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"Dick Cheney Heckled in Surprise Appearance at CPAC"

 Yahoo gave prominence to some adolescent agitators on its front page this morning.

 Click the link, and inside is a 3 paragraph AP story whose headline reads: "Cheney makes surprise appearance at CPAC."

Mr. Cheney was there to present an award to former Defense Sect'y Donald Rumsfeld.

The last sentence of that AP story mentions some anonymous protesters.

Glad to see Yahoo focus on the important issues.

Also at CPAC was uber-liberal, Hollyweird everyman Richard Dreyfuss. Mr. Dreyfuss bemoans the lack of civility in public discourse, and is on a one-man crusade to rectify the situation. To his credit, despite his managing to remain an insufferable phallic symbol, Mr. Dreyfuss apologized for having agreed with MSNBC's on-air hater Ed Schultz's "beautifully phrased" death wish  for Dick Cheney.

No word if Mr. Dreyfuss apologized for his 2009 demand that Cheney should be in jail or his 2010 chuckle with CNN's on-air hater Joy Behar when they compared Cheney to Hitler and Satan.

Or maybe Dreyfuss did apologize, and I couldn't parse the civility through all his hypocrisy.


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Comments (10)

Dreyfuss: too bad that shar... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Dreyfuss: too bad that shark didn't...naw, why join them.

"Or maybe Dreyfuss did apol... (Below threshold)

"Or maybe Dreyfuss did apologize, and I couldn't parse the civility through all his hypocrisy."

No you didn't miss anything. Dreyfuss starts with the usual 'let's be reasonable' bullshit. Hoping that everyone will forget his past pronouncements which were anything but "reasonable". He's an insufferable narcissistic bore just like his Obamassiah. And has the same talent in speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

What was the award for Rums... (Below threshold)

What was the award for Rumsfeld for? Fuck-up of the decade?

goober-"What was t... (Below threshold)


"What was the award for Rumsfeld for? Fuck-up of the decade?"

Be sure to douche after that comment..

Your observation of yahoo b... (Below threshold)

Your observation of yahoo bias was spot on and this may well have more than a little with their business problems. When i first went on line i made it my home page but now only use it for its feature that lets select news by zip code and to get the latest dilbert cartoon. Just glancing at their headlines is enough to feel insulted and angry.A better business model would include only the facts and their viewers might still be perturbed but not at the website.

All news sources sensationa... (Below threshold)

All news sources sensationalize in their headlines... including Fox and the other right wing toilet sites.

How old are you?

Oh Woop, time for your med'... (Below threshold)

Oh Woop, time for your med's!

Wait, what? Cheney was heck... (Below threshold)

Wait, what? Cheney was heckled, and... hey, look over there! Richard Dreyfuss!

From what I heard from some... (Below threshold)

From what I heard from some there and what I saw on the video the crowd overwhelming applauded both of them. The MSM concentrate on a couple of cat calls and some leftover Ron Paul supporters. To be fair the MSM do mention hecklers at liberal events but then they are only few hecklers and not “the crowd”.Imagine that.

By the way, I like a few of the ideas that libertarians have. However their seemingly insistent of pissing everyone off and acting like irrational liberals at times won’t help further those ideas.

Mr. Dreyfuss bemoans the... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Mr. Dreyfuss bemoans the lack of civility in public discourse,...

...particularly among those who review his movies.






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