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Yet another Carter comparison

Via Dry Bones:

D11130_3.gifAnd from Voice of America today:

In Washington, U.S. President Barack Obama said political reforms were "absolutely critical" to Egypt's "long-term well-being," boosting pressure on Mr. Mubarak to implement changes while acknowledging he is a critical U.S. ally.

In his first comments on the unrest in Egypt, Mr. Obama urged the government and the protesters to refrain from violence. The U.S. president, in an interview broadcast live on the YouTube website, said Mr. Mubarak has been "very helpful on a range of tough issues" but that his government must move forward on "political and economic reform."

Violence escalated in areas outside the Egyptian capital on Thursday.


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Comments (3)

Congress needs to stop the ... (Below threshold)

Congress needs to stop the foreign aid to Egypt pronto.

Jimmy Carter owned a planta... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter owned a plantation in Georgia, makes you wonder if he is related to obama....just sayin'

Hey, maybe we can find a cr... (Below threshold)

Hey, maybe we can find a crazy old Imam, in Paris or somewhere, and not-so-subtly encourage him to lead the growing Islamist Revolution in Egypt, huh?

Oh, wait - it's been done.






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