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...And It Got My Weight Wrong, Too!

The other night at the Day Job, I was looking for non-work things to do. There were a few things I could have/should have done, but I was tired and feeling crappy, so I was basically walking around and trying to figure out what I could do that would make it look like I was doing something productive.

Then I noticed that my colleagues had had Chinese food earlier in the day, and left a few things behind. More specifically, a fortune cookie.

What the hell. They were gone, I was alone, no one was watching, and I wasn't really doing anything. So I took it.

The fortune inside?

You have a very strong sense of duty.


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Comments (4)

What, no lottery numbers? S... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

What, no lottery numbers? Some fortune cookie that was.

Had your co-workers ordered... (Below threshold)

Had your co-workers ordered the Kung Pao, you'd have gotten TWO fortune cookies, grasshopper.

Did you eat the cookie? Dut... (Below threshold)

Did you eat the cookie? Duty to tummy first I say. I know at night when I'm bored and waiting to punch out, I hit the fridge for a snack.

7, 11, 25, 29, 33

It would have been more cre... (Below threshold)

It would have been more creepy if it had said: "This is not your cookie". ww






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