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Twenty five years ago this morning ...

May God rest the souls of the seven brave astronauts who gave their lives aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.


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I'll spare the "where I was... (Below threshold)

I'll spare the "where I was" response, but I'll say that there are certain things I cannot watch or look at. Among them are:
- The planes hitting the WTC.
- The firefighter carrying the mortally wounded baby girl out of the Murrah Federal Building
- The Challenger "go for throttle up" video.

25 years.... dang.

What got me at the time was... (Below threshold)

What got me at the time was the flight announcer droning on about an "anomaly".

I worked for Bendix Aerospa... (Below threshold)

I worked for Bendix Aerospace doing the test and evaluation of the Space Shuttle here in Huntsville back in the late 70's early 80's.

I was intimately familiar with the SRB gasket that failed as I had helped the Morton Thikol team assemble the boosters at the test stand prior to doing the stress testing on them.

Just like Gizmo, I cannot watch the video.

25 years already. The memor... (Below threshold)

25 years already. The memory seems like just last week.

I can't believe it was only... (Below threshold)
John S:

I can't believe it was only 25 years ago. Seems more like 35. I remember I was at work, a job that went to China two decades ago. I've had two complete careers since then, both went to India. I started over for the fourth time this year. You sure it's only been 25 years?

Reminds Me of 911. At least... (Below threshold)

Reminds Me of 911. At least they did not suffer.

What got me at the... (Below threshold)
What got me at the time was the flight announcer droning on about an "anomaly".
I understand why they used that lingo, but that statement is my nomination for "The Biggest Understatement of the 20th Century."
914:I am truly sorry to hav... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

914:I am truly sorry to have to tell you this, but unfortunately your information is incorrect, the cockpit tapes have been sealed, but when they were first played, word leaked out that at least some of the crew were conscious and talking (woman screaming) right up to ocean's impact. Needless to say these details were kept from the public for obvious reasons. Truly, a National Tragedy.

My entire company, Sky Computers, watched it live as this firm that I worked for had named a product "Challenger". Being with a big group of friends helped a little, but one woman I worked with was so traumatized she never turned on a TV again for the three more years I worked with her. It still hurts me to this day, finding out the manner in which they perished, only made it worse.

In general terms, I believe... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

In general terms, I believe the public was presented with enough information. Even with the sometimes sloppy reporting by the MSM (many still don't even understand that Challenger didn't blow up; that the craft was destroyed aerodynamically from flying through the turbulence created by the main tank's explosion) NASA did make enough facts public. Enough so that the nation could respectfully grieve and enough so that people could decide for themselves whether or not they would continue to support the nation's space effort.

Is there more? Yes. But I think it is better just to remember the crew as they were before the accident.

I remember Challenger and I... (Below threshold)

I remember Challenger and I attended the memorial service at NASA in Houston. Very sad.






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