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Jay Tea's Winter Driving Tip Of The Day

The other day at the Day Job, one of my colleagues asked me a question. "Jay, why do you bring your snow brush in here?" Then she braced herself for what she apparently expected to be a very silly answer.

I cocked my eyebrow at her and held up the brush (telescoping to six feet long, with scraper, brush, and squeegee). "Because I don't want to have to clean off my car to get to the tool I need to clean off my car."

She blinked for a second. "That... makes a lot of sense." Which she obviously wasn't expecting.

I glared at her. "I do that occasionally, you know, just to keep you on your toes."

So that's why I take my snow brush with me in bad weather -- or I expect bad weather.

This trick has its occasional drawbacks -- such as colleagues who don't follow my wisdom asking me to borrow my brush. Or, in the case of one particularly cute colleague, "Jay, could you go clean off my car for me?"

Sheesh. How dare she? How dare she think I'm so easily manipulated, to be sucked in by her pleading tone and sweet smile and batting of the eyes. I was grossly offended and insulted.

Which helped keep me warm while I... er... um...

Hey, at least she drove a small car.


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Comments (8)

As old as I am getting, I s... (Below threshold)

As old as I am getting, I still am a sucker for the pretty flirt. Not you JT, the girl. ww

Well, I have a hint for win... (Below threshold)

Well, I have a hint for winter driving that not too many people have heard of.

When it turns really cold, like -10 or -15 and your car has been parked outside all day, sometimes it just doesn't want to start. Before you do anything else, put your headlights on for a count of ten. Turn them off then try to start the vehicle. This puts just a bit of current through the battery and warms it just a little. It can make the difference between starting and not starting.

Do not do this more than once. If it is too cold, you just run the battery down.

I would like to present to ... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

I would like to present to you the most important Winter Driving Tip for Houston: stay home. People here think "black ice" is a rap artist.

When we had ice on top of s... (Below threshold)

When we had ice on top of snow last month here in metro Atlanta, I started the cleanoff by starting the engine and running the windshield defrost for a while to help loosen the stuff on the glass. Then when I went to get the ice off the outside of my truck it went a whole lot easier than it might have.

Of course, in Alaska when it was -40°F., this approach wouldn't really work...

What's a snow brush?... (Below threshold)
Joe in Austin:

What's a snow brush?

She brought her tool with h... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

She brought her tool with her, too.

After parking fold an old s... (Below threshold)

After parking fold an old sheet lengthwise, lay it across the windshield and upper hood, clamp the ends in the doors(remove before driving).

Move to the Left Coast. Th... (Below threshold)

Move to the Left Coast. Then you only need to have a fully functional chain saw (for zombies and trees across the road), loaded firearm (in case of Bigfoot, cougar or bear), and a small laminated portrait of Rush Limbaugh (to ward off Code Pinko's and progressives) as tools, and daily apply Rainex to your windshield.

You can put the Rainex on the flirter or put it on their windshields, as desired.






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