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Score one for the forces of Civilzation

Courtesy of Glen “Instapundit” Reynolds:

Indian navy captures ‘pirate mothership’

  • AFP February 06, 2011 8:24PMTHE Indian navy and coastguard has captured a suspected pirate “mothership” and detained more than 50 people after a firefight off southwestern India, the defence ministry says.

    M. Nambiar said but was unable to specify the numbers of suspected pirates and rescued hostages, nor could he give their nationalities.

    All were found on board a Thai fishing vessel that had been hijacked up to six months ago off the coast of Somalia and is thought to have since been used as a floating base to mount attacks on shipping, a ministry statement added.

Here’s to a short trial and a long drop on a short rope.


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"Here’s to a short trial an... (Below threshold)

"Here’s to a short trial and a long drop on a short rope."

That's how piracy was ended in the past. But not today. We're more intelligent on how we do it today.






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