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"Setting a goal to raise energy prices..."

"... seems to be the last thing we would want to do as a nation."

That from William O'Keefe at The Examiner on Obama's renewable energy policy, a policy that is directly causing you and me to pay more at the pump:

This renewable energy mandate nationalizes a policy that has proven to be economically destructive in individual states across the nation as well as European nations. A recent study by the Institute for Energy Research shows that in the 29 states that have enacted a renewable energy standard like the one proposed by the president, energy prices are on average 40 percent higher.

Setting a goal to raise energy prices seems to be the last thing we would want to do as a nation. Federal regulators would have to make sacrifices as well.

The goal is unrealistic since today the green energy Obama likes, solar and wind, produce trivial amounts of energy in spite of very large subsidies. They are not commercially viable, and no amount of rhetoric will make them so.

The Environmental Protection Agency is making aggressive moves to regulate national emissions, even shutting down a previously approved mining operation in West Virginia this month. The Department of the Interior is still imposing a de facto moratorium on Gulf drilling permits for oil and gas despite public statements indicating otherwise.

Restraint appears an unlikely buzzword for the current administration.

If the honest communication displayed by the president in last night's address is the gold standard by which legislators are to approach the 2011 Congress, it appears we are in for another year of the same on Capitol Hill.

William Warren paints the picture for us a tad more graphically:

The Stick Up.jpg

I continue to have a problem understanding why the Republicans aren't hammering Obama on this... seems to me to be a slam dunk for the party... it's really starting to piss me off.


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Comments (17)

I continue to have a pro... (Below threshold)

I continue to have a problem understanding why the Republicans aren't hammering Obama on this

Have you met the national GOP?

This is where the liberal e... (Below threshold)

This is where the liberal elite (And National Repubs to a lesser extent) show how detached they are from the lives of average americans.

Higher energy prices will kill any so-called rebound of the econony, adversely affecting everything.

What the liberal elite fails to grasp is that higher fuel prices will also affect their future employment.

The economy is not another intellectual subject to be debated and experimented on, as Obama is going to find out.

Stuck on stupid is not owne... (Below threshold)

Stuck on stupid is not owned solely by Barry the clown. Although he wears the biggest ears.

The national Republican Par... (Below threshold)

The national Republican Party has taken a page from the Palestinian's playbook.

Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

"What the liberal elite ... (Below threshold)

"What the liberal elite fails to grasp is that higher fuel prices will also affect their future employment."

Not the ones that matter, Hank. THEY won't have any problems staying warm or getting around. And they're doing it for US - just ask them. We, obviously, are too stupid to be allowed to make economic decisions on our own.

Besides, it's all another part of the Cloward-Pivens strategy of crashing the system and then popping up with a 'solution'. That the solution will be measurably worse than the original problems that made it 'necessary' to crash the system doesn't matter - what's important is that the 'correct' solution be proposed and implemented.

So you get plans for windmills and solar plants and tidal power that never get built, and 'eco-friendly' corn-based ethanol that causes food prices to rise worldwide, and a cessation of drilling in the US for all the ecologically correct reasons...

I can accept occasional random events showcasing unthinking stupidity on the part of our 'leaders'. After all, left hand/right hands don't necessarily know what the other is doing/planning.

But there's too much of the 'Well, we NEED to do this NOW to replace something else that'll be in short supply in the future' stuff that isn't getting done, and the stuff which needs to be done is getting postponed in favor of eco-'friendly' crap that never gets done.

It's enough to make a guy suspicious, you know?

As Limbaugh likes to say, i... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

As Limbaugh likes to say, if something doesn't seem to make sense, follow the money and things will become clear.

I suspect many members of the GOP are in line for the same ill-gotten gains as the Donks. Setting energy policy is not about what's best for the country, it's about what's best for John Q. Congressman's bank account and sending FedPork to the grasping constituents. Our esteemed legislators are pocketing more filthy lucre from the "green movement" than all the graft in the entire history of the oil business. Albert the Hutt is simply the most disgusting specimen of a very common political animal.

We've got an alleged right ... (Below threshold)

We've got an alleged right to 'free' HealthCare. Where is our 'free' right to energy? Come on Barry cough it up. Drop the gas taxes and pay my heating/transportation bills cause' it's MY RIGHT!

Blurb in the local rag this... (Below threshold)

Blurb in the local rag this morning. A "Concerned People's" group wants to impose a 'carbon fee' on all fossil fuels. They figure it will raise the price of gas by 15 cents/gallon. But not to worry, because each family will receive a 'dividend' check once a year of about $1,500 to offset the higher cost (aka income redistribution). No mention of the 'higher cost' that will also be imposed by food growers, processors or transporters. Or the food markets for the higher energy costs they will pass on. No mention of everything you buy reflecting higher energy costs. No mention of the cost of administering such a program. Because this 'fee' will make green energy more 'competitive'. Huh? I think the word they should be using is "subsidy". But again, not to worry. The green energy people will be 'competitive', always looking for ways to reduce their costs, because they have to 'compete'. WTF!? How is one forced to compete when there's no real competition?

Somewhere George Orwell is laughing his ass off!

You got to look on the brig... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

You got to look on the bright side of this. Higher energy costs mean higher unemployment and inflation to boot. Yes, that will be painful, but come November 2012 it will pay big dividends in the election of a Republican president with a Republican majority in both the house and senate. Then we can get rid of the progressive gangrene that’s destroying our economy.

Our country's energy "polic... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Our country's energy "policy" is idiotic, if not suicidal. Being a conservative R, I'd like to think that electing Rs will at least amerliorate the problem. I'm pessimistic. Here's my litmus test. The first R who stands up at an Iowa caucus and says this gets my vote: "Ethanol is not going to work, it's uneconomical and an energy waster - No more subsidies for ethanol." Anybody think that will happen?

(Most) Republicans are not ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

(Most) Republicans are not your friend. They are the enemy of your enemy.

Let's see, higher ... (Below threshold)

Let's see, higher energy prices couldn't, say, have a ripple effect on EVERYTHING produced in this country, could they?

Good thing this administration is constantly looking for ways to jump-start the economy, isn't it?

Probably ought to have another stimulus, just to be sure.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

GarandFan,But the ... (Below threshold)
jim m:


But the green energy folks do compete. They compete for hand outs paid by our tax dollars. the only competition the dems are interested in is the competition for their political favors.

The only green energy Barry... (Below threshold)

The only green energy Barry the jipper likes is the type He is stealing from the treasury.

I hope the fools who voted for this have been 'punished with his baby' enough and will vote to 'Mubarak' Him in 2012.

Indeed.Mubarak oba... (Below threshold)
jim m:


Mubarak obama in 2012.

Well it's not just Obama's ... (Below threshold)

Well it's not just Obama's policies that are contributing to higher energy costs. Bernanke himself has said he is trying to create artificial inflation in an attempt to boost the economy (typical insane Keynesian non-logic). From the start of the Fed's quantitative easing measures in response to our financial troubles, food and energy prices have exploded. No matter, core inflation is low! In a recession, people don't buy luxury items. They buy essentials, ie food and energy. We can easily put just as much blame on Bernanke as Obama regarding energy prices.


I know this thread is dead,... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

I know this thread is dead, but I'm going to link this article anyway. It is long, but informative concerning the ecological cost of manufacturing wind turbines [mining and production of rare earths in China], and also discusses how little energy the turbines produce in the UK [especially when power is needed], as well as some of the economics of "wind power." What an absolute boondoggle, both to the environment and to the economy.






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