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"I'm the guy who has to be here when the party is over"

Governor Chris Christie represents the kind of leadership this country needs and needs now:

Sean Kelly, a corrections officer with the state who lives in Middletown, asked Christie how he would be able to afford health insurance. Under the governor's proposal, many state employees would pay about a third of a health care plan's cost, up from 1.5 percent of their salary.

"My paycheck just went up $4," Kelly told Christie. "How am I supposed to live with that?"

 Christie told Kelly he should be happy to have a job, given how many people in New Jersey are unemployed.

"It stinks, but it's reality," Christie told Kelly, referring to state employees paying more to receive less. "Other politicians made you promises they couldn't keep. I'm the guy who has to be here when the party is over."

There's video of the Governor telling it like it is with skill and effect at the link and it's well worth the time to watch.  It's seriously good stuff.

H/T Matteo.


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Comments (12)

Did I hear that correctly? ... (Below threshold)

Did I hear that correctly? The guy's health insurance costs $22,000 per year?

One thing Christie has goin... (Below threshold)

One thing Christie has going for him is that he has the facts and figures at his finger tips. The public employee unions are learning that it's not "business as usual" any longer.

Oh to have someone like that in Kalifornia. Instead we get Moonbeam Brown. His cuts involve taking cell phones from 1/2 the state employees, and cutting the car fleet (again). No mention of cutting out any of the 110 state commission/advisory boards that are filled with termed-out politicians or those who are so bad they could not get re-elected - but gotta have those 6 figure salaries. But Jerry has a plan. Continue the "temporary" taxes for 5 more years.

<a href="http://www.draftch... (Below threshold)
Christie's sober assessment... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Christie's sober assessment that he is not currently POTUS material nor maintains any desire for the job continues to be ignored.

Most of all by guvs from similarly eviscerated states.

What I love about Christie ... (Below threshold)

What I love about Christie is that the left is using their usual playbook and he's running up the score on them.
Before him, the professional left was always able to take a photogenic/sympathetic character and run them out in a public event to ask "Why are you doing this to me?" and the politician would flail about like a vampire confronted with a cross.
Christie takes that cross and shoves it up their ass.

Teachers,Police Officers, what's next?

Watch for the person in a wheelchair or parent with a special needs kid (with Corkie drooling on themselves next to mom in the frame) confronting Christie about cuts to welfare.
They will continue to up the anti using more sympathetic characters until they can get Christie to either back down, or be seen as an ogre coldheartedly telling a single minority mother of 7 that he's cutting her welfare check.

Preach it, Meiji_man.... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Preach it, Meiji_man.

I am heartily sick of the blatant appeals to raw emotion. The feminization of the country has gone way too far. Tbought trumps feelings. Sorry, girls, but that's how it is. We're broke, and cannot afford everything we might like to have, regardless of how much we'd like to have it. Adulthood means choosing between unpalatable options. And all the options before right now are unpalatable, to varying degrees.

It's that simple.

Afterthought: sometimes I t... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Afterthought: sometimes I think we need to at least feign hard-heartedness just to restore some balance, otherwise the grown-up perspective loses every time.

So Corky needs something? Tough. The poor are suffering? Too bad. Moral: don't be poor. People are losing their homes? So it goes.

The point is to put the issue itself into debate, rather than letting leftists frame the issue as a given, and then argue about the solution.

So...does Corky really need something? Why? If so, what are the alternatives?

What do you mean by "poor?" (I exclude anyone with a color TV or cell phone; if you can afford such luxuries, then you're not poor.)
Are the poor, if any, really suffering? (Lack of premium cable is not suffering.)

People are losing their homes? Why? Were they struck down by a catastrophic illness? If so, my complete sympathy. OTOH, if they're living in a million-dollar McMansion on a $50 K/yr salary, they should lose their goddamned house - they didn't belong in it in the first place.

So I propose a tough love approach. You got a problem, you got your hand out? Why should anyone else step up for you? Be specific, and don't gloss over mention of where and how you are responsible for your situation, or how you've learned your lesson, and won't screw the pooch again.

The problem is that insulating people from the consequences of their shitty decisions, if any, prevents them from learning from them, and thereby guarantees that they'll make more shitty decisions in the future. Everyone - everyone - needs to have skin in the game.

So this guy is complaining ... (Below threshold)
John S:

So this guy is complaining because his public salary only increased by $4 a week this year? My private sector paycheck decreased by 100 percent in 2010. And I'm damned lucky I found the part-time job that restored 20 percent of my former salary. And I don't have to pay for benefits... there are no benefits.

Darn! I just dropped in to... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Darn! I just dropped in to mock the leftists on this thread as they offer their passionate defenses of spending money we don't have to provide extra stuff to their preferred classes but . . . crickets.

Time was, all the leftists would be in on this, ripping the Governor and wringing their hands until their wrists hurt. Maybe they're all on a tramp steamer headed to Egypt to fight alongside their islamist brothers.

Yeap. In fact, did y... (Below threshold)

Yeap. In fact, did you know that Currently, many insurance companies do not allow adult children to remain on their parents' plan once they reach 19. Companies cannot do that any more. Search onilne for "Wise Health Insurance" and you can insure your kids if you are in the same boat.

What I don't get: Aside fro... (Below threshold)

What I don't get: Aside from children with disabilities (who may well stay a dependent all of their lives), why should adult offspring be insured the same as children? At what point are adults going to be treated as ADULTS?

writing a policy for someon... (Below threshold)

writing a policy for someone (child or adult) who has a severe pre-existing but not being allowed to price that policy for the risks involved is NOT insurance ... a better word would be welfare ... but it is certainly not insurance ...






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