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"Not ignorance or incompetence, not even bias, but outright fraud"

The Anchoress yesterday put up a link fest commemorating this weekend's March for Life in DC and it's more than worthy of a good gander but what struck me over there was the following video chronicling the deceptive coverage of last year's event by the mainstream media.  Watch it and understand how stupid it is to trust these yahoos to objectively cover anything countering their worldview:


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Had this been the usual gri... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Had this been the usual grience groups gathering in DC to protest the lack of a socialist utopia, there would have been a shortage of printer's ink due to the rush to "sanctify" their political grievences.

That it is tens of thousands of Americans who dare to expose the big lie that abortion isn't the slaughter of innocent life leaves only this question: how far will the main stream media go to bury this reality?

Like animals trying to bury their poo -they are accomplished performers at such filthy stuffs.

It must be over 15 years ag... (Below threshold)
jim m:

It must be over 15 years ago now that the WSJ covered a conference of national journalist associations for minorities where the key note speaker declared that it was not the obligation of the reporter to report the news with objectivity, but rather to report the news in a manner that advanced the political agenda of their minority group.

In the same article they pointed out a poll of journalism majors who said that they were going into journalism not to report the news and inform their readers but "to change the world".

J schools have been turning out activists for decades. So it is no surprise that given the sort of education that they are given that we now have an activist media that is utterly uninterested in the truth.

The March for Life is fanta... (Below threshold)

The March for Life is fantastically hopeful and of course media is bias (to the extent that lies are fabricated to drive a specific narrative ie every story produced by mainstream media regarding Obama's greatness)

That said; marching is great-spirit of democracy and whatnot- however would it be more effective voting out of office those pro-choice politicans who maintain status quo for the abortion industry?

Take for exaample PA, MA, NM, CA -why is it that though these states are dominated by those who believe deeply in protecting the sanctity of life yet for some odd reason rarely are pro-life politicans voted into office?

Further; how can anyone who believes in protecting the sanctity of life vote for the Democrat's Party of Death?

Lasty, what in the heck is a pro-choice Catholic? What are pro-choice politicans like Schwarzennegger, Cuomo, Guiliani, Ridge, Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy etc ad nauseum saying about their own faith; the message they send out is nonsense to the extent that their words are empty, meaningless and hollow. It is almost as if these politicans want to undermine their own churches' teachings.

It is all so confusing, maybe another forty years of marching and an additional 50 million human beings exterminated will have all this caziness figured out?

Willful ignorance. The sham... (Below threshold)

Willful ignorance. The shamestream media excels at it.






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