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"Put him back in the fields"

For days on end in March of last year we were exposed to one story after another about a Tea Party member allegedly spitting on a Congressman, a story supposedly substantiating the racism inherent in this burgeoning conservative movement.  Never mind that many doubts later surfaced as to the veracity of what took place.

Raise your hands if you've seen any coverage of what follows on local or national news outlets:

In an edited video released Thursday, progressive protesters are shown calling for violent attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas while protesting outside a summit billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch held last week in Palm Springs, Calif.

Asked by the filmmaker to say what he would like to do to Thomas, one protester says: "put him back in the fields."

"He's a scumbag," the man says. "He's a dumb sh*t scumbag." The man also said Thomas's colleague, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, "should go back to Sicily."

A young woman at the rally said that though she was "all about peace," she would like for Thomas to undergo "torture."

Two other protesters appear to call for Thomas's death. When asked what should happen to Thomas, one person says "hang him" while another protester says "string him up."

Videographer Christian Hartsock, who has worked with undercover specialist James O'Keefe in the past, told The Daily Caller this video is different from undercover work he's done previously because he held a camera right up in these people's faces.

"I've worked on undercover investigations before where hidden cameras were involved and this was not such a case," Hartsock said in a phone interview. "In this case, I had a very prominent camera. These people knew that they were on camera and, in a way, I didn't even deceive them."

Clear and present racism and hatred completely ignored by those who are quick to report similar but false claims made against conservatives.  It's enough to make one retch.

Anyone who denies the obvious bias of today's media is simply bat scat crazy.


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Comments (8)

Another vivid demonstration... (Below threshold)

Another vivid demonstration of the results of smoking pot for decades.

The word bias in reference ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

The word bias in reference to the media is no longer suitable. Since the sixties revolution agains all authority - moral and civic -the media has trained and staffed itself with leftist revolutionaries who pretended (only because we were naive enough to trust) to be objective communicators of information that citizens may vote with an informed mind. The truth is, their entire purpose is to prevent citizens from having an objectively informed mind -whether in the media or in the education establishments of America.

I for one would like to see the protection against lawsuits dropped as they of the Alinsky mindset, have dropped all pretense at seeking good for the America they loathe and have already altered this nation path of freedom toward one of self-destruction.
Like Pravda, bias is not a criticism, but a badge of honor worthy of ...say...a Pulitzer.

I'm still having trouble pa... (Below threshold)

I'm still having trouble parsing:

"A young woman at the rally said that though she was "all about peace," she would like for Thomas to undergo "torture."

I'm sure she'd be the first to lecture conservatives on "tolerance".

I don't know why anyone sho... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I don't know why anyone should be surprised bu this. The left has been the home for racism for ages. At the best it has been exemplified by a caretaker mentality that says minorities and especially blacks are incapable of working and achieving like white people. At worst it is revealed in hateful characterizing blacks who think for themselves as uncle Toms and worse.

If you want to know what the left thinks of minorities just look at what they project on others: Obama is unusual because he is, "Clean and articulate", Other people think that blacks are only fit to wait tables, etc. They conclude that their enemies are deeply racist because they are themselves.

You silly people. Hate spe... (Below threshold)

You silly people. Hate speech , racism and intolerance can only come from the right.

But seriously, I learned a long time ago how to recognize projection from a philandering "ex" husband who constantly accused me of cheating on him.

I would make a bet that at least one of those people on camera was on the internet right after Loughner's shooting spree decrying the hate speech from the right. And I'm not the gambling type.

Amazing how racist lefty's ... (Below threshold)

Amazing how racist lefty's are one emboldened by their brothers and sisters. Not amazing really. They are always going on about color. that is all they see. ww

As to the media bias angle,... (Below threshold)

As to the media bias angle, googling this "protest" I can only find coverage from the LA Times. Not surprising as it happened in their back yard and I doubt they could ignore it. But check out the "Coverage":

Headline: "Hundreds march outside Koch brothers' retreat"

In the article:

"The protestors waved signs condemning "corporate greed," chanted slogans and surged toward a line of helmeted police officers at the entrance to a resort..."

"The orderly protest, involving 800 to 1,000 people, ended after the arrest of 25 people for trespassing, according to authorities."

"Protesters held a Sunday morning panel discussion..."

"They echoed concerns of President Obama.."

""We cannot have democracy unless everyone has a voice," said Cathy Riddle, a Temecula website developer who held a sign reading "Corporations are not people.""

And on the LA Times goes. Other than that, no major coverage. So where oh where did Journolist go?

Sad that in America our med... (Below threshold)

Sad that in America our media rivals communist countries media.
I blame all this shit on the 60's era, which I believe was the worst in this country's history....I had always believe that era was filled with communist infiltration, support by young college (probably well-off) punks...with nothing better to do.






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