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I'll admit to not ever before hearing from or about Niall Ferguson...

... but after listening to what follows, I want to hear more from and about the man from here on out:

Was that good or what?

H/T Dan Friedman in email.


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Of course, shit-for-brains ... (Below threshold)

Of course, shit-for-brains Mika can't quite grasp the concept here, because the pictures look so nice.

I saw this yesterday and al... (Below threshold)

I saw this yesterday and almost hurt myself when Mika mentioned about the pics. I believe she is a poster child for neurosis b/c of her problems with body image. Anybody that has watched Morning Joe would know what I mean. As far as Mr.Furguson is concerned he verbally b***h slaped all those metrosexual little boys that are so smart( JUST ASK THEM )that all they couls do is wet their pants. UnbeF**kbelievably PRICELESS

The MSM idiots being shown ... (Below threshold)

The MSM idiots being shown for what they are.

Rick,I believe he ... (Below threshold)


I believe he wrote "The Ascent of Money." It was pretty good.

"A flip followed by flop fo... (Below threshold)

"A flip followed by flop followed by flip seemed to have worked. Did it not?"


Too bad affirmative action ... (Below threshold)
not my wookie:

Too bad affirmative action AKA 'the Black Panthers' has a no refund policy, cause frankly, with Barry, they were ripped off.

It doesn't surprise me that... (Below threshold)
Ken D. :

It doesn't surprise me that the Morning Joe crowd reports the direction the wind is currently blowing. If it shifts and Dr. Ferguson proves to be correct, they will report that as if they agreed with him all along. Real deep thinkers.

Well...Niall Ferguson 1 M... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Well...Niall Ferguson 1 MSNBC 0...but I think Keith O would have easily discredited the man's connections, his political and social insights, his grasp of events and would easily have scotched his energy and starchy confidence, all with a simple toss of balled up, 'Cliff's Notes for Giants of the Air, advanced addition".

I'm glad you posted somethi... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I'm glad you posted something by Mr. Ferguson. It is somewhat comforting to know that not everyone at Harvard is a liberal twit. You ought to hear what he has to say about world empires and debt-related collapse. It is clear that we had better change course, hard and fast. Americans need to be feeling a serious sense of urgency, if not abject fear.

I noticed that Mika and MS... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

I noticed that Mika and MSLSD rushed her daddy, Zbignew, on this morning to attempt some damage control for Zero and rescue his media built, fantasy image of "Hero of the Egyptian Revolution".
These MSM operations are laughably transparent in their function as the propaganda arm of the Dem/left establishment.

Well, Barry has an optimal ... (Below threshold)

Well, Barry has an optimal chance to have a redo and make us proud of him an our Country. Iran and others are having their media blackouts. Hopefully Dingyjihad gets his before ushering in his 12th under-aged Imom.

"We support him. No, he sho... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"We support him. No, he should go. No, he's already gone. No, he's still here. No, he's a dictator. No, he's not. ...."

When you take all sides, I guess no matter what happens you can later say "we're on the right side of history".
Who the hell believes Brocko handled this competently?

Barry doing the Flip Flop Hip Hop does not inspire confidence.






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