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"We have entrusted our leadership to protect us and they have betrayed us"

Locutisprime is speaking to the Texas rolling blackouts:

What isn't being noted is that these blackouts are yet another example of the present administration's taking advantage of a created crisis. America wasn't in crisis until we allowed these interloping social environmentalist to have complete say so over our future and how we provide for the needs and necessities of this country.

Hello America! Wake up to the realities! Pay attention to what is happening to this nation then ask yourself why! Why in the history of this nation has America never had a need to beg electricity from Mexico? And how long has the capability been present for Mexico to be our rescuers? How did that  capability come into existence?

The bottom line, what we are seeing in Texas as a result of this storm, was not caused by a simple increase in demand for electricity brought on by this storm. It has been caused and created by our own failure to attend to the needs of our people and our own refusal to meet the necessities of our own nation.We have entrusted our leadership to protect us and they have betrayed us.

Simply put, America has the means and the ability to produce the electricity to power all of the needs and requirements of America, we have simply been prevented from doing so by a leftist environmental enclave of politicians and bureaucrats. These environmental regulations and a government conrtolled by leftists has been and is continuing to stifle both this nation's growth and survivability.

He's making sense... and he's got more where that came from.

Again I ask, where in hell are the Republicans.


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I am responsible for three ... (Below threshold)

I am responsible for three hospitals in the Houston area. I cannot tell you how inconvenient and costly these rolling black outs have been. The Texas Citizen Energy Group had to demand that Reliant/Center Point energy stop the rolling black outs. This caused the companies to import energy from elsewhere. It is incredible. ww

But - but... we don't NEED ... (Below threshold)

But - but... we don't NEED power plants, windmills will suffice! And solar, don't forget solar! And never mind that the windmill farms and the solar plants don't get built due to environmental concerns - we don't need it anyway if we'd just economize and be more efficient!

I used to wonder why we haven't seen evidence of alien intelligence. I think there's a point at which civilizations implode because of too many non-productive members trying to implement ideas that make their non-productive lives easier - and I have to wonder if we're not dangerously close to a collapse.

Think about it. We have people pushing - for all the best reasons - for tech that not only won't do the job but is blocked by OTHER groups... again for all the best reasons. And this has been going on for DECADES.

Now, single-mindedly obsessive viewpoints are one thing, but when you get groups into positions where they can determine energy policy for an entire nation, they damned well better be able to anticipate that things will NOT go as they think, and have backups accordingly. With windmills and solar - there are no backups.

And that's damned poor leadership.

Idiocy rules the day. Both ... (Below threshold)

Idiocy rules the day. Both sides are culpable.

Energy is limitless and infinite, yet , we let a handful of power hungry nut cases determine our lifestyle and destiny's.

Past time to move the power structure from D.C. to the States. I am not advocating succession or Egyptian like protests. Though it will eventually come to that with the ever increasing power grab of bureaucrats and their thuggish lobby machines. They no more represent us then China does. Even worse, they sell us out to China and pad their own accounts.

If we cannot get anybody to seriously challenge the power structure without caving, then we may as well start a third party and fight this every step of the way.

Which ever way we go, please let it not be a RINO.

JLawson, you've hit upon my... (Below threshold)

JLawson, you've hit upon my own solution to Fermi's Paradox. There is no march of progress, only isolated groups learning of others' successes and building on them.

(Assuming an evolutionary worldview) I'm guessing we've got a better mix of metallurgical resources than 99% or more of habitable planets due to the moon's violent and unlikely birth. Brains and fingers at the same is also very unlikely. All in combination makes it staggeringly improbable that we've arrived at this stage during the time when other sentients are also technological.

"where are the Republicans"... (Below threshold)

"where are the Republicans"........AGAIN!

"Again I ask, where in hell... (Below threshold)

"Again I ask, where in hell are the Republicans."

Busy trying to figure out how to make a buck off it, I suspect.

At this point, any Presiden... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

At this point, any Presidential candidate who will promise -- in writing -- to abolish the EPA immediately upon assuming office will get my vote.

Hrmmm... But UAH sat... (Below threshold)
C J:

Hrmmm... But UAH satellite temps are showing a global temperature anomaly! This is unarguable! The anomaly, BTW, is NEGATIVE as of the end of January... meaning the globe is COOLER than the 30 year baseline. That's global, not regional. I also note that the decline was precipitous. We'd better hope this is a temporary dip, becuase global cooling actually carries far greater negative impact (starting with food, and many people are fond of eating) than warming.

So, of course, it makes perfect Gorian sense (cents) to spent trillion to try to make the globe even cooler.

As a somewhat related asside, I wish it was being reported more widely that today a federal judge held the Obama Admin in contempt of court for its illegal drilling ban.

Me? I'm going to go back to worrying about global warming, because last night the temp at my house hit a record five below zero F... And I live in Arizona!

Wholesale power for Thur... (Below threshold)

Wholesale power for Thursday delivery traded as high as $500, up from about $70 for Wednesday, as cold weather was expected to persist until Friday.

The Enron Effect.

Not to worry. Barry spent ... (Below threshold)

Not to worry. Barry spent the day in Pennsylvania, talking about spending money (ours) to make office buildings more energy efficient. No word about drilling in Penn, NY, or WV and using the untapped natural gas reserves there.

Nah. Those companies that were around in the 70's NEVER went in for energy efficiency when oil prices skyrocketed thanks to the Arabs. They never went in for efficiency when faced with global competition.

Barry - a day late and a dollar short, as usual.

Texas is the only state to ... (Below threshold)

Texas is the only state to manage its own power grid. Its ability to interconnect to the surrounding grids is limited. If Texas is in a jam, one reason is that it chose energy independence by not joining the national grid.

Government interference in ... (Below threshold)
dunce :

Government interference in the free market with subsidys for wind power have resulted in the misallocation of capital.Most of these subsidys are at the federal level but states and public utility commissions combine in a huge cluster fxxk.There is more than just theoretical generation capacity to consider. the reliability of the total system is as the hospital complaints indicate very importent. The percentage of excess capacity required is much larger if so called green power is larger. Even hydropower is impacted by the vagaries of the weather.

hmmm... Texas has its own p... (Below threshold)

hmmm... Texas has its own power grid, which assures us full power no matter what happens outside our borders, and these "rolling blackouts" should not be necessary. There is something odd about the way they were planned and announced and begun immediately, almost before the storm even hit.

Is it possible the rolling blackouts were not required at all but instead were a sort of "test of the emergency broadcast system"?






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