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I guess this is called covering all your bases

The Drudge Report had two interesting links this morning, one atop the other, that I thought might be worthy of a quick post.  The first is to this video chronicling one Democrat Senator after another decrying the effect global warming has had on snow fall totals.

I thought that was especially cogent given all the snow we've seen across the country this winter... and there's more falling even as this is written.

Not to be outdone however, the preeminent huckster of the global warming movement has apparently felt the urge to ensure that the bread is buttered on both sides:

As it turns out, the scientific community has been addressing this particular question for some time now and they say that increased heavy snowfalls are completely consistent with what they have been predicting as a consequence of man-made global warming:

"In fact, scientists have been warning for at least two decades that global warming could make snowstorms more severe. Snow has two simple ingredients: cold and moisture. Warmer air collects moisture like a sponge until it hits a patch of cold air. When temperatures dip below freezing, a lot of moisture creates a lot of snow."

"A rise in global temperature can create all sorts of havoc, ranging from hotter dry spells to colder winters, along with increasingly violent storms, flooding, forest fires and loss of endangered species."

That's Al Gore, someone I've deemed to be the most extraordinary liar of our time.  He's been rather quiet this winter but apparently felt the need to come out from under his rock and tell yet one more big fat fib to the gullible and easily led.

Who in hell are they that buy this crapola?  What level of idiocy does one descend to to nod their head in agreement with this snake oil salesman?  I'm seriously curious...  if you're one who still falls for this bovine fecal matter, I truly and sincerely pity you.


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Comments (34)

Who can forget what "scient... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Who can forget what "scientists" predicted in the UK in 2000? This quote has been brought up repeatedly, given the UK's recent, brutal winters. CAGW - the unfalsiable theory:

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past
"Britain's winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives.
Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain's culture, as warmer winters - which scientists are attributing to global climate change - produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries."

"You can fool all the peopl... (Below threshold)

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

-- Abraham Lincoln

To be fair to the Independe... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

To be fair to the Independent, they did print this on December 10, 2010 [do they ever read their own newspaper, you know, sort of compare and contrast?]:
Expect more extreme winters thanks to global warming, say scientists
"Scientists have established a link between the cold, snowy winters in Britain and melting sea ice in the Arctic and have warned that long periods of freezing weather are likely to become more frequent in years to come."
So class, what have we learned? CAGW causes warm, mild winters, and extremely cold, snowy winters. It caused the drought in Australia, as well as the recent floods there.
For a complete listing of what [it is claimed] global warming causes, from "acne" to "zoonotic diseases," go to this site:

My favorite quote is the on... (Below threshold)

My favorite quote is the one that goes something like:

"When you attribute to the same cause if something goes up or if the same something goes down, it's not science anymore, it's religion."

Its easy to be right when y... (Below threshold)

Its easy to be right when you take both sides of a issue and pull out the "truth" that is most convenient at any given moment.

Nothing says rigorous sc... (Below threshold)

Nothing says rigorous science quite like a theory that is proven by every possible outcome.

Walter, consider the contex... (Below threshold)

Walter, consider the context. IIRC, they did not come out with this "prediction" until after 2 or 3 especially snowy winters (in place of the snowless winters previously predicted.

Now, I'll grant that more heat = more moisture, and thus more POTENTIAL snowfall, but one would also expect that, since the excess moisture is produced by the extra heat in the first place, that the snows would be heavy but melt quickly. Haven't seen any evidence of that.

Also, assume that the alarmists are correct. If so, and if they are only recently discovering this effect of AGW, it hardly argues for the science being settled, does it? Hardly sounds like something reliable enough to base policy on.

It's called "W-E-A-T-H-E-R"... (Below threshold)

It's called "W-E-A-T-H-E-R", you Dupniks!

Real Scientists predict lig... (Below threshold)

Real Scientists predict lighter wallets, higher fuel prices and less freedoms in the future due to Global Warming Flat Earth No Growth Watermelon Commie Sphincters running around spouting "the sky is falling".

Global warming. Is there <... (Below threshold)

Global warming. Is there anything it can't do?

This is nothing more than n... (Below threshold)

This is nothing more than not letting a crisis go to waste. There's tax money to be had and yet more control over everyones lives to be gained.

These fools will use anything to further their agenda.

I'm sure if give them enough, they can "fix" the global climate and we can all sing kumbaya together.

As an aside to this thread,... (Below threshold)

As an aside to this thread, I was reading Accuweather this morning and saw this global warming article on that site:


Okay, I guess I am being kind of snarky and it is difficult to predict specific weather patterns long term but it is an interesting prediction nonetheless and I don't think there is a money trail from Accuweather to the anthropogenic global warning lobby.

What dissappoints is the choke hold the enviromentalists have on stifling the retrieval of fossil fuel sources within our own country which I would surmise would help to moderate prices on the global market.

"Who in hell are they that ... (Below threshold)

"Who in hell are they that buy this crapola? What level of idiocy does one descend to to nod their head in agreement with this snake oil salesman? I'm seriously curious..."

Umm...Rick...I think they're called "Democrats."

No snow - global warming.<b... (Below threshold)

No snow - global warming.
Too much snow - global warming.
Not enough rain - global warming.
Too much rain - global warming.
Cloudy days - global warming.
Sunny days - global warming.
Foggy days - global warming.
Clear days - global warming.
Large hurricanes - global warming.
No hurricanes - global warming.

As previously noted - global warming, there's nothing it can't do. The 'new era' religion.

On another note, if The Goracle comes out from under his rock and sees his shadow, will we get 6 more weeks of winter?

Meanwhile, the little town ... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, the little town of Canton, MA has, this week, announced it will be turning a land-fill (which we need)into a solar panel field to provide service to 750 homes (there are over 22,000 houses in this town).
The inmates of the asylum are delighted.

For the better part of five... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

For the better part of five decades, the liberals progressives have been screaming at the top of their weakling lungs that change is always good, because only through change can we grow and progress as a society. They should be embracing "climate change"; it is progress!

I guess their actions make sense though, as environmentalists are the ultimate conservatives. Think about it for a minute...

Barbara Boxer...Al Gore...n... (Below threshold)

Barbara Boxer...Al Gore...names that don't ring of "genius" by any stretch but bring thoughts of abject idiocy...

Al Gore is a money-grubbing... (Below threshold)

Al Gore is a money-grubbing huckster. Most of the global warming crew are simply radical leftists whose road to the destruction of capitalism and free enterprise just happens to be the climate change fraud.

Weather forecasters can't e... (Below threshold)

Weather forecasters can't even hit the bullseye predicting CURRENT weather other than to state that its there and doing something.

They missed on the high side for precipitation of the storm that just went through, not a lot of ice either.

Its a real stretch to have ANYONE saying that man is going to have an influence on future weather patterns, let alone predicting how many or strong they will be.

"Al Gore,... the most e... (Below threshold)

"Al Gore,... the most extraordinary liar of our time."

I'll go you one better, Mr. Rick:

Al Gore... the most brazen, unrepentant, eco-terror extortionist of our time.

And he's laughing at us all the way to his bank.

"On another note, if The Go... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"On another note, if The Goracle comes out from under his rock and sees his shadow, will we get 6 more weeks of winter?" GarandFan

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm hoping for six more weeks of winter weather, because if all the "global warming" I have piled up around here melts all at once our property will be converted into a swamp or a mud bath. We need a bunch of this stuff to sublimate before the weather warms up.

When I first heard about th... (Below threshold)

When I first heard about the "colder winters" thing, I thought it might be plausible, given what I knew about chaotic systems from reading Jurassic Park...

..except I also knew that Michael Chrichton thought anthropogenic climate change was a hoax.

The snow is the proverbial ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

The snow is the proverbial straw that has broken the back of the AGW is politics game, because, most savvy followers have long ago delved into the arguments, but the mind-numbed masses believed anything the news reported (and did they report -the end of the world) but, along came the snow and more snow and more cold and all the subtle nuance and scientific data can't move that class of people - they know cold when they see it!

It backfired, because they counted on the simple folk to believe the big lie and the simple folk know 2+2 = 4 and cold and snow ain't warming.

Is the earth warming? Maybe... (Below threshold)

Is the earth warming? Maybe, maybe not. Hard to tell since the data is inconsistant, sometimes missing, is available for a speck of the geological history of the planet. But the whole issue begs certain questions. Such as what is the natural ideal temperature of the planet? What is the effect of the sun on climate? If increasing CO2 leads to increased temperatures, why do the geological and boiological records seem to indicate the rise in temperatures came before the rise in CO2? And finally, if the AGW theorists want us to believe they know what they are talking about, why can't they produce a climate predictive model that actually works?

Here's the problem. For alm... (Below threshold)

Here's the problem. For almost a century now we've heard the refrain, "The science is settled" when it comes to Neo Darwinism. All of us who would like more are called flat Earthers.

The Global Warming crowd picked up on this. They learned from their Neo Darwin predecessors that you don't need to argue, you simply need to repeat "Shut up!" often and loud.

So now we know. Global Warming is real and we're descended from a Common Ancestor. All you have to do is take a poll of the majority of scientists to discover this is true.

Anything else means your an ignorant fundamentalist.

"Global warming. Is there a... (Below threshold)

"Global warming. Is there anything it can't do?"

Yes. It cannot save the democrat hucksters from some real warming once they croak.

My goldfish is pregnant. I... (Below threshold)

My goldfish is pregnant. I blame AGW. (Or maybe Al Gore. Could have been Charlie Sheen, though. My goldfish is a total slut when it comes to celebrities...)

The AGW advocates have now ... (Below threshold)
Wayne M:

The AGW advocates have now made their hypothesis unfalsifiable (i.e., it cannot be proven wrong by observation.) They are clearly off the page of science and are fully into religious territory.

You have to understand, the... (Below threshold)

You have to understand, there is new evidence that snowstorms are caused by AGW since Sen. Boxer made her statement.

When the snow goes away, there will be even newer research showing that is caused by AGW.

Gore is the witch doctor te... (Below threshold)

Gore is the witch doctor telling the natives the volcano is surely going to erupt because the people have angered the gods, but he can prevent the volcano from erupting and save the people from certain destruction if they will simply follow his directions.

It's just a coincidence that Gore gets rich as a consequence.

Makes sense to me. If the G... (Below threshold)

Makes sense to me. If the Glaciers retreat in Greenland, they will advance in Central Park.

The amazing part is the amo... (Below threshold)

The amazing part is the amount of liberal lefties that actually believe this crap. Sen. Boxer, talk about a dumbo, yet they ridicule Palin, Bachman, etc. ww

I think Boxer and Gore shou... (Below threshold)

I think Boxer and Gore should have to mud wrestle. Winner gets to decide whether AGW increases or decreases snowfall.

"You can fool all the peopl... (Below threshold)

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

-- Abraham Lincoln

2. Posted by kevino | February 2, 2011 6:46 AM | Score: 9 (11 votes cast)

Who would vote neg against a quote from Honest Abe?? Barak Mubarak Hussein is that YOU?






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