in the process, up to page 137 now!)

He's only charged with murd... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

He's only charged with murder in the few babies he killed after they were fully born. Those who still had a foot in the birth canal when he severed their spines aren't human under our current law.

As Dickens' Mr. Bumbleton noted, "If the law says that, then the law is a ass."

If there is any greater evil than murdering babies, in or out of the womb, it must be making a fortune doing it.

May God have mercy on his soul, and on ours for allowing him to practice his bloody craft so openly for so long.

I'm <a href="http://kermitg... (Below threshold)

I'm wikifying the Grand Jury Report to make it searchable, cross-linked, and supplemented with relevant material.

God has beautifully crafted... (Below threshold)

God has beautifully crafted and created the womb to be the safest of places in all of creation for the continued creation of his children. The enemy has found a way to make this safest of places the most deadly. Do not doubt that any abortion is an attack on creation and the Creator - and He will not forever be silent.






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