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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday Thursday, which means it's time a day early for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Seeing as there's already entries I'm just going to leave the contest up. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

US President Barack Obama tours Orion Energy Systems, a power technology company that designs, manufactures and deploys energy efficiency and renewable energy technology for commercial and industrial business, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Obama on Wednesday landed in the US electoral battleground to sell his State of the Union message, even as Republicans plotted to undermine it with spending cuts. (AFP/Jewel Samad)

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (131)

Obama kneels in the Church ... (Below threshold)

Obama kneels in the Church of the Clueless, praying for further enlightenment. mpw

"My eyes! The goggles do no... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

"My eyes! The goggles do nothing!"

Obama has apparently been w... (Below threshold)

Obama has apparently been waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

Expecting something to cras... (Below threshold)
Joel :

Expecting something to crash down?

Like approval ratings!

Steve Urkel, all grown up.<... (Below threshold)

Steve Urkel, all grown up.

President Obama participate... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

President Obama participates in another Weekend Caption Contest on Thursday, thinking that it's actually Friday.

"Wow! These new "Te... (Below threshold)

"Wow! These new "Tele-Prompt Goggles" are the shit!"

"I see Billy and Mandy and ... (Below threshold)

"I see Billy and Mandy and Freddy and look there is Santa Claus ! ! "

Obama has become so powerfu... (Below threshold)

Obama has become so powerful, that he can turn Thursday into Friday!

Beer goggles make everythin... (Below threshold)

Beer goggles make everything look better

"Do these glasses make my e... (Below threshold)

"Do these glasses make my ears look smaller?"

Announcer in Barry's head: ... (Below threshold)

Announcer in Barry's head: "... and starting at center for your Los Angeleeees Lakers Barack Abdul Soweto-Jabbar".

Presidential Aide: "Mr. President... Mr. President... MR. PRESIDENT".

"With these special goggles... (Below threshold)

"With these special goggles, I can see Friday from my house!"


Dumbo, in flight glasses.</... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Dumbo, in flight glasses.

"... in other news; Preside... (Below threshold)

"... in other news; President Obama donned specialized eyewear today, allowing him to better observe the nation's soaring debt."

Ummm, time warp?If... (Below threshold)

Ummm, time warp?

If I missed Thursday someone tell me what the 'Won" screwed yesterday...

Obama demonstrates his life... (Below threshold)

Obama demonstrates his lifelong career in public service by starting his weekend on Thursday.


Definitely not "rose colore... (Below threshold)

Definitely not "rose colored"!

Do these safety glasses mak... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

Do these safety glasses make my ears look big?

They say these will stop a ... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

They say these will stop a 22 caliber bullet, I wonder if they will finally keep Biden spit out of my eyes when we talk?

The lights... Finally, the ... (Below threshold)

The lights... Finally, the end of the tunnel? No? Crap, it's a train.

Damn, I thought these glass... (Below threshold)

Damn, I thought these glasses were supposed to make Michele's ass look smaller, not life size. mpw

Obama: My future is so brig... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

Obama: My future is so bright, I have to wear shades

Aide: Umm Sir, those are clear

Press Photographer: "Mr. Pr... (Below threshold)

Press Photographer: "Mr. President, if you move a little bit more to the left I can get that cool halo effect again."
Obama: "Left -- no problem!"

True Art: Mussolini Redux</... (Below threshold)

True Art: Mussolini Redux

Man, these goggles are so W... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Man, these goggles are so Winning the Future(TM) that I can be in Friday on Thursday!

Tries to look like 'Kareem ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Tries to look like 'Kareem Abdul Jabbar'.

Instead only manages to convey 'Completely Oblivious Jerk'.

Next: hollowed earplugs an... (Below threshold)

Next: hollowed earplugs and cork.

ADVERTISEMENT:Enha... (Below threshold)


Enhance the medium between your ears with Cool Cerebra Blinders for the mind blowing price of just 9.95$ Only from Obamo!

If you call now, we'll include an exclusive progressive moon-bat lapel pin for free! Just dial 1-800-WTF-DHAT. Hurry, operators are standing by to expedite your order!

I can see Friday from my ho... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

I can see Friday from my house!

President Urkel.... (Below threshold)
jim m:

President Urkel.

Bobbing Head"Buy it,... (Below threshold)

Bobbing Head
"Buy it, use it, break it, fix it,
Trash it, change it, mail - upgrade it,
Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it,
Snap it, work it, quick - erase it,
Write it, cut it, paste it, save it,
Load it, check it, quick - rewrite it,
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it,
Drag and drop it, zip - unzip it,
Lock it, fill it, call it, find it,
View it, code it, jam - unlock it,
Surf it, scroll it, pause it, click it,
Cross it, crack it, switch - update it,
Name it, rate it, tune it, print it,
Scan it, send it, fax - rename it,
Touch it, bring it, Pay it, watch it,
Turn it, leave it, start - format it...Techno-Logic."
~Daft Punk

"Now this is the kind of tr... (Below threshold)
The Albatross:

"Now this is the kind of transparency I was talkin' 'bout. Tell the rabble I keeps mah promises the next time they whine about our closed meetings."

Obama does an impression of... (Below threshold)

Obama does an impression of Ray Charles!

boondoggle in goggles ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

boondoggle in goggles

So what time does Sputnik c... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

So what time does Sputnik come by?

Do these make my ears look ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Do these make my ears look bigger?

So who needs this boring tr... (Below threshold)

So who needs this boring transparency stuff - where's the mirror?

These shades don't leave my... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

These shades don't leave my head cause I'm too cool.

OK, people who's the White ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

OK, people who's the White House photographer who seems to have a nasal passage fetish?

Rick13 apologies on the "ea... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Rick13 apologies on the "ears look bigger" I didn't read first.

"It's...it's full of change... (Below threshold)

"It's...it's full of change."

A rare photo of Obama NOT l... (Below threshold)

A rare photo of Obama NOT looking down his nose.

"These goggles are not rose... (Below threshold)

"These goggles are not rose colored and reality bites."

You can put safety goggles ... (Below threshold)
Steve H.:

You can put safety goggles on a pig, but it's still a pig!!

Do these glasses make me lo... (Below threshold)
Steve H.:

Do these glasses make me look more Reaganesque?

"I am Spock! Do not questi... (Below threshold)

"I am Spock! Do not question my logic!"

"This looks like a job for ... (Below threshold)

"This looks like a job for Captain O-blivious...."

"I was just chekin' the spe... (Below threshold)
Al Pennam:

"I was just chekin' the specs on the end-line for the rotary...girder...I'm retarded."

The glasses? Why they shiel... (Below threshold)

The glasses? Why they shield my eyes from all the bull-shit I'm spreading...."

"Nope....even with the glas... (Below threshold)

"Nope....even with the glasses on, I cannot see the irreparable damage I'm doing to the American people and economy..."

"If you aren't wearing your... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

"If you aren't wearing your safety glasses, you're acting ear-responsibly!"

You can't hide your lyin' e... (Below threshold)

You can't hide your lyin' eyes...

"Damn.....neither beer gogg... (Below threshold)

"Damn.....neither beer goggles nor real goggles make Michelle look any less like a Klingon warrior with a huge caboose..."

The emperor's new clothes!<... (Below threshold)

The emperor's new clothes!

President Obama testing the... (Below threshold)

President Obama testing the new 3D Teleprompter to make his sorrowing rhetoric look like soaring rhetoric.

I don't know what Palin was... (Below threshold)

I don't know what Palin was talking about, but these glasses should keep her from pulling any logs from my eyes.

The future's so bright, I'v... (Below threshold)

The future's so bright, I've got to wear goggles.

Pelosi looks so much bigger... (Below threshold)

Pelosi looks so much bigger in 3-D.

Jay Tea, my apologies. I wa... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

Jay Tea, my apologies. I was in a hurry and skimmed the entries. What's the emoticon for mortification?

I see you, you see me, we'r... (Below threshold)

I see you, you see me, we're a socialist family.....

"I can see sputnik from My ... (Below threshold)

"I can see sputnik from My backyard"

"Nostrildamus"... (Below threshold)


Chi-com Chia pet.. <p... (Below threshold)

Chi-com Chia pet..

Everytime it lie's, China's economy grows.

been growing a lot lately..... (Below threshold)

been growing a lot lately..

Future scientists, desperat... (Below threshold)

Future scientists, desperate to solve the world's problems, figure out how to reanimate The Lightworker's head. It was later found at the Arkansas State Fair stuck in a lighted box telling fortunes.

Hu was right. Glasses do m... (Below threshold)

Hu was right. Glasses do make me look less socialist.

Wow, with these glasses, I ... (Below threshold)

Wow, with these glasses, I can see the socialist utopia from here!

Breaking News: OSHA require... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Breaking News: OSHA requires President Obama to wear safety glasses as he continues digging the political hole that he has dug himself into.

When the fly emerged from t... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

When the fly emerged from the transporter, he realized something had gone horribly wrong . . .

That would be my plan for w... (Below threshold)

That would be my plan for when the economy hits the fan!

"A horse is a horseo... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

"A horse is a horse
of course, of course...
I am Special Ed!"

Clueless and proud of it!<... (Below threshold)
Moochell My Belle:

Clueless and proud of it!

Barack begins to reconsider... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Barack begins to reconsider letting Joe Biden choose his fashion initiatives ...

Now I look as "with it" as ... (Below threshold)
Ken in Camarillo:

Now I look as "with it" as Palin!

In an attempt to imitate Fr... (Below threshold)
retired military:

In an attempt to imitate France Obama announced 4 day work weeks for all.

As they headed to the baske... (Below threshold)
retired military:

As they headed to the basketball court Obama was over heard to say "hey how are these going to protect my lips?"

Statement from President Ob... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Statement from President Obama regarding allegations of copying lines from other speeches for his SOTU. "My fellow Americans, regarding charges of plaguerism, I answer that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. As I told Michelle the other day, a house divided cannot stand. Only those who do not ask what they can do for their country, not what their country can do for them need worry that there will not be a chicken in every pot. In closing, I say that's the way it was, Jan 25th 2011. Good night Mrs Calabash, wherever you are"

Obama "'cuse me while kiss ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Obama "'cuse me while kiss the sky"

"hello muddah,hello ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"hello muddah,
hello faddah,
Here I am at camp granada.."

Proof that smart people are... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Proof that smart people are not the only ones that wear coke bottle glasses.

Dateline 1 May 2012<p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Dateline 1 May 2012

President Obama demonstrated the new antiglobal warming glasses at the White House today. Each citizen will be required to purchase them via executive order 87544.2 at the small cost of only $15,000 each. In other news today Washington DC recieved an additional 12 inches of snow as winter continues to pound the East coast.

Photographer"Highe... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"Higher, higher, hold your chin higher. How else can you look down your nose at all the peons"

NY Times Headlines... (Below threshold)
retired military:

NY Times Headlines

Bush nearly blinds Obama.

Chris Matthews "repubicans... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Chris Matthews "repubicans oppose Obama's plan to save the nation showing they are not only racists but hate people who wear glasses".

Obama "Wow, so that is what... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Obama "Wow, so that is what reality looks like"

when the shit hits the fan,... (Below threshold)

when the shit hits the fan, I'm ready!

Even with oversized goggles... (Below threshold)

Even with oversized goggles Obama is still blind to basic economics.

Obama "I am not a plagurist... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Obama "I am not a plagurist!!.. My speechwriters are plagurists"

OBoggles... (Below threshold)


His stupidity goggles the m... (Below threshold)

His stupidity goggles the mind!!

"Wow, these specs really do... (Below threshold)

"Wow, these specs really do work. I can see right through Pelosi's pantsuit ... gag!"

politically correct shades<... (Below threshold)

politically correct shades

My God. It's full of stars!... (Below threshold)

My God. It's full of stars!

You see I got these new gla... (Below threshold)

You see I got these new glasses to go with my emperor's clothes.....

Looking at the world throug... (Below threshold)

Looking at the world through audacity-colored glasses.

These glasses make it look ... (Below threshold)
Marco Polo:

These glasses make it look like Michelle Bachmann is looking at the right camera.

Wizbang quick poll__... (Below threshold)

Wizbang quick poll
___ glasses half full
___ glasses half empty

Everything was going fine f... (Below threshold)
Ken in Camarillo:

Everything was going fine for the wannabe super-hero until he addressed his application for membership to the "IncreDUHbles"

Ah, what a lovely shade of ... (Below threshold)

Ah, what a lovely shade of rose!

Obama didn't buy these glas... (Below threshold)

Obama didn't buy these glasses. He "invested" in them.

Obatomy now complete, choco... (Below threshold)

Obatomy now complete, chocolate sauron has pseudo centrist eyes to give "vision" to the mouth breathing sock puppet uruk-hai,cue camera one on cbs's new look eye logo sporting new goggles!

WTF?Oh, yeah.... (Below threshold)


Oh, yeah.

Winning The Future!

Ordinarily, wearing glasses... (Below threshold)

Ordinarily, wearing glasses makes you look smarter.

Kareem Abdul Fubar. ... (Below threshold)

Kareem Abdul Fubar.

Those ears aren't just for ... (Below threshold)

Those ears aren't just for show. He can hear a gnat fart two states away.

Obama sees the world throug... (Below threshold)

Obama sees the world through Nuance colored glasses

I DO see 70 virgins, and no... (Below threshold)

I DO see 70 virgins, and none of them look like Michelle!!

@fustian: DANG it! Now what... (Below threshold)
Tom Blogical:

@fustian: DANG it! Now what am I gonna use? :-)

Flappergasted... (Below threshold)


No, Mr. President, even the... (Below threshold)

No, Mr. President, even these won't help you find a clue.

Wasting The Future... (Below threshold)

Wasting The Future

He ears what He wants too e... (Below threshold)

He ears what He wants too ear!

Got my windshields on, now ... (Below threshold)

Got my windshields on, now if I could just flap my ears, I could fly.

Based on some confidential ... (Below threshold)

Based on some confidential advise from former President Jimmy Carter, President Obama donned his safety glasses just before the excrement hit the fan.

"A dunce is a dunceo... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

"A dunce is a dunce
of course, of course
and no one can talk
to a dunce, of course
that is, of course, unless the dunce
is the famous Special Ed"

"I sure hope Joe gets over ... (Below threshold)

"I sure hope Joe gets over his Gallagher phase soon."

It ain't over 'til the Spla... (Below threshold)

It ain't over 'til the Splat Lady slings

"Yes, these do make your as... (Below threshold)

"Yes, these do make your ass look fatter."

Now all I need are my spear... (Below threshold)

Now all I need are my spear and magic helmet

These are the new "green" s... (Below threshold)

These are the new "green" sunglasses. They cost too much and they don't really work.

Empty suit meets Deer-In-Th... (Below threshold)

Empty suit meets Deer-In-The-Headlights

Empty suit meets Deer-In-Th... (Below threshold)

Empty suit meets Deer-In-The-Headlights.

I don't give a shit what yo... (Below threshold)

I don't give a shit what you guys think. WTF, these things make me look cool!

This is what all the Prolet... (Below threshold)

This is what all the Proletariat will be wearing on the new high speed trains.

Kobe, I'm open!... (Below threshold)

Kobe, I'm open!

"I believe I can lie"... (Below threshold)

"I believe I can lie"

"It's a bird. It's a plane.... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

"It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's my sputnik moment!"

Obama prepares for his atte... (Below threshold)

Obama prepares for his attempt at the 'policital' Triple Lindy.

"We want Fearless Freep!"</... (Below threshold)

"We want Fearless Freep!"

Update: <... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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