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Russ Vaughn Is An Idiot

Russ Vaughn writes for The American Thinker, and is usually a very intelligent guy. But in a piece he posted today, he said one of the stupidest -- if not downright suicidal -- things I've ever seen.

In discussing just how bad "global warming" has affected him -- he's literally freezing in New Mexico -- he says the following:

I wish Al Gore would come down here to the southern mountain ranges of New Mexico and give those of us who have some doubts regarding his great truths that we are simply experiencing the inexplicable ramifications of his pontifications that absolutely any and every statistical aberration in global weather can be attributed to Global Warming. Right now, with snow up to my buns and ambient temperatures below zero across New Mexico for the first time in decades, I could use a little reassurance.

Hasn't Russ ever heard of The Gore Effect?

Russ, dude... if you think it's cold now, wait until The Goracle shows up. Your nipples will be ready to cut diamonds. Polar bears will be skinning each other for coats. Politicians will keep their hand in their own pockets. Sarah Palin might even zip up her coat.


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Jay Tea, if I'm not mistake... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Jay Tea, if I'm not mistaken, Al Gore headed for California (Malibu?) and left Tipper the house in the chilly, now snow-covered hills of Tennessee.

He's always been a do-as-I-say, not-what-I-do, kinda guy.

I just wish I knew what his travel schedule was so that I could avoid those cities. I do suspect he was near Chicago this week.

"Nipples will cut diamonds"... (Below threshold)

"Nipples will cut diamonds", I love it. It is now in lexicon. ww

Oh, one last thought .... i... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Oh, one last thought .... if he really believes sea levels are going to rise, why is he living on the beach in California and not on Mt. Whitney?

#3Because that's w... (Below threshold)


Because that's where His yacht is.

Because that's where His... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Because that's where His yacht is.

Correction: that's because that's where one of His yachts is.

Gore to us: "You people have to stop living so large. It's for the children!" /spit

Yes, excuse me Jay. ... (Below threshold)

Yes, excuse me Jay.

Should have said yacht #9 of his Malibu Barbie fleet.

As a southern New Mexican..... (Below threshold)

As a southern New Mexican...I am so sorry I haven't paid my carbon offset fees this year- as,

My toes are frozen,
My pipes are frozen,
thank God no one has banned my woodstove(yet)!

ps I usually am prepping to plant my garden by the mid Feb time frame, now my kids have witnessed for the first time in their lives snow that lasted for more than 24 hours!

as I closed on my facebook status today I will close here:

As much as this snow thingie has been exciting, we southern sun people want to be able to feel our toes again. So winter it is time for us to say Adios to you. Don't let the cactus hit you in the fanny on the way out.

Desert Dweller






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