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Obama calls himself 'The Gipper'

Was it coincidental or calculated? 

Locutisprime thinks it's the latter:

There seem to be a lot of comparisons of late, between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Throwbacks to a better time and wishful thinking on the part of the left, combined with their belief that they obviously believe they can confuse the people and blur the lines between a truly great American president and heretofore, the worst president this nation has ever suffered.

But when Obama begins to refer to himself as the "Gipper" and does so completely out of context, that in my opinion demonstrates just how low and out of touch this administration really is as it concerns both history and the people.

There's video of the reference at the link.  Check it out then answer the opening question.

Coincidence or calculation?


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But..but...but....I thought... (Below threshold)

But..but...but....I thought The One was Lincoln. Or was it FDR? Or was it Camelot? Now it's 'the Gipper'?

Here's a thought. How about The Chameleon? That way He could be ALL things to ALL people.

Yes, this is an outrage!!!!... (Below threshold)

Yes, this is an outrage!!!!!!

The 'Gipper'? No way Barr... (Below threshold)

The 'Gipper'? No way Barry, You are 'The Jipper'.

Wow check out the body lang... (Below threshold)

Wow check out the body language. He knows how bad that sounds as soon as he said it...

Yes, this is an outrage!!!!... (Below threshold)

Yes, this is an outrage!!!!!!
2. Posted by galoob

TRANSLATION: Why, oh why can't my Obamassiah just STFU sometimes. Why is it always about him?

It's "take one for the team... (Below threshold)
a. moral:

It's "take one for the team". Knute asked the boys to "win one for the Gipper". My guess is Obama spells "team" with an "I".

Not sure it's calculated. Perhaps it is a Freudian slip, and that it shows he's been thinking about RR lately. Keep dreaming.

If the man is speaking he i... (Below threshold)

If the man is speaking he is lying. This is just another "you lie" moment in the saga that is Ba rack Hussein Obama.

The phrase "there is no tea... (Below threshold)
Jeff Medcalf:

The phrase "there is no team in I" applies quite forcefully to the Won.

Any resemblance ... (Below threshold)

Any resemblance between the two stops after "carbon-based life forms".

Is there no detail of this ... (Below threshold)

Is there no detail of this President's life that we should not find fascinating? A long drawn out story about which tie he was going to wear...
No wonder he acts as decisively as he does in times of crisis!

Can anyone imagine Reagan d... (Below threshold)

Can anyone imagine Reagan dithering over which tie he should wear and bring in his wife and several political consultants to help him with the decision???

Idiot. Can't even get his q... (Below threshold)

Idiot. Can't even get his quotes right.

You "win one" for the Gipper. You "take one" for the team.

Yeah, nobody is allowed to ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, nobody is allowed to say "win one for the Gipper" or "take one" now that Reagan's dead.

I gave myself twenty lashes for saying it back in 1997.

I'm pretty sure the real "G... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure the real "Gipper" would have bought his own GD tie.

I give Barry an F for tryin... (Below threshold)

I give Barry an F for trying to be cute and an F- for driving the economy into the ditch.

Gaboob refused his meds again.

Obama opens mouth, inserts ... (Below threshold)

Obama opens mouth, inserts foot.


“What we will be d... (Below threshold)
“What we will be doing is ignoring the people’s business of creating jobs and frankly putting ourselves in the role of a clogged toilet,” said [(D-Enron) Rep. Sheila Jackson] Lee. “That means we are doing nothing. We are stuffed up.”
The possible metaphors available stemming from this story line are immeasurable.
Yeah, spending a year on "m... (Below threshold)

Yeah, spending a year on "medical reform" really showed Jackson was concerned about jobs. She's just pissed now that she actually has to READ legislation and debate it BEFORE passage.

Proof wrote: Is there no... (Below threshold)

Proof wrote: Is there no detail of this President's life that we should not find fascinating?

Yes, I would wager Barry's school transcripts, records, and papers would be pretty boring, full of errors, and well below average.

Narcissistic empty suit who is not even qualified to WORK at a Taco Bell, let alone manage one.

I believe the appropriate n... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

I believe the appropriate name is "The Grifter"

God knows I am no fan of th... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

God knows I am no fan of the president but this is silly. I dont think for one minute he was consciously projecting Ronald Reagan. He used an old movie line, a common one. Let's move on.

Sorry, Pretzel, but this wa... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Sorry, Pretzel, but this was no accident. His handlers have been pushing the "Obama-as-Reagan" meme for a couple of weeks now: reading the book, Time cover, etc. Pretty much every word the man says is scripted and put on the teleprompter.

If you think this was an accident, you're dumb enough to vote for the spineless weasel.

@addison---you have no idea... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

@addison---you have no idea what youre talking about and thanks for the personal attack. Always helpful in getting your point across. I cant stand the guy but this doesn't look scripted or intentional to me, there's plenty to attack him on, lets focus on the real issues and defeat him in '12.

Given the media blitz compa... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Given the media blitz comparing Obama to Reagan, it is literally inconceivable that his use of "The Gipper" was coincidental. This is part of a leftist-coordinated campaign (can you say, "JournoList?" I can.)

I'd be willing to bet a lot that Obama does not know the reference to "The Gipper" apart from its connection to Reagan. If he'd watched movies of 30s and 40s, he'd also have come across the word "corpsman" in the WWII flicks, since every time someone was wounded everyone yelled the word. Even Obama would have realized that those were the same guys he was putatively honoring when he made that gaffe.

Idiot. Can't even get his quotes right.

You "win one" for the Gipper. You "take one" for the team.

I bet he also doesn't know the context of the expression "take one for the team." They don't play baseball in Indonesia, and from his girly throw at the All-Star game, he obviously never played the game when he came here.

This is much like Kerry saying he was a huge baseball fan, and especially liked Manny Ortiz and David Ramirez. Uh...no. Reminds me of a Korean girl who admired another girl's "horse tail." Puzzled looks all around...ah! she means "pony tail!" These cultural references and idiomatic usages are impossible to learn; they must be absorbed by marinating in a culture. And that's where Obama fails.

Bottom line: Obama presumably has a piece of paper - somewhere - that says he's an American, but culturally, viscerally...he's not one.

PS: that clip is painful to... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

PS: that clip is painful to watch. I'm embarrassed for Obama. Seriously.

That's OK Barry, I can't th... (Below threshold)

That's OK Barry, I can't think of one Democrat I would want to be compared to either so good choice. Unfortunately I think it's gonna take a lot of work to make people believe this and let's face it, you don't like to work too hard.

'Mr Bernake, tear down this economy'.

Some statements are so absu... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

Some statements are so absurd, you just have to laugh.

Absolute and obvious calcul... (Below threshold)

Absolute and obvious calculation. "Take one for the Gipper" is NOT a well known or accepted phrase of any kind!! "Take one for the TEAM" fits here. Hussein is shameless like all leftists.

Obama thinks his supporters... (Below threshold)

Obama thinks his supporters are stupid enough to buy this ... and he's right. He's deeply contemptuous of them, and they richly deserve his contempt.

The Knute Rockne Story, Geo... (Below threshold)

The Knute Rockne Story, George Gipp, and Notre Dame football are part of American culture. I guess that boys growing up in Jakarta never learn about it.

Rex Harrison in, 'My Fai... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Rex Harrison in, 'My Fair Lady', of Liza Dolittle, from a point of extraordinarily high culture and erudition,......"What a deliciously low creature"! And the same applies to Barackula,...'sans adjective'.

Calculation... (Below threshold)
Bill M:


Maybe he'll garble somethin... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Maybe he'll garble something closer to home, such as "To each according to his abilities, ...er..." (see Soros glowering at him), starts stammering, "...that is, taxpayers of the world unite!"

Nah. He's all too familiar with the real quotes to mess these up.

How bizarre. Leftists are b... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

How bizarre. Leftists are beyond shame.

@Pretzel ~ I apologize for ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

@Pretzel ~ I apologize for the sharp tone, it was uncalled for.

I do not doubt for one second, though, that the "Gipper" reference was intended, even if Obama botched the delivery - as oldpuppymax notes @ #28, the proper term would be "take one for the team" or "win one for the Gipper," but the latter makes no sense in this context.

Every public statement of this Administration is carefully crafted to support their current meme. The only exception is when they are taken by surprise by events, as in Egypt, when their innate incompetence shines through.

President Teddy Rooseve... (Below threshold)

President Teddy Roosevelt said "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Guess which President says "Teleprompt loudly and hoist a white flag!" (To see a related web article that some have banned, Google "Obama Fulfilling the Bible.")

Feh, the (P)resident is sim... (Below threshold)

Feh, the (P)resident is simply projecting an image of who he wants the great unwashed to believe he is.

Barry got caught with his p... (Below threshold)

Barry got caught with his pants down and name dropped a partial quote to try and save face and look alert at 3am.


I do not doubt for one s... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I do not doubt for one second, though, that the "Gipper" reference was intended, even if Obama botched the delivery...

Every public statement of this Administration is carefully crafted to support their current meme.

And now we know why Soros & Co. insist that everytime Obama he just read everything off of a teleprompter. Without it, the Great Orator can't order a cheeseburger without screwing it up.

That is just flat-out WRONG... (Below threshold)

That is just flat-out WRONG. In fact, it should be crime.






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