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The Muslim Brotherhood's forked tongue

CNN is reporting this morning that the Muslim Brotherhood has applied for political party status in Egypt:

The Brotherhood "envisions the establishment of a democratic, civil state that draws on universal measures of freedom and justice, with central Islamic values serving all Egyptians regardless of colour, creed, political trend or religion," it said in the statement.

Although officially illegal, the Muslim Brotherhood is regarded as one of the most organized groups in Egypt.

It has said it does not plan to run a candidate for president when elections are held to replace Hosni Mubarak, who resigned on Friday.

That statement is quite different from what Ali Abdel Fattah, spokesman leader of the Brotherhood, was quoted saying in the USA Today yesterday:

The Brotherhood would seek "the preservation of honor" by stoning adulterers, punishing gays, requiring Muslim women to cover their heads and shoulders in public and killing Muslims who leave their faith, said Abdel Fattah, whose forehead bore the calluses of those who prostrate themselves five times a day in prayer.

As he spoke late Saturday, the "thump thump" of a cleaver could be heard just outside the unadorned office. A man was hacking up a calf on a wood stump, arranging the meat on a plastic sheet on the patio floor. A bright puddle of blood ran into the street as the animal was slaughtered for a feast celebrating the Brotherhood's hopes for the future.

"We basically want a government that will take on the demands of the people that were clear in the revolution of Tahrir Square," Abdel Fattah said. "Sharia law does not differ from the demands of the people."

Scott at VerumSerum provided the link to the USA Today piece and adds:

...maybe I missed something but I don't remember seeing Egyptian protestor talking about how badly they wanted Sharia Law, stonings, punishing gays, Muslim head coverings for women, honor killings, etc.  I spent a lot of time watching FOX, CNN, MSNBC and BBC and I think I would have remembered people in Tahrir Square chanting about their desire to see a more conservative and repressive regime come to power in Egypt.

I guess what I am saying is this:  this thing in Egypt is NOT over.  Not even close.

Not over indeed.


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Comments (5)

All of this is true. As I ... (Below threshold)

All of this is true. As I wrote in my previous post, the protesters want democracy, but a large swath of Egypt is religiously conservative, which means they want to see a return to the enforcement of many aspects of the sharia (which in a cultural sense, is somewhat of an analog to Americans routinely expressing a desire to see the 10 Commandments displayed in courtrooms, or limits on abortions, or prayer back in public schools, etc.).

There will be elections this fall, and as usually happens in these situations, there will be no clear winner, leaving someone to try to piece together a coalition government out of all the factions. No doubt the Muslim Brotherhood will play the religious conservatism card and claim to represent the "real" Egypt. They have been fighting for control of the state for 80 years, and without any doubt the overthrow of Mubarak will encourage them to fight even harder.

I would be saddened, but not surprised, to see the Brotherhood destroy a nascent coalition government and take over the Egyptian Parliament, in a somewhat similar fashion to the National Socialists taking over the Reichstag in the early 1930's.

This HARVARD historian hits... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

This HARVARD historian hits the nail on the head. The panelists at MSNBC are incredulous that anyone would not think Obamalala was the liberator of Egypt.


There you have it. Islam i... (Below threshold)

There you have it. Islam is a political ideology that is violent, hateful, bigoted, misogynistic, and 100% incompatible with Western culture.

History repeats itself with Barry Soetoro & Egypt as to Jimmy Carter & Iran.

Barry finally has an international legacy to go with his bankrupting and destruction of America.

Muslim Brotherhood = Black ... (Below threshold)

Muslim Brotherhood = Black Panthers = Hate America/Israel = Sharia rules for radicals.

I tend to believe the words... (Below threshold)

I tend to believe the words of the organization. They want an Islamic State. We also have learned that their Allah allows them to lie if to infidels. ww






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