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AOL Buys Huffington Post, Arianna Takes Over AOL Content

Well this is interesting... From The New York Times:

Arianna Huffington, the cable talk show pundit, author and doyenne of the political left, will take control of all of AOL's editorial content as president and editor in chief of a newly created Huffington Post Media Group. The arrangement will give her oversight not only of AOL's national, local and financial news operations, but also of the company's other media enterprises like MapQuest and Moviefone.

By handing so much control over to Ms. Huffington and making her a public face of the company, AOL, which has been seen as apolitical, risks losing its nonpartisan image. Ms. Huffington said her politics would have no bearing on how she ran the new business.

No bearing? Sure...

I bet that TechCrunch, the last big AOL purchase, aren't going to be thrilled with their new editor...


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Comments (22)

risks losing its nonpart... (Below threshold)

risks losing its nonpartisan image

"risks"? Yeah, and this winter's been "a bit" snowy.

One wonders if they've ever... (Below threshold)

One wonders if they've ever read the Huffington Post.

AOL still exists?... (Below threshold)

AOL still exists?

I would have thought the ol... (Below threshold)

I would have thought the old skank's visa would have expired by now?

Oh well...I bought a... (Below threshold)

Oh well...
I bought a Garmin Nuvi about three weeks ago.
Good timing as I no longer need to use Mapquest.

Arianna Huffington - K... (Below threshold)

Arianna Huffington - Keyword "Bonkers"

Well, AOL just lost a sizab... (Below threshold)

Well, AOL just lost a sizable number of subscribers. ww

Google is leftist -AOL just... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Google is leftist -AOL just joined them, ande we have to know that Obama intends to control(and shut off when necessary) the internet (for the sake of the village's children, of course)He knows all who speak against him -(that old White house rat fink site exposed that impulse) We are committing suicide one little inch at a time, while we play with our toys and laugh at our Superbowl ads.

Just came across this:"More... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Just came across this:"More than a week after his mysterious disappearance in Egypt, Google executive and political activist ...emerged as a central symbol of the antigovernment protests, cast as the face of a movement and hero in the cause of democracy."
Make no mistake about Eygpt - the insurrection has been described as being cause by the "Muslim Brotherhood" which in the word of EWTN's mid-east expert is the "Mothership of terrorism" and that includes the WTC crowd and the rest hiding in those caves. Thsi expert doesn't care for the anti-Christian persecutor Mubarek, but calls him the lesser of two evils. Our guys are calling the Muslim Brotherhood, the face of democracy. We've been had by our left again.

AOL: Setting itself up to W... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

AOL: Setting itself up to Win The Future(tm)!!!

Guess we'll have ... (Below threshold)

Guess we'll have to drop the aol mail addy that's been used for years.

Back in the day, we (the right) used to have a field day, lacerating liberals. They were as vicious and deranged then as they are now.

The political chat rooms WERE kinda fun, and exposing the screen berets--people posing as ex-military was nearly a cottage industry.

Shame the left co-opted ail entirely, now the comments sections need to be avoided entirely.
Maybe the upside will be to concentrate the left in one area, and leave the adults alone?

Good times.

Who the hell understands wh... (Below threshold)

Who the hell understands what she says anyhow...her accent is so thick, I find it very annoying. Is she even an American???

Thickness of a person's acc... (Below threshold)

Thickness of a person's accent has exactly what to do with their citizenship status, mag?

Yikes, that's a stupid thing to say.

#12It has nothing ... (Below threshold)


It has nothing to do with her citizenship status...I was just stating her voice and accent is very annoying (she talks like she had a mouthful of something)....and I was wondering if she was an American, that's all....don't get your panties in a bunch.

"(she talks like she had a ... (Below threshold)

"(she talks like she had a mouthful of something)"


Mag, telling Hyper to not g... (Below threshold)

Mag, telling Hyper to not get his panties in a bunch is just not possible. He wakes up agitated and hateful. ww

"Is she even an American???... (Below threshold)

"Is she even an American???"

Yes, every bit as much as Barak Mubarak or hyperbolist is.

She is a citizen. So is Ob... (Below threshold)

She is a citizen. So is Obama. Luckily, hyper is not

What the hell would Arianna... (Below threshold)

What the hell would Arianna Huff-n-Puff know about MapQuest and Moviefone???

Aol is so passe and the onl... (Below threshold)

Aol is so passe and the only thing I really remember about them was having it on my computer was like having it infected with a virus. It was always so difficult to remove all components and I don't even know anybody that still uses them. Not gonna make much difference in the content world IMHO

And AOL's stock dropped 3.2... (Below threshold)

And AOL's stock dropped 3.24% today

I wonder if her politics wi... (Below threshold)

I wonder if her politics will compel her to pay taxes at the rate that would have been had not the republicans shellacked the dems.






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