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The Usual Suspects

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs reported on President Obama's reaction to the suicide bombing in Moscow today. According to Gibbs, it was a deplorable act, but it's too soon to speculate on the possible motive of the bomber. There have been no claims of responsibility as of yet, so the precise intent of the bomber is unknown. And the United States is offering its full cooperation and assistance to the Russians to find out if the bomber might have been influenced by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, or Fox News.

Yeah, it's "satire." But isn't it disturbing how plausible it sounds?


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VERY plausible JT. EVERYON... (Below threshold)

VERY plausible JT. EVERYONE KNOWS how much Beck hates communists.

I blame Bush for the atmosp... (Below threshold)
Keef Over-man:

I blame Bush for the atmosphere that created the Tea Partys and led to this disturbed attack on Russian freedom.

Stop the vitriol!!! The cli... (Below threshold)

Stop the vitriol!!! The climate of hate is intolerable!!! Stop targeting (oops!) me with this propaganda!!

Good post, Jay!

Ha!Great stuff Jay... (Below threshold)
Rick Author Profile Page:


Great stuff Jay...

"...but it's too soon to sp... (Below threshold)

"...but it's too soon to speculate on the possible motive of the bomber."

Yeah! It could be a disaffected air traveler wishing to make a point about delayed or over-booked flights and missing luggage.

Thanks Jay. My blood press... (Below threshold)
Ken D. :

Thanks Jay. My blood pressure needed that jolt.

Yes, your extra 10 words at... (Below threshold)
Marco Polo:

Yes, your extra 10 words at the end made for wicked, deep satire. What a spectacular paragraph. You must've studied Twain, and Parker, and Mencken and Clancy.

There were eleven words but... (Below threshold)

There were eleven words but who's counting. Certainly not you.

Marco doesn't like to be re... (Below threshold)

Marco doesn't like to be reminded of last weeks liberal fiasco in the blame game.

Marco also doesn't remember... (Below threshold)

Marco also doesn't remember daring me to ban him. I missed it at first, for which I apologize and am now correcting that error.


Someone left a Big-Mo carto... (Below threshold)

Someone left a Big-Mo cartoon on the floor in the terminal. So, what did you expect to happen?

They GOT to be running out ... (Below threshold)

They GOT to be running out of virgins!

@12, goats breed quickly</p... (Below threshold)

@12, goats breed quickly

Great post!!!The W... (Below threshold)

Great post!!!

The White House, Gibbs, and the rest have to assure that Sarah Palin was the instigator of this suicide bombing!!!!!!


(not), just being sarcastic, need to point that out, before the left latches on to my sarcasm, thinking it's real)

The left has lost the follo... (Below threshold)

The left has lost the following words from overuse thus becoming ineffectual:

And I have to give the left a big thank you for driving the independents away from the dem's. That was a nice gift. 2012 the senate. No doubt. ww






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