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Man With Fireworks Stockpile Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up Mosque

We'll here's an interesting story from the AP:

DETROIT -- A 63-year-old Southern California man who was traveling with explosives in his vehicle with the intention of blowing up one of the nation's largest mosques where mourners had gathered for a funeral was arrested in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan authorities said Sunday.

Dearborn police said Roger Stockham was arraigned Wednesday on one count of making a false report or threat of terrorism and one count of possessing explosives with an unlawful intent. Stockham had a large but undisclosed quantity of class-C fireworks including M-80s, which are outlawed in Michigan, Chief Ronald Haddad said.

We'll take their word that he had a large enough stockpile of M-80's to do some damage since we don't know exactly what was seized...

Of course over at HuffPo they're already convinced this guy must be a right-wing, Tea Party activist, because (I guess) he looks like one...


The only problem is that, much like Tuscon, the facts aren't jibing to the narrative they're trying to spin. Here's just a little of what's known:

Threatened to kill George W. Bush
Posted on the Bradley Manning Support Network
Converted to Islam in the 70's or 80's

Not exactly a Tea Party profile...

What we have here, just like in Tuscon, is a lone madman. This guy even has a history, so it's not like no one knew he was capable of some stunt like this.


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Comments (9)

It's time to insist upon a ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

It's time to insist upon a federal ban on oversized Lady Finger firecracker packaging. Nobody needs more than six Lady Fingers to go off at a time. And don't forget, Lady Fingers are a gateway explosive. The need for this ban is amply demonstrated by the recent events in Michigan.

And the silence about The S... (Below threshold)

And the silence about The Sarah Palin's involvement is deafening! I mean, The Sarah Palin is a lady (Andrew Sullivan can attest to that!) and this guy was using LADYfinger explosives! What more do you need sheeple!

And I am still waiting to hear what The Sarah Palin had to do with the slaughter of the French at Agincort! Telling silence indeed!

Another mentally ill pot sm... (Below threshold)

Another mentally ill pot smoker. When are you folks going to connect the dots?

Figures. He's from Imperia... (Below threshold)

Figures. He's from Imperial Beach, pot heaven, right next to the border. Another 'loser'.

Vietnam War. Diagnosed wit... (Below threshold)

Vietnam War. Diagnosed with PTSD.

So why didn't he attack a V... (Below threshold)

So why didn't he attack a Vietnamese restaraunt?

Another "anti-everyone" nut... (Below threshold)

Another "anti-everyone" nut, incarcerated several times, but always let loose as "cured".

Yeah. Uh-huh.

Karl Childers:"The... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Karl Childers:

"They turnt me aloose from the nervous hospital. Said I was well."

Is it just me, or does he l... (Below threshold)

Is it just me, or does he look kind of like Brett Favre?






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