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Russia hit once again

This time at Moscow's international airport:

A terrorist bombing killed at least 31 people and wounded about 130 in the arrival hall of Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, the deadliest attack on the Russian capital since March.

President Dmitry Medvedev said law enforcement agencies were investigating the bombing as a terrorist attack and ordered heightened security at all of the country's airports and train stations. The president delayed his departure for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, scheduled for tomorrow, his spokeswoman Natalya Timakova said today.

State television channel Rossiya 24 and news agencies said the bomb may have been detonated by a suicide bomber. Russia's Investigative Committee said it couldn't confirm the report when contacted by Bloomberg News.

The attack was the worst in Moscow since last March, when 40 people died in twin subway bombings during the morning rush hour. Doku Umarov, a militant from the southern Russian region of Chechnya, where government forces fought two wars against separatists between 1994 and 2000, claimed responsibility for the 2010 attacks.

And so pressure is ratcheted up on Putin and Medvedev to take action.

Something tells me that bowing and kow-towing and open hand diplomacy will not be involved. 


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Comments (12)

Putin will personally condu... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

Putin will personally conduct interrogations.
The ACLU will not be involved.

I'll bet anybody associated... (Below threshold)

I'll bet anybody associated with this attack will be pushing up daisies a long time before Jared Loughner has a preliminary hearing. Doors are getting kicked in right now.

Who would've thunk it? So s... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Who would've thunk it? So soon after Reagan's passing, Americans would be thinking & saying "Unlike our pRESIDENT (Øbama), the Russians know how to go after the bad guys"...

Constitution - I think what... (Below threshold)

Constitution - I think what they are expressing is an expectation of ACTION. You know, instead of the continually insipid "Smart Diplomacy" that gotten us nowhere.

Or do you see positives in our dealings with North Korea and Iran?

On another note, the Russia... (Below threshold)

On another note, the Russians have been kissing up to the Iranians for several years - probably in the hope of calming their own Muslims. To say nothing of just screwing with us, because it's so much fun.

Looks like kissing ass has worked out well for Russia.

They could use a few new ex... (Below threshold)

They could use a few new experienced KGB operatives. Maybe Rahm could lend a hand now that he has been dissed in Chicagoland.

Before the day is done, lef... (Below threshold)

Before the day is done, lefty pundits will blame Palin.

Yep. Key phrases to watch f... (Below threshold)

Yep. Key phrases to watch for - "spetznatz" and "dead Chechens"

Had it occurred here we wou... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Had it occurred here we would be hearing how it was likely due to the actions of a TEA Party person or someone influenced by them.

I'm surprised thi... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised this hasn't occurred right here, as yet. Not ALL the terrorists are incompetent fools, and such an act could be performed with little difficulty at most major airports.

#9Right. It could ... (Below threshold)


Right. It could not happen on Barry's watch unless it can be pinned on a Tea Partier or Palin.

As an aside. What is with this pick a partner to sit by crap for the SOTU? Is this grade school or something where they all have to sit politely and listen to Yoda ears hmmmm' and haaaa' as he trie's desperately to look like what he never will.... 'Presidential'.

What needs to happen to liven the place up is a good healthy dose of 'YOU LIE!' Instead of that phony applause thing.

Just the beginnings of peac... (Below threshold)

Just the beginnings of peaceful muslim demonstrations coming to a airport near you soon.

McCain is already kissing the won's ass, doesn't take much for that rino to turn. Now they all want to sit in a bi-partisan manner. What a crock of shit, I suppose we will have to listen to 3 chorus' of kumbayah. Way to go conservatives.






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