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Need Ebay assistance

Does anyone know how to cancel a bid on eBay?

I put in a $5 bid for a "Mickey Mouse Outfit" and now it seems I'm only six minutes away from owning Obama's entire Cabinet.

Stolen shamelessly from Facebook.


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Comments (6)

Sorry, it's hard to retract... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Sorry, it's hard to retract a bid on eBay. Looks like you're going to be stuck overpaying for a bunch of crap.

Can one shamelessly steal w... (Below threshold)

Can one shamelessly steal what someone else already shamelessly stole? Ah, screw it. I'm doing it anyway! That's classic!

Actually, based on what hap... (Below threshold)

Actually, based on what happens in Disneyworld, the "Mickey Mouse outfit" is really extremely professional and organized. Mickey Mouse makes the "regime" look like the amateurs that they are.

I kept my scraper inside my... (Below threshold)

I kept my scraper inside my truck until last week, when I spent five minutes using my shoulder to crack the ice around the door to get my scraper. It's now in the tool box in my truck bed, much easier to get to.

Quit whining. $5 is cheap. ... (Below threshold)

Quit whining. $5 is cheap. Rest of us had to pay trillions.

The "Micky Mouse" joke remi... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

The "Micky Mouse" joke reminds me of something that Tom Brokaw once said at the ending of an episode of the NBC Nightly News.

The last story Brokaw reported that night pertained to a boy who had done something admirable. In response to what the boy did, someone offered the boy a free trip to either Disneyland or Washington, D.C.

Brokaw grinned as he commented, "I will refrain from comparing the two places."

In other words, Brokaw thought that both Disneyland and Washington, D.C. were run by a Micky Mouse outfit.






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