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Oh macaca... Virginia's Jim Webb will not seek re-election

You know somewhere, in some place, George Allen is smiling:

Jim Webb.jpgIn a major blow to Democrats' hopes of keeping a Virginia Senate seat out of the GOP's hands next year, Sen. Jim Webb is calling it quits after just one term.

Webb was set to face former Sen. George Allen in a rematch of their 2006 contest, which Webb won in a squeaker. Allen is now likely to be the favorite against any Democrat who might jump in the race, such as former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.


Whoever jumps in will face a formidable opponent in Allen, a former Virginia governor, whose campaign for reelection six years ago was derailed by his use of the pejorative "macaca."

Though there were some things about Jim Webb that I appreciated, given what this does in the Senate, I can only look at his not seeking to run again to be nothing but a good thing for Virginia and for the country.


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Comments (24)

May Barry use some sound ju... (Below threshold)

May Barry use some sound judgement for once and follow suit.

Wonder what's behind that d... (Below threshold)

Wonder what's behind that decision. Or is it that it's "no longer any fun" because Bush isn't in the White House - and party loyalty forbids Webb from bashing Obama.

Could it be possible that a... (Below threshold)

Could it be possible that all of the Dems that are up in 2012 would follow suit and do the same thing? Yeah I know, wishful thinking. Would be fun though.

Webb got in because everyon... (Below threshold)

Webb got in because everyone was running against GW. Now to run on a record of deficit spending, Obamacare, etc., he didn't have a chance. He should stick to writing books. ww

This is symbolically huge. ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

This is symbolically huge. The rejection of these people and liberalism continues.

This opens up a tight compe... (Below threshold)

This opens up a tight competitive race between George Allen and Tim Kaine, two former Virginia governors.

I am not surprised by this ... (Below threshold)

I am not surprised by this development.
Webb has a documented history of jumping in and jumping out. His very short tenure as Secretary of the Navy is an example.

His hot temper was less suited for the culture of the Senate than most anyone I can imagine. He cannot play nice.

Admittedly, his penchant for self-aggrandizement was Senatorial in scope; but the competition for attention in that most narcissistic body was simply too stiff

He was a nonentity in the Senate, and with the tide turning he was destined to be even more of one.

Good riddance.

Maybe he'll challenge Obama... (Below threshold)

Maybe he'll challenge Obama in the Dem primary.

Better to not run than to r... (Below threshold)

Better to not run than to run and be tagged with a loss. It keeps his resume clean for anything he wants to run or be asked for in the future: President or Vice-President.

Here's hoping ano... (Below threshold)

Here's hoping another "macaca" moment isn't in the offing.

Well, it's nice to see a po... (Below threshold)

Well, it's nice to see a politician step down without being dragged kicking and screaming into it.....

Invicta Pro Diver Watch

Dick Morris' analysis of th... (Below threshold)

Dick Morris' analysis of the race indicates that he just doesn't care:

Jim Webb, D-Va., has raised very little money, speaks with ambivalence about President Obama's programs and has not yet decided whether to run. George Allen's announced challenge to his re-election should cool him off even further, and he'll probably drop out.

Politics is sometimes the e... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Politics is sometimes the equivelant of hunting Kodiak bear with a marshmallow gun. You can only acheive success by getting close to a real big one - but just then, it's time to quit.

Chalk one more scalp up for forcing Obamacare upon the sleeping giant called America.

And in a bigger GOP celebra... (Below threshold)
Marco Polo:

And in a bigger GOP celebration, Chris Lee (R - N.Y.) resigns after soliciting a WOMAN!

Yeah for opposites!


Webb was never a real gung-... (Below threshold)

Webb was never a real gung-ho liberal, and I'm sure he looked at the Administration's record deficits and hugely unpopular "centerpiece" health care legislation and just decided that he couldn't really defend the Democratic party. At least, if he was a sane conservative Democrat that's what he should have been thinking.

We'll see if the Washington Post mentions "macaca" (which I'd bet virtually no one had even heard of, let alone knew the meaning of, before the 2006 elections) again 300 times in 2012.

No, probably more than that... (Below threshold)

No, probably more than that, Michael.

It's not surprising Rick an... (Below threshold)

It's not surprising Rick and this crowd is celebrating the departure from the Senate of a man who:
1. was the most decorated Marine in the Vietnam War,
2. wrote bestselling and well-reviewed novels about that conflict,
3. then became Reagan's Assistant Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy,
4. started and worked for charities which helped both Vietnamese and American amputees of the war,
5. took on prison reform and stopping the export of jobs from the USA as his primary missions in the Senate,
6. has been a true patriot his whole life;
in favor of a guy whose only entree into politics was being the son of a football coach.

Webb is the kind of guy you guys like to hate, because you all know will you never equal the steam on his shit.

Webb had only raised $125,0... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Webb had only raised $125,000 in the last quarter. For an incumbent two years out from reelection in a state with four separate television markets, that's a clear indication either that he was in real trouble, or wasn't intending to run again.

In Webb's case, I suspect the latter, although he certainly would have had trouble after having supported Reid and Obama pretty much down the line.

Kaine is a much weaker candidate, and his time at the DNC hasn't enhanced his image in his home state. He will also probably face a primary challenge, which Webb would not have.

Allen is the favorite by far to win the GOP nod, but whoever wins it would be the favorite in 2012.

Dont forget to wipe after t... (Below threshold)

Dont forget to wipe after that post gaboob

You f ...... piece of s..t!!

Hey, galoob -- when was the... (Below threshold)

Hey, galoob -- when was the last time you said anything good about John McCain? Or George H.W. Bush? Was there ever a first time?

Two pickups...and just one ... (Below threshold)
Michael Lang:

Two pickups...and just one more to go for control...poor lil dims.

Hey, galoob -- when was ... (Below threshold)

Hey, galoob -- when was the last time you said anything good about John McCain? Or George H.W. Bush? Was there ever a first time?

I did better than that - I voted for GHW Bush in 1988 and gave $500 to McCain's primary campaign in 2000.

I could not vote for McCain in 2008 because of Palin.

Whoever ends up representin... (Below threshold)
1389 Author Profile Page:

Whoever ends up representing the Commonwealth of Virginia in the US Senate will need to address the spread of jihadism - particularly in Virginia.

Case in point:

What To Do about Enemy Propaganda at VMI

Oh joy.Perhaps Mr ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Oh joy.

Perhaps Mr Webb can go back to writing more stories of Vietnamese fathers hanging their children upside down and performing oral sex on them.






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