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Brother can you spare a dime

These folks could use your help:

Back in September we reported that blogger Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and attorney John Stemberger had been sued by Ohio jihadist attorney Omar Tarazi over public comments they made during the Rifqa Bary saga (Stemberger was Rifqa's Florida attorney). We have been following this lawsuit very closely, but several months ago our attention to the case became more personal.

Discovery requests by Tarazi revealed that part of his agenda was to expose my (Barbarossa) real-world identity. One request demands the following from Geller and Stemberger:

"The identity and contact information for the individual who posts under the name Barbarossa on the Jawa Report Blog."

He has also demanded that Stemberger reveal the identity of a confidential informant who provided him information about Tarazi and his connections to the terror-tied Bary family mosque, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, during Rifqa's custody case.

Because of our many and very public tangles with jihadists and actual terrorists here at the Jawa Report, revealing anyone of our identities could pose a real danger to our health and safety. If my identity were revealed, Tarazi could use the court system to compel me to reveal the identities of other Jawa contributors (or how much crazy blog ad money Howie spends per month on ghey midget porn). Needless to say, we can't let that happen (especially for Howie).

So earlier this week an attorney filed a motion for a protective order in federal court on behalf of myself and Stemberger's confidential informant. We have posted the motion submitted to the court below the fold. Fortunately, we have a great, experienced attorney representing us. He's confident that the law is on our side to not only protect our identity, but also that this search-and-destroy lawsuit targeting Rifqa's supporters will be promptly thrown out of court. But it might take some time and some financial assistance to make that happen.

With that in mind, I need to ask for your help. So far the legal costs to file for this protective order have been underwritten by the Middle East Forum's Legal Project. I'm kindly asking readers of the Jawa Report to go to the Legal Project's paypal page and throw them some shekels to help us fight this jihadist lawfare attack. Please note "Barbarossa" or "Jawa Report" in the comment section.

I also ask that you consider helping support John Stemberger's legal defense fund. He is not only a defendant in this bogus federal lawsuit, but is currently fighting a separate bogus bar complaint against him filed by Tarazi with the Florida Bar (who was been more than a willing accomplice since many of Stemberger's political enemies are using this to cripple his efforts). You can donate to his legal fund here.

Donations to the Middle East Forum's Legal Project and the Stemberger Legal Defense Fund are tax-deductible. All of the money goes to the attorneys to help fight this jihadist lawfare attack on our First Amendment rights. We personally won't see a dime of this money.

I think the cause is worthy.  I hope you will as well.


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