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Photoshops with the dead not so safe after all...

…Or the Ghost of Ronaldus Magnus opines.


Rotten Marxist in word and deed!

Hat Tip: Ed Driscoll, Photoshop by iowntheworld.


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EXCELLENT!!!it fit... (Below threshold)


it fits right in with my post at Bejohngalt

Barry O' is being re-packaged for the 2012 campaign...I pray the American people are paying more attention this time!!!

Am I the only one to find t... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Am I the only one to find this most recent Red meme linking Obama with Reagan to be especially repellent?

Reds have hated Reagan since ...forever... because ultimately his policies were seen to lead - and ultimately did lead - to the downfall of their beloved USSR. As a consequence, he was the Sarah Palin of his day.

Now, after 25 years of disparaging him, the Reds suddenly have newfound regard for Reagan to prop up their shoddy knockoff CPUSA spokesmodel while he flounders pathetically in a job for which he is constitutionally (and perhaps Constitutionally) unsuited.

And that pisses me off.

Jay, you're not alone!! </... (Below threshold)

Jay, you're not alone!!

Barry's Presidency stinks l... (Below threshold)

Barry's Presidency stinks like rotten meat. Repackaging and trying to sell spoiled food is a crime. His delusions of grandeur will not win in 2012. Many I know who voted for this guy are now opposed. Break out the die-bold's Barry, You are going to need record amounts of deceased votes to compete.

You know, I was offended wh... (Below threshold)

You know, I was offended when I saw the original cover a few days ago. Barry is about as deserving sharing a scene with Reagan as he was getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Now that I see this pic I realize that The Gipper had a great sense of humor and was always up for a little joke once in a while.

Seems reasonable to me, he ... (Below threshold)

Seems reasonable to me, he ran as Bill Clinton for the first term, why not Ronald Reagen for the second?

Hes got a pretty good chance too, as long as he doesnt run as Obama.






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