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Obama's war against the fossil fuel industry inflicts mounting casualties

He did promise to transform America didn't he:

Some of the 30-plus deepwater rigs that were in the Gulf of Mexico have moved to other markets, first because of a U.S. halt called last May after BP Plc's (BP.L: Quote) well blowout, and then because of the lack of permits once the moratorium was lifted.

Below are rigs contracted to work in the Gulf of Mexico that have been or will be moved to other regions.


* Ensco Plc (ESV.N: Quote) said on Dec. 1 that its newly built 8503 rig, under contracted with Cobalt, would work for Tullow Oil Plc (TLW.L: Quote) off French Guiana for three months. [ID:nN01131883]

* Pride International Inc's (PDE.N: Quote) newly built Deep Ocean Ascension, under contract with BP, is moving to the Mediterranean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico in the first quarter, according to the latest Pride fleet update.

* Noble Corp (NE.N: Quote) said on Jan. 27 that the Clyde Boudreaux would move to Brazil for a year at a knock-down rate of $290,000 per day to work for Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSa.L: Quote), starting mid-April, and that it expected more to follow. [ID:nN27125865] (Reporting by Anna Driver in Houston and Braden Reddall in San Francisco; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn, Gary Hill)

Those listed are just the recent moved rigs... the piece lists others that date back to July of last year.

Too bad no one is determining how many American jobs have gone away as the result of these actions.  Republicans need to be trumpeting this and loudly.


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Comments (17)

Barry will now roundly cond... (Below threshold)

Barry will now roundly condemn the companies for taking jobs 'off-shore'. As far as he's concerned it's a win-win for him. Gas prices go up and he once again can slam 'greedy' corporations.

And Nancy will be happy that those affected by the move can go on unemployment.

America needs jobs, but the... (Below threshold)

America needs jobs, but they will be the jobs Barry says we need.

Look at it this way: ... (Below threshold)

Look at it this way:

The currently untapped reserves under the Gulf are our strategic reserves. The oil rigs are moving to deplete other countries reserves, while ours will remain intact until there is a serious need for them in the future.

Barry Mandela...An experime... (Below threshold)

Barry Mandela...An experiment in greed.

"The oil rigs are moving to... (Below threshold)

"The oil rigs are moving to deplete other countries reserves, while ours will remain intact until there is a serious need for them in the future."

DING DING DING!!! Seriously? Your meds are ready!

5.So you think tha... (Below threshold)


So you think that if we don't suck the oil out of the ground this very instant, it won't be around in the future?

You didn't really explain your point of view you just jumped in with an ad hominem attack which doesn't win very many debate points.

rance, the fallacy in that ... (Below threshold)

rance, the fallacy in that line of thinking is that those on the left don't want to ever use the oil under the gulf.

"Rance, the fallacy in that... (Below threshold)

"Rance, the fallacy in that line of thinking is that those on the left don't want to ever use the oil under the gulf."

No, not for us citizens for sure.. But they sure as hell are all for China using it to fuel all the U.S. jobs that are now over there thanks to the dummycrats.

Another thing Rance, some o... (Below threshold)

Another thing Rance, some of the reserves the “other” countries are tapping are one and the same reserves that we are not tapping especially with some of the horizontal drilling that can take place now.

Also someday fusion and other technology will make oil much less valuable if not obsolete. Then we will be setting on worthless reserves that could have help out our economy greatly today.

Not to worry. The ... (Below threshold)

Not to worry. The green jobs, solar energy and high speed rail will ensure economic prosperity for all.

Besides, the electric cars will solve the oil problem.

Yep, you know electricity j... (Below threshold)

Yep, you know electricity just magically appears out of that magical hole in the wall. Money is just something that the government prints. LOL

Nope, electricity is genera... (Below threshold)

Nope, electricity is generated by rainbow colored unicorns, prancing across green meadows under a cloudless sky. Totally carbon and pollution free. All that 'free' electricity is going to power our high-speed trains. And those will be built in foreign countries - so the pollution created in making those trains will stay in the skies over those countries.

We're on a roll! We've got money to burn! Just ask the Federal Reserve.

Liberal Logic = Big Oil is ... (Below threshold)

Liberal Logic = Big Oil is only evil if we get it from our own country.

Rance, IDRA... (Below threshold)



First item on the agenda of... (Below threshold)

First item on the agenda of the new Republican president in 2013 is to eliminate all the Gulf drilling bans, then gut the EPA (and a few other programs) and immediately issue leases for Gulf drilling. Cut the red tape and have the time from lease to drilling decreased from 5 years to 6 months. The price of oil would fall back down to the $40-$50 per barrel range and the economic benefits would be astounding.

1. Lower oil costs would lower the cost of all items, as transportation costs decreased. Lower cost for all goods means that consumers would have more disposible income, and thus be able to purchases more goods, which leads to more people having employment (and getting off unemployment).

2. Oil workers and the related industies are high paying jobs. High salaries mean more tax revenue, and less expenditures as people get off welfare and unemployment.

3. Every barrel of oil pumped out of the
Gulf is taxed. Another source of government revenue.

An aggressive oil drilling policy in the Gulf, Atlantic and Pacific offshore, and Alaska would provide high paying, unemployment and welfare ending, tax revenue producing jobs throughout the country. Talk about reducing the deficit!

It's awfully hard to protes... (Below threshold)
Don L:

It's awfully hard to protest loud and clear when you've been conditioned for years with success by sitting cowering and trembling with fear of whatever the left threatens to call you today.

"It's awfully hard to prote... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"It's awfully hard to protest...."

And yet that is exactly what needs done.

The Left/Dems/MSM are going to call you names anyway so you might as well just do the right thing and don't worry about what they call you. Hell, if they can't find anything wrong with you or anything they can twist in the worst possible light, then they'll just out-and-out make up shit about you, e.g. - the Tuscon shootings.

The point is, you are going to be called a racist, bigot, homophobe, warmonger, hate the poor, global warmening planet killer no matter what you do. So don't worry about it. If you are worried about your image, go home and retire from the public.

We can't afford Repubs/Conservatives/moderates that are afraid of the other side anymore. The Old Guard GOP had better start speaking out and taking conservative Republican positions, or they have to get the hell out and go home.






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